Creative Alliance Presents New Asian Cinema Works

Source: Creative Alliance

Creative Alliance, 3134 Eastern Ave. in Baltimore, is showing the following classic Asian films:

Wed., Nov. 3: Cyclo (1995, Tran)

Set against the teeming street life of Ho Chi Minh City, a teenaged cyclo (bicycle-taxi) driver and his beautiful older sister drift inexorably into the city's brutal criminal underworld. One of the most emotionally devastating and visually stunning films of the decade. Vietnamese w/ subtitles.

Wed., Nov. 17 Happy Together (1997, Wong Kar-Wai)

Two of Hong Kong's biggest male stars play lovers in the waning days of their relationship. Set in Buenos Aires, a corner of the world alive with lusty tango bars, the salsa music of the La Boca sidewalks and the hypnotic vision of nearby Igauzu Falls, which forms the backdrop for the troubled homosexual romance. ( Best Director Prize, Cannes ) Cantonese and Spanish w/ subtitles (1997 Cannes Best Director Prize).

Wed., Dec. 1 The Hole (1998, Tsai Ming-Liang)

Seven days to the 21st century: the rain won't let up in Taiwan, a strange disease reaches epidemic proportions and the tenants of a run-down public housing building ignore an evacuation order. A plumber leaves a gaping hole in the middle of Hsiao Kang's living room, through which he spies on his downstairs neighbor, a woman stockpiling toilet paper and dreaming about singing and dancing in Kang's arms. Mandarin w/ subtitles.

Doors and Bar open at 7pm; films start at 8pm. Admission $5. Free popcorn for Creative Alliance members. Info: 410-276-1651; creativealliance.org. Purchase tickets online at missiontix.com.

This Asian film series is co-presented by The Baltimore Movie Museum, and is curated by "Orpheum" George Figgs and Alana Roth.

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This story was published on October 19, 2004.