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Statewide Questions on the Ballot: Yes for 1, 2 and 3; No for 4

Pity the hapless Maryland voter, faced with having to vote 'yes' or 'no' on four ballot questions that either provide too much, or not enough, explanatory information. Let's make it easy: Vote yes to Question 1 because we want more review and oversight before the Board of Public Works can dispose of publicly owned parklands. Vote yes to Question 2 to clean up housekeeping language so we can streamline the functioning of our courts system. Vote yes to Question 3 because this is another housekeeping detail; today's $10,000 is yesterday's $5,000. Question 4, though, merits a No vote not just for its convoluted language. If the plain meaning of a referendum is not clear, the referendum should fail. If the law on which this referendum question is based is flawed (and we think it is), it should go back to the legislature for revision.

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This story was published on November 6, 2006.