To the US Media...

Dear Members of the Press:

"I wish I could take a happy pill, but somebody has to be vigilant. This is America, not Nazi Germany! Do your job."

President Bush hasn’t even be “coronated” yet and polls indicate that the his approval rating has sunk to 49%. Where are the 51% that voted for him?

Secondly, the war in Iraq has now received a 56% disapproval rating, and yet 51% of the population voted for Bush. Interesting.

The exit polls on election day showed that one of the candidates (in the words of a downtrodden-looking FOX correspondent) was winning by “a landslide." Later reports show a glowing John Kerry. Then the exits polls on election night showed Kerry as winning in the key battleground state of Ohio. I say "key" because Republicans and Democrats alike dismissed Florida (a given that Jeb wouldn’t allow his home state to go to Kerry). No way--Jeb made sure those numbers were much higher this time. Practice makes perfect.

So now let’s add this up.

And the media wants to just put this baby to rest.

No way! I don’t hate Bush. I hate the media for not saying that the Emperor has no Clothes.

This guy and his band or brothers are whacked! The glue is some ill-conceived plan to take over the Middle East and at the same time build up the Military/ Industrial Complex. Meanwhile, the drug companies dominate the airwaves and 44% of the public is medicated. No wonder they don’t know what the hell is going on.

I am sober and angry! I wish I could take a happy pill but somebody has to be vigilant. This is America, not Nazi Germany! Do your job.

Rebecca Howell
Baltimore, Md.

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This story was published on December 28, 2004.