Cease Fire Now, Mr. "War President"

by Ward Reilly

As an infantry veteran, I am disgusted by what you are putting our troops through. As a common citizen, I am sick at what your entire cabinet have brought upon our nation.
BATON ROUGE, May 12, 2004 It doesn`t get much worse than this folks, especially if you are a soldier in our "war president's" army. What is the plan, George? We ALL want to know ASAP!

Yesterday I listened in pure amazement to your Press Secretary McClellan as he described the horrifying murder of an American civilian. He said " It shows the true nature of the enemies of freedom.They have no regard for the lives of innocent men, women, and children."

Who is the "enemy of freedom," Mr. Pesident? The buck stops where, Mr. Commander-in-Chief? Who is it that has repeatedly shown no regard for the people in Iraq? There are 25,000,000 Iraqis that are not Saddam Hussein living there. What is the "true nature" of this disaster?

No oil, then no "Mission Accomplished" after all, right Mr. President "Bring `Em On"? Twelve thousand innocent Iraqi citizens, who did nothing to any US citizen, are DEAD, and over 750+ innocent US troops (and counting) are dead. And more than 20,000 troops have been medivaced out of Iraq for one reason or another.

What is the plan, Mr."Mission Accomplished"? What has Jesus, your "Almighty," told you to do next? We`d like to know.

Why won`t you just admit that we must have that Iraqi oil? Why don`t you just admit that not only do we have to control the oil facilities, but we also have to control every inch of land that the oil pipelines go through, in order to steal it properly?

As an infantry veteran, I am disgusted by what you are putting our troops through. As a common citizen, I am sick at what your entire cabinet have brought upon our nation. In a week that has shown the sub-human level that war brings upon all it touches, let`s not forget that none of this had to happen. Not one American had to die. Nor one Iraqi. The world was willing to help us flood Iraq with Inspectors indefinitely, if necessary. Imminent threat? What imminent threat?

Don`t make the soldiers who are doing YOUR dirty deeds, administering YOUR policies, look like criminals or rogues, Mr. President. All of our troops are innocent. It is you and your cabinet that are guilty.

"Infinite Justice," "Mission Accomplished," WMDs, Saddam Hussein, sStaged rescue missions, mutilated US civilian workers, mutilated and tortured POW`s, pre-emptive war, forced curfews on entire (ancient and proud) cities, 12,000 innocent civilians killed, USA PATRIOT Act, Osama bin Laden, imperialistic, colonial, occupation. Screw the French, screw the Germans ("you`re with us or you're against us").

Mr. President, you said in the first week of the war, and I quote; "First, we will demonstrate to the people of Iraq and the world that the United States and the coalition aspire to liberate, not to occupy Iraq." Ambassador Negroponte said at the same time; "The coalition aspires to liberate, not occupy, Iraq." Our nation might have forgotten your words of a year ago, but the people of the Middle East have not.

Well Mr. Bush, I`m not sure what language you speak, but in my poor, street-English, "no occupation" means we don`t keep our military there. If we can allow 20,000 to 30,000 civilian mercenaries to work in Iraq, just go ahead and up that number to 150,000 civilian mercenaries, and bring our military home now.The oil business is supposed to be private business. Pipeline business is private business. Our military is not to be used for the oil business, ever.

When you sold us your war, Mr. President, the country thought it was because of WMDs and Saddam Hussein.That`s what your followers believed, because that is what you told them. There are 237 lies, spread evenly amongst the top five members of your administration. That`s what the "Waxman Iraq Report" documents.

That`s 237 times that you, Ms. Rice, Mr. Cheney, Gen. Powell, and Mr. Rumsfeld told us lies or misleading statements to sell this war. And that is a government report, produced by government workers, who are your--and the taxpayers'--employees.

THAT is why you were allowed to take our nation to war. You sold it to us. Hussein is finished. There are no WMD`s, and if there were any before, they are gone now, like our troops need to be.

If there had been no "Infinite Justice"--oops, I mean "Iraqi Freedom"--then there would have been no prison atrocities, and no murder of any US citizens. YOU put our innocent military personel and civilians there, President Bush--nobody else but you. Your actions have forced the people of Iraq to take drastic measures to fight for what is theirs. If you want to be a big man and claim you are a "war president," then you have to suffer the consequence of the results of your war when it goes bad.

This is a war that had a worldwide anti-war movement before it even started. ONLY YOU could have stopped it all from happening. The entire world begged for PEACE on February 15th, 2003. Over 15,000,000 people said PLEASE DON`T DO IT! You didn`t listen to us.

CEASE FIRE, NOW, MR. PRESIDENT! Pull back to Baghdad and withdraw NOW! The Iraqis will not stop killing our soldiers and citizens until we are gone.That much is obvious. The instant you say "CEASE FIRE" and begin to pull our ENTIRE military out, the violence against our citizens will stop. GUARANTEED!

The Iraqis have no desire to kill Americans who are leaving. ALL the different factions involved there just want us gone. Saddam is captured. Just don`t turn out the lights on the way out. It`s THEIR oil. They can have it. And let them contract the repair of their nation to whomever they want. They`ve shown you how they plan to deal with contractors loyal to you.

You have managed to do the one thing Hussien could never have done, and that is to unify ALL of Iraq. Unfortunately, it is unified against us. Closing down a newspaper because it doesn`t agree with what YOU are doing in Iraq? Inventing yet another enemy (al-Sadr) to keep our focus off of what is really going on? (How is that $56,000,000 US embassy building in Bahfdad coming along, by the way? Do you honestly believe that we will ever get to use it?

I don`t remember you saying that someone named al-Sadr was the reason for the war in Iraq before a few weeks ago. You told Donald Rumsfeld to "find the truth, and then tell the Iraqi people and the world the truth." Well, that tells me a lot about you, President Bush. It tells me that you don`t know the truth, and that you have to send out people to "find" it. "Invent it" would be a better way to say it.

The chain of command leads to YOU, Mr."War President." The policy in the field is your policy. Don`t make the soldiers who are doing YOUR dirty deeds, administering YOUR policies, look like criminals or rogues. All of our troops are innocent, Mr.Bush. It is you and your cabinet that are guilty.

It`s a win-win situation if you leave now. We have Saddam, and the WMDs are gone. Dubya Bush wins, IF your objectives are what you said they were. And the Iraqis have their victory, with Saddam gone and us gone.

Our troops are doing to the Iraqi prisoners what the Commander In Chief wants them to do. They wouldn`t be there if you didn`t put them there. CEASE FIRE, and let those soldiers come home and go back to their jobs and schools and families.They don`t want to be there, and the Iraqis don`t want them there."MISSION ACCOMPLISHED", and good riddance to the whole giant disaster. You told Al-Arabiya, "We don't tolerate these types of abuses." "These types," you say? We just tolerate the type of abuses that aren`t captured on film, right Mr. Bush? The bombs dropping from 30,000 feet landing on innocent people, not a problem. Razor wire wrapped around entire cities of innocent Iraqis. Blowing holes in Mosques with helicopters. Do you really call that liberation? Freedom? Democracy?

CEASE FIRE Mr. Bush. Otherwise our nation is ruined. Plain and simple. Bring the troops home NOW!

P.S.:--Please apologize, and fire your cabinet, just before you resign. The rest of us will try and save our nation.

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This story was published on May 13, 2004.