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Story on Ed Boyd Omits Fourth Gubernatorial Candidate

The Greens' Ed Boyd should be calling for debates that include all candidates on the ballot, which is exactly what Chris Driscoll, the Populist Party's gubernatorial candidate, has done.
William Hughes' article, "Green’s Ed Boyd Challenges Duopoly in Maryland," is amazing in its bias. There are not three candidates on the Maryland ballot for governor in 2006; there are four candidates for governor. Christopher Driscoll is the Populist Party's candidate for governor and Ed Rothstein is the Populist's Party candidate for lieutenant governor, and they are both on the ballot. MPT did not just exclude Ed Boyd from the debate; it also excluded Chris Driscoll from the debate.

Why would this article be calling for a three-way debate when there are four candidates for governor? This article should be calling for a four-way debate of all the candidates for governor who are on the Maryland ballot. Why would the Green Party candidate, Ed Boyd, treat another third party candidate the way the Democrats and Republicans treat him? He should be calling for debates that include all candidates on the ballot, which is exactly what Chris Driscoll has done. Mr. Driscoll wrote an open letter to the O'Malley, Ehrlich and Boyd campaigns on Sept. 28 urging open, public debates that include all four candidates. Not surprisingly, O'Malley and Ehrlich didn't answer the letter, but surprisingly Boyd also never answered the letter.

This article should have also included a quote from Chris Driscoll, Ed Rothstein and other Populists, not just Brandy Baker and Maria Allwine, who spoke as if the Populist candidates don't exist. That kind of sectarianism is counterproductive to the entire third party movement.

Chris Driscoll also "truly represents the voice of the people, rather than that of the powerful special interests." He also has refused to take any corporate donations. Why is he excluded from this article?

Like Chris Driscoll, I have called for inclusive debates. The Examiner published my letter to the editor on Oct. 10 in which I urged that paper to call for open debates that include all candidates who are on the ballot. I wrote, "I'm sure the public wants to hear the views of Driscoll and Boyd just as much as they want to hear the positions of Ehrlich and O'Malley." I did not call for a debate including only Chris Driscoll with O'Malley and Ehrlich. I called for debates that include Ed Boyd, as well as Chris Driscoll, with the two corporate candidates, which is exactly what Ed Boyd and his campaign advisers should be doing.

Kevin Zeese is not just the candidate of the Green Party for the U.S. Senate. He is the candidate of the Populist and Libertarian parties also, and is running as the unity candidate of all three parties. We certainly need more unity in the third party movement, not more division. This article does not promote unity.
In the interest of total inclusiveness, Charles U. Smith and Aaron K. Wilkes are also running, respectively, as Democratic write-in candidates for Governor and Lieutenant Governor of Maryland. Listings of all 2006 candidates for all offices in Maryland are available here.

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This story was published on October 18, 2006.