(One Last) Plea To The Republicans Of Our Nation

by Ward Reilly

The Bush Administration has used you, his party. They had a plan, and they used 9-11 to implement it. It's not the common-Republican's fault. You were "Bush-whacked," just like the rest of us.
Oct. 4, 2004--Well, here we are. The first debate between Kerry and Bush is over, and we are now one month away from the most important election in our history.

Remember all you Republicans, that YOU are responsible for the "war" in Iraq. YOU, those who support this foolish excuse for an Administration, and it is YOUR responsibility from here on out. Regardless of the election.

Do you REALLY believe we are delivering "liberty and democracy" to the people of Iraq? Do you REALLY believe that this is what Iraq needs? A U.S. military occupation?

"We" said "no" to the war...."NO WAR!" we screamed...15,000,000 of us, on February 15th, 2003, alone. But your leader said "bombs away," against a nation that had NOTHING to do with 9-11.

Just prior to the war, anyone in this nation would have sworn that Saddam had something to do with 9-11, after listening to Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Powell and Rice, because that was their PLAN. Mislead us all just long enough to get it started, in hopes that once they got it started, that the facts would never be able to stop them.

The Iraqis are now SCREAMING "thanks for removing Saddam, but now you must leave!" Just as we screamed "NO WAR," long before it started.

I don't want to hear any more talk about "how everybody in Congress voted to go to war." ONLY President Bush had the authority to say "bombs away." He was granted "the authority to go to war," authority that no one else had. That vote did not mean he HAD TO go to war!

The neocons are disaster for our nation, militarily, morally, and economically. It's time for "We the People" to stand up and do our job.

The CIA said there were no WMDs.The administration ignored them. Our allies said "Saddam is contained, war is not necessary." Our administration ignored them, even called them traitors to our allegiance.

Bush's Chief Weapons Inspector said there were "no WMDs." Our own State Department said there was no attempt to acquire nuclear components from Africa. Bush tried to make them change the truth, going so far as endangering the life of a woman CIA agent, in retribution for a report that went against what they wanted to hear.

Vice President Cheney and Secretary Rumsfeld actually went so far as to say "we even know where in Iraq the WMD's are." They lied.

"IMMINENT DANGER," we were told. The truth was, however, that after 12 years of sanctions, Hussein didn't even have a single jet plane left to use, much less an arsenal that could threaten our shores, as we were told. But Bush chose "preventive war," as un-American a policy that has ever been proposed.

I hope to see a lot of you Republicans lining up to volunteer at the VA hospitals around the country, and please keep a copy of George Bush's "list of reasons why we HAD to invade Iraq" handy, to explain to the thousands of wounded and shattered GI's who are now pouring through the VA hospital system.

There have been 17,000 wounded so far, through Landstuhl hospital alone. 1000+ KIA and counting, as of last month.

The troops would REALLY like to know what they were in Iraq for. Ask them how THEY feel about their "mission." They would really like to know what it was. And really, so would the rest of us, those who didn't, and still don't, support this "war," based on good-old fashioned American principles, reasoning, and FACTS.

"Mission Accomplished," "Mr. War President"? Onward Christian soldiers, Mr. Bush? Onward to where? North Korea? Or maybe Iran, where they really do have a ready, willing, and able military. Because if you think Iraq is tough, wait until you see what a war with Iran will be like. Iraq had almost ZERO military capabilities, but Iran has much, much more than Iraq.

Fifteen Saudis and four other monsters attacked our nation on 9/11, according to our intelligence community. They were backed by an angry former CIA puppet named Osama bin Laden, of the same bin Laden family that is in the oil business with the Bush family. So this Administration attacked Afghanistan, and then Iraq. That's not some left-wing fantasy, it's a fact.

Some Islamic religions practice what is called "freedom of religion," I believe. And some of those beliefs are based in "martyrdom," and they believe in that just as strongly you Republicans believe in the Stock Market, Christianity, SUV's, persecuting gays, and the USA PATRIOT Act.

I say maybe we should send send all registered Republicans to Iraq to clean it up, and let THEM deliver that "liberty," maybe in a fleet of Hummers. But those of us against this war say, "Bring our troops home, and do it NOW! ASAP!"

You that are supporting these neocon-Republicans need to find out FIRST-HAND what George Bush's "freedom and democracy" looks like. Be sure to bring LOT'S of extra armor me, somebody could get hurt from all those "flowers" the Iraqis are throwing.

