Re: "If Another Election Is Stolen, Let's Boycott Major US Media"

November 3, 2004

To the Editor:

I thought this editorial was well written (though impractical) and it does highlight a very big problem: we Americans depend on the media for political coverage and that coverage is very biased. I live in Europe in a right-wing country (Italy) and the news coverage is like that in America: incomplete and biased to the right. The media in other countries, like France for instance, is a lot more objective and highlights the issues in a very detailed manner so that one has all the facts to be able to form an opinion of the issues in an informed manner.

I have already "boycotted" our big media sites and newspapers (except yours of course) and am now studying French intensely to be able to read their Le Monde and Le Figaro newspapers (left-wing and right-wing respectively), both of which give objective views of the issues. In fact, I've already subscribed to Le Monde and am very happy with their in-depth coverage of all the issues, particularly those regarding America.

Unfortunately your invitation to boycott big media by not subscribing to their newspapers, sites and cable TV will not be taken seriously--can you see the majority of Americans living without cable TV?

However, I share your opinion and after casting my vote and seeing how my fellow Americans have gone Bush-crazy at the polls I am even more convinced that the main reason for this is the lack of "responsible" media in the U.S.

Keep up the good work.

William T. Mann

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This story was published on November 3, 2004.