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A Republican for Barack

by Ted Lang
May 4, 2008
I no longer consider myself a conservative or a Republican. Both terms have been completely corrupted and rendered meaningless by Cheney, Bush and Limbaugh.

Let me begin as I did in a previous effort back in January 2006 entitled, “A Republican for Gore.” It was that piece, reflecting upon Al Gore’s excellent assessment of the criminal Bush administration’s destruction of our Constitution and our political system, that had back then so impressed me. My apologies for this needed redundancy:

I have consistently offered that I have been a life-long Republican and one that voted for George W. Bush in 2000, and one who was also during that time a Rush Limbaugh “dittohead” and subscriber to the Limbaugh Letter. I have finally come to my senses and now reject the Republican Party and its dispensationalist, Christian Fundamentalist vast right-wing conspiracy.

But no, this does not mean I will now embrace the Marxist socialism and communism of the Democratic Party’s vast left-wing conspiracy. So, what precisely is an American to do? To answer this question, all one needs to do is to define what is meant by the term “American.”

The closest definition of that term that I have most recently heard was communicated to me in the form of the highly intelligent responses from the Democratic Party’s frontrunner: Illinois Senator Barack Obama. I no longer consider myself a conservative or a Republican. Both terms have been completely corrupted and rendered meaningless by Cheney, Bush and Limbaugh. And although my American heart and soul are with Dr. Ron Paul—and as we all know, The Establishment and its voice, the mass media, won’t allow Paul to get anywhere near a microphone—I’m now pulling for Obama, assuming the Hillaroid hasn’t fixed the voting machines.

Gore won the popular vote in 2000, but partisan rhetoric and a mentally unbalanced Supreme Court of Jesters (and voting machines) served to allow for Bush’s appointment, obviously The Establishment’s pick. Talks of global warming and carbon taxes just don’t sit well with Bush’s corporate energy buddies and probably not his military-industrial-security complex pals either. But Gore could easily have revitalized himself had he not gone off the deep end with his globaloney nonsense.

In what is easily the most important election in this nation’s entire history, the three frontrunners are a horrible choice. Both the Hillaroid and McManiac need to be directed to a continuing education regimen for anger management for the remainder of their lives. The Hillaroid’s commitment of America and Americans to Israel was angrily expressed in the form of a very public and very ominous threat when she promised that as president she would “obliterate” Iran if the latter were to attack Israel even slightly. Every baby, child, old person, parent, grandparent, uncle, aunt, brother, sister, cat, dog and goldfish would be “obliterated!”

Obama pointed this out to NBC bubblehead Tim Russert, citing this comment as a very bad choice of words and timing considering the present instability in the Middle East caused by Bush and his friends. Being interviewed on this past Sunday morning’s “Meet the Press,” Obama showed reserve and employed a marvelous choice of words and presented palatable hypothetical scenarios. Obama also managed to point out to Democrat Russert that their conversation didn’t even touch on assessing McManiac. Russert was more interested in getting Obama to speculate just when either he or the Hillaroid will toss in the towel.

Now, just picture the Marxist man-hating witch should a military crisis develop in the neighborhood of Iran, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel. And consider the Zionist program of feminizing America to turn the sexes against one another. Can you not see the Hillaroid’s furrowed brow? Can you not see her foot-stomping anger? How dare this assembled collection of “good old boys” and four-star idiots (e.g. Hayden, Betrayus) tell ME what to do?


Senator Barack Obama’s greatest strength is his seemingly steady-at-the-helm approach to leadership, which I believe to be totally sincere.

It is should be obvious to all that the Hillaroid and McManiac are trigger happy. And Obama made clear that should either of his opponents reach the White House after the election, it will just allow a continuation of the destruction of America already started and well underway by Cheney, Bush and Limbaugh. Senator Barack Obama’s greatest strength is his seemingly steady-at-the-helm approach to leadership, which I believe to be totally sincere. And as a long-time GOPer, and if threatened to the point where my life depended upon the choice between Hillary Clinton and Crazy John McCain, I’d go with Hillary!

This is how badly the GOP has done itself in. It’s Clinton vs. Dole all over again! There is no Republican Party candidate that will emerge that cannot be linked to corruption and crooked politics save one: Dr. Ron Paul. Senator Barack Obama is therefore not my first choice, but neither is the GOP. They’ve jumped through hoops backwards in the last eight years with the Cheney-Bush war and money show. In politics, it’s always been a campaign call: “Time for a change!” Obama’s answers as regards Iran, Iraq, and for that matter, even Israel, were all right on!

I’ll admit to not having watched the campaign debates orchestrated and choreographed by The Establishment’s mainstream media. Nothing said in these staged events was in any way useful. They were never meant to be useful. It is The Establishment’s way of getting the masses to accept the candidates that are picked to run. And if an American president is actually elected rather than appointed, and the elite’s first pick doesn’t win, then the second best will still serve the masters of the universe. Campaign rhetoric is, therefore, usually unimportant. But in Obama’s case, it clearly signals an alert, trained and quick mind. He is literally heads and shoulders above the Hillaroid and McManiac.

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This story was published on May 6, 2008.