A Saudi Mother's Prayer for Peace

by Yasmine Fahim

Dear World,

Please take the time to read my prayer, a prayer we probably all say in our hearts as we watch our children grow.

I don't know the kind of human beings Sharon's and Bush's and Saddam's and other monsters' mothers are. I don't know if they support their sons' actions or not. I don't even know how they feel in their heart when they, if they, realize the kind of monstrosity these men allow to take place under their leadership.

But I know that many of us mothers feel the same way. And as I think about the way our world is turning to be, I look up to the sky, especially when I hear the call for prayer in my town, and I say, with a bleeding heart, "Oh Allah, you have blessed me with motherhood. I thank you for this great gift. But more than ever, I beg you to spare me the atrocity of having to watch any of my sons or nephews become monsters. I beg you on my knees, with all the strength of my faith in you and the power of my love for my sons, not to test my resolve and my moral values through watching my sons go wrong. I beg you to test me through my health and not through that. I beg you also to spare them the kind of humiliation that our brothers and sisters have endured."

I cry for every prisoner, as if every one of them was a son or a daughter of mine. I am so sorry, and so terribly sad, especially that those Americans who have deep moral values and a great sense of human justice and decency do not deserve to have to witness the deterioration of the values they believed in and respected through their nation. My warmest regards to all sincere and caring parents, my sympathy for all mourning parents, my respect to all those who stand for peace and moral values among all humans.

Yasmine Fahim wrote this prayer on May 11, 2004.

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This story was published on May 13, 2004.