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O'Malley and Ehrlich Have Competition: Consider the Greens' Ed Boyd

In their recent editorial on the possibility of gubernatorial debates, the Baltimore Chronicle staff informs us that, “the democratic process demands an informed electorate,” yet the Chronicle omits the fact that this gubernatorial election is a three way race and not the two-way race that the paper paints it to be. Ed Boyd is the Maryland Green Party candidate for Governor and he is running a truly viable campaign.

O’Malley’s campaign has sent out by e-mail a link the Chronicle’s editorial that called Ehrlich out for his not wanting to debate. In addition to Ehrlich's game of run and hide, the Chronicle should also be challenging O’Malley’s racist arrest policies and his privatization of city jobs. And what about both his and Ehrlich’s exploitation of the Baltimore City Public School System: how both the Baltimore City mayor and Governor use BCPSS as a political pawn in their own petty, personal war with one another and the students are none the better for it. The Chronicle also should challenge Ed Boyd’s exclusion from the gubernatorial debates despite repeated attempts from the Boyd camp for inclusion. I do not think that the O'Malley camp would link to any of these stories if the Chronicle covered them.

Ed Boyd is the sole gubernatorial candidate that calls for public ownership of BGE, the sole candidate that opposes the death penalty (O'Malley, who in previous years stated his opposition to capital punishment, has indicated that he will not stop it once in office), and the sole candidate that calls for the closing of all corporate tax loopholes in Maryland so that the Baltimore City School system can receive the over one billion dollars which it is owed. The paper should also provide more coverage of Kevin Zeese, the sole Senatorial candidate who calls for immediate withdraw from Iraq and the only Senatorial candidate who will challenge the US government’s support of Israel. After all, the democratic process demands an informed electorate.
Brandy Baker is the Green Party candidate for State Delegate, 43rd District.

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This story was published on October 10, 2006.