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06.11 How a nonprofit turned Baltimore County school storage rooms into a free general store for students in need

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06.14 The Trump administration is waging a quiet war on education

06.11 Underpaid Adjunct Professors Sleep in Cars and Rely on Public Aid [The disease of rapacious-capitalism infects the education system]


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06.15 'The Changes Are Really Accelerating': Alaska at Record Warm While Greenland Sees Major Ice Melt

06.15 So much plastic is being made that "recycling has no impact" [Non-recyclable plastic must be made illegal to manufacture, use]

06.15 Climate crisis: aviation industry hears clamour for electric planes

06.15 We must transform our lives and values to save this burning planet [Increased ice melt in polar latitudes has been disguising reality in the middle latitudes. This effect will soon be replaced by record heat as ice volume and seasonal melting increasingly declines.]

06.15 This all-male council in Texas just voted to ban abortion [1:59 video; Bad assumptions foment ignorant actions...]

06.14 The Trans Mountain pipeline is a disaster – but Trudeau can make it right

06.14 The Pentagon emits more greenhouse gases than Portugal, study finds

06.14 Climate crisis: Alaska is melting and it’s likely to accelerate global heating

06.13 Chemical companies at centre of Guardian's Cancer Town series face state legal action [7:56 video]

06.12 'This is not a "what if" story': Tokyo braces for the earthquake of a century

06.12 Plant Species Have Been Disappearing 500 Times Faster Than Normal, Thanks to Humans

06.12 Atmospheric carbon levels are leaping. We can't afford more years like this

06.12 Politics as Usual and Planetary Destruction

06.12 Most 'meat' in 2040 will not come from dead animals, says report

06.11 Forest twice size of UK destroyed in decade for big consumer brands – report

06.11 Twice as many plants have gone extinct than birds, mammals, and amphibians combined

06.11 NOAA forecasts very large ‘dead zone’ for Gulf of Mexico

06.10 Conservatives should change how they think about global warming. I did [Another crisis issue conservatives won't acknowledge...]

06.10 Scottish Power to build vast battery to improve wind energy supply [Who won't understand this?]

06.10 Greenpeace activists board BP oil rig as it is towed out to sea [Fossil fuel company conduct should be illegal...]

06.09 Racism as a Public Health Crisis

06.08 GreenWay Reaches 100 EV Fast Chargers In Poland!

06.07 The Other Climate Threat is Fear & Apathy: We can Fix this by Voting in a Manhattan Project

06.07 Toyota speeds up electric vehicle schedule as demand heats up

06.07 For 'Challenging Us All to Confront the Realities of the Climate Crisis,' Greta Thunberg and Fridays for Future Movement Win Amnesty's Top Human Rights Award

06.07 Purpose in Life Protects Against Cognitive Decline Among Older Adults

06.07 All New British Columbia Light-Duty Vehicles Will Be Zero Emissions By 2040

06.07 Caribbean Solar Update: Curacao Solar Saves 10% In Energy Costs; Montecristi In The DR Doubles To 116 MW

06.07 Santiago (Chile) Adding 200 Electric Buses In 2019

06.07 Single-Payer Reform—“Medicare for All”

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06.15 China's Expanding Media Dominance in Africa

Daily: FAIR Blog
The Daily Howler

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06.15 'Eye-Popping': Analysis Shows Top 1% Gained $21 Trillion in Wealth Since 1989 While Bottom Half Lost $900 Billion [More equality or bring back the guillotines!]

06.15 Hard Times in the Imperial Valley

06.15 Ro Khanna Forces Beltway Bandit to Refund Millions From Price Gouging

06.15 White House physicist sought aid of rightwing thinktank to challenge climate science [When your President is a quack he naturally surrounds himself with sycophants]

06.14 Do Your Jobs: Sick and Dying, They Brought Themselves Down Here to Speak - To No One

06.14 The Case for Reparations [5:31 video]

06.14 Bernie Sanders just made a brilliant defense of democratic socialism

06.14 Texas Progressive Jessica Cisneros Announces Primary Challenge to Unseat "Trump's Favorite Democrat" in Congress

06.13 Elizabeth Warren Has a Plan for Everything — Except Health Care

06.13 Where do the 2020 Democratic candidates stand on the key issues?

06.13 Hidden Figures Way: Nasa renames street to honor black female mathematicians

06.13 Why are we still pretending 'trickle-down' economics work? [We aren't ‘laffing’ now! In Trump-world all the worst people are celebrated. Ref.: 3:07 Idiocracy Courtroom Scene]