Or, it might even get "nuke-LEE-ar"....and FYI, the "Green Zone" in Baghdad was named after the wrong color, so be careful when you're there. And the "Green Zone" is supposed to be the "safest" place of Iraq.

Green as in dollars, maybe, but it should definitely have been named the "Red Zone," because that's the color that is going to dominate it until we are gone. Bush's "strategy" has guaranteed that. A president is NOT supposed to say "Bring it on" when his army is facing guerilla-war tactics. Guerilla tactics are indefensible.

Peace, or Homeland Security? It's your choice on November 2nd. Please, all of you Republicans, PLEASE just close your eyes when you are in the voting booth on November 2nd, and "accidentally" pull the "wrong" lever! Do it on principle alone.

We won't tell Attorney General Ashcroft you made a "mistake" by voting for Kerry, and we might even be able to bring that statue of "The Spirit Of Justice," with her big bronze nude breast, back out from under that sheet in the Great Hall on November 3rd.

Do you all remember Ashcroft ordering that nude breast being covered up, back when this nightmare administration started? The Attorney General ordered a bronze breast covered up, deeming it indecent.

I miss those sillier days. (Boy, was he trying to tell us something OR WHAT?) It was silly, it was wrong, but at least it was not deadly and tragic.

That would be the FIRST thing I did, if I was John Kerry, and I won the election. I would uncover that statue of "Lady Justice." And then right after that, I would say CEASE FIRE! (That's how you start to end it, John. Remember your thoughts on Viet Nam after you lived that nightmare? Cease fire, and the Iraqis will follow suit.

The Bush Administration has used you, his party. They had a plan, and they used 9-11 to implement it. It's not the common-Republican's fault.You were "Bush-whacked," just like the rest of us.The Bush people have covered up the truth with fear, and the only way to get truth back is to VOTE THE NEOCONS OUT!

Plain and simple. They used you. They used our nation, and they are now using OUR military in a desperate attempt to secure the oil industry, in a business-world that they have been used to controlling. If they are given four more years, they will indeed succeed in that business of oil. But our nation might not survive those same four years.

One month is forever to our troops in the field--120-degree "sand hell" to be more precise. How many more are we going to let die in this disaster? Maybe "Dubya" Bush was used also, buy his puppet masters, those that have had this war planned for at least 10 years. But that is no excuse.

"The buck" must stop there, in the Oval Office. And you all heard him say it in debate number one. "You had the same intelligence I had," Bush said, over and over to Kerry, which is really his way of saying he was indeed wrong, but the "buck" IS NOT going to stop in his Oval Office.

But only Bush and Cheney could say "bombs away," and oh, what a "bomb" it is.

LEAD BY EXAMPLE I was taught. Take responsibility for your actions. This is your war, the ruling Republicans, and if Bush gets the White House on November 2nd, let's all remember that he and his party have attacked the largest religiously-radical area on the planet, and attacked a nation that had no means to attack us.

President Bush said at the beginning of his war, "First, we will demonstrate to the people of Iraq and the world that the United States and the coalition aspire to liberate, not to OCCUPY Iraq." I was an "occupation soldier" for three long years myself, at the exact same time Bush was supposed to be in the TANG, and trust me when I say we are now "occupying" Iraq.

Now considering that this "War President" is running for re-election, NOT on a platform based on his achievements, after having complete control of the entire government for four years, but rather on a platform that accuses John Kerry of changing his mind too often, and faking war medals. Kerry did not fake being in Viet Nam.

So I will end this piece with two quotes from President Bush himself, and you decide who really has no real direction in the "war on terror." And PLEASE remember, again I say, Iraq had NOTHING to do with 9-11.

Our President once said:

"The most important thing is for us to find Osama bin Laden. It is our Number One priority, and we will not rest until we find him!"

George W. Bush said that on September 13, 2001.

"I don't know where bin Laden is. I have no idea and I really don't care. It's not that important. It's not our priority."

George W. Bush said that on March 13, 2002.

Flip-Flop, or just a plain FLOP? The neocons are disaster for our nation, militarily, morally, and economically. It's time for "We the People" to stand up and do our job.

It is time for a "regime change" here at home. Let's lead by example, not through bully strength. War IS terrorism. Stop the war on November 2nd. Please.

Ward Reilly, of Baton Rouge, La., is a Vietnam Era Infantry veteran.

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This story was published on October 5, 2004.