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Open Letter to Senator Barack Obama

Dear Senator Obama:

You certainly held your own, and made some important points at the first Debate, and you may have won, but with all due respect, we need a LOT more change in our foreign policy than what you spoke of.

We were especially dismayed that you still buy into this "War-on-Terror" thing, and the wrong-headed idea of an American World Hegemony, in short, an Empire. You must see this "Endless War" for what it extension of the Neocons' PNAC conspiracy..and not become some sort of Repug-Lite, further enabling this suicidal lunacy.

Afghanistan, and even Al Quaida, are NOT the problem, or won't be once the US stops all this sabre-rattling and occupation of their lands, oppression of their people. THAT is the change we need, not ramping up the same stupid mistakes in Afghanistan as we made in Iraq. Realize that other nations also have a right to defend themselves against US! And sadly, we have much to atone for and much good faith to repair around the world.

I think you can do it—if you have the will and the courage to lead us in that direction.

One of the first things you'd better do as President is RE-INVESTIGATE 9/11... then when you find out the awful TRUTH, you can apologize for us all to Iraqis and Afghanis, and vow to clean out the enemies WITHIN first....and I don't mean mean the poor working folks who will now have to deal with army storm troopers in their cities, as of Oct 1st; (are you going to change THAT, I hope, or what!?) I mean the TRAITORS in DC that sold out our country! They should be impeached and prosecuted ASAP to save this Democracy (or what's left of it).

So, don't think you can become one of them and then preach to us about "Change."

You missed WAY too many opportunities to set that old Armchair-warrior McSAME in his place last night. You need to make a much clearer new direction for us. The World is waiting.

Until then, no contributions, except for truly Progressive causes, and my yard sign will still say, "NO VOTES for McSAME!"

Bia Winter

Mount Vernon, Maine

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This story was published on September 28, 2008.