Tikkun Editor Michael Lerner To Discuss Post-Election Prospects for Peace Here on Nov. 10

Rabbi Michael Lerner, co-founder of the Tikkun Community and editor of Tikkun Magazine, will lead a discussion on "Post-Election Prospects for Peace" at Johns Hopkins University, 7p.m., Wednesday, November 10, 2004, at the Smokler Center for Jewish Life, 3109 North Charles Street, Baltimore.

The event, sponsored by the Baltimore Tikkun Community and the Johns Hopkins University chapter of Hillel, will be held at 7p.m. on Wednesday, November 10 at the Smokler Center for Jewish Life, 3109 North Charles Street, Baltimore.

The Tikkun Community, founded by Rabbi Lerner, Susanna Heschel and Cornel West, is an interfaith progressive social action organization that works to achieve "social justice, ecological sanity, and world peace". At the same time, the Tikkun Community seeks to promote a greater sense of spirituality in progressive political action.

Rabbi Lerner received his rabbinical training from noted Jewish theologians Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel and Zalman Schacter-Shalomi, a Hassidic rabbi.He also holds dual doctorates in philosophy and social/clinical psychology. A prolific author and long-time social activist, Rabbi Lerner is a leader of the Jewish peace movement and a proponent of the Geneva Accords, an unofficial agreement between noted Israeli and Palestinian community leaders that, if officially implemented, would resolve all outstanding issues between Israel and Palestine.

The event is free although contributions are welcome.

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This story was published on October 28, 2004.