Open Letter to Americans from a Canadian:

RE: "Supports Bush" Letter to the Editor by Rob Foshee

To the Editor:

I read with interest Mr Rob Foshee's letter the editor, "Supports Bush." In his letter he states, "Canadian behavior is very similar to that of a spoiled brat!" After re-electing Mr Bush today all I can tell you is that never I have wanted to distance myself from our neighours to the south more. Never have I so wanted to find new friends and new allies. Mr Bush ranted during the election that sometimes America has do things that don't make your country popular. It's not about being popular anymore, I simply want nothing to do with you. I would be happy if Canada placed a firewall around our country! I don't want your war machine! I don't want your ghetto scene!

Arthur Setka
Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

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This story was published on November 3, 2004.