06.13 What’s actually in the Green New Deal, explained with a video [7:30 video]

06.13 Even the 1% Know They Aren't Paying Their Fair Share: New Poll Shows 60% of Millionaires Support Warren's Ultra-Wealth Tax

Justice Matters

06.14 Justice Denied, Delayed, or Done Right? Serious Concerns as Prosecutors Throw Out Charges in Flint Water Crisis Cases [A very flawed prosecution using suspiciously limited evidence has been thrown out, a stronger case will be brought using newly found, voluminous evidence.]

High Crimes

06.12 'Sea Rescues Have Been Criminalized' as German Boat Captain Faces 20 Years in Prison For Saving Refugees

06.11 Hundreds of North Korean execution sites identified, says rights group

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06.11 Capitalism isn't 'broken'. It's working all too well - and we're the worse for it

06.11 The problem with billionaires fighting climate change? The billionaires [Bloomberg's sanity to control greed to save the life-on-earth (and continuing profits) is unfortunately rare]

06.09 Elizabeth Warren’s economic nationalism vision shows there's a better way [As like championed by Economist Joseph Stiglitz]

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06.15 Africa’s Lost Kingdoms

06.15 Homophobic and transphobic hate crimes surge in England and Wales

06.15 Extinction Rebellion protesters stop rush-hour traffic in London

06.15 Hong Kong leader suspends extradition bill amid protest pressure [1:37 video]

06.15 The US must stand with the people of Hong Kong [But this attacks Xi's authoritarianism, which Trump is most envious of for himself...]

06.14 As Angus Taylor ducks, weaves and dithers, China zooms past

06.13 What does it mean to be genetically Jewish? [Doing a mental dance with archanery: could a significant number of Russians and Palestinians be intentionally included or excluded as genetically Jewish? And why would Israel do this?]

06.13 Two oil tankers struck in suspected attacks in Gulf of Oman

06.13 Theresa May’s carbon emissions plan will fail if the chancellor remains complacent

06.12 Hong Kong: police use rubber bullets as protesters vow 'no retreat' [1:34 video]

06.12 French medics warn health service is on brink of collapse

06.12 Leaked documents reveal Russian effort to exert influence in Africa

06.12 Extending the US Embargo on Cuba & Hurting the People [Doing what's cruelest]

06.12 Annexation Without Citizenship Is Apartheid

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  Taliban Defined
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Taliban Defined

For the Taliban, killing is not just a business tool but also a construct with which to spread terror, perpetuate chaos and preach their dark gospel.

by Anwaar Hussain

The pitiable foot soldiers of this organized guild, having been brainwashed into this madness through constant religious sermons since childhood, soon turn into zealots who kill at the pleasure of their leaders.

Some have romanticized them, others have idolized them, and yet others have abhorred them. All have feared them, however. Over the years, the Taliban have acquired an image of mysterious allure and danger, until the truth about them now hardly matters.

Here is the situation.

A leading religious politician, who is also a sitting partner with the government in power, has called the recent killing of Taliban chief Baitullah Mehsood as martyrdom (hint: the politician’s name starts with Fazal, ends at Rehman and can hardly breath because of thick folds of fat around his overfed frame). Then some say that the Afghan Taliban, at least, are fighting a war of liberation against the occupiers and are therefore heroes rather than villains. And then there are some strategists and media men who further fog up the lens by saying that there are bad Taliban but there are also some ‘good Taliban’ out there. And that these ‘good Taliban’ can be talked with.

Not withstanding the fact that the aforesaid is a lot of balderdash, the end result is that whereas pigeonholing the Taliban in a particular group would have been a rather simple task, it continues to elude the branding. The situation remains pretty confusing for a lay reader.

After being sired by the United States, mothered by Pakistan, midwifed by a clutch of Middle Eastern entities and wet-nursed by a whole bunch of vested interests, the Taliban had fought another war of liberation in the past. That one was against the then USSR. The senseless savagery of their devastating rule in Afghanistan in the aftermath of that war of liberation still echoes in the region.

The fig leaf on the so called ‘war of liberation’ that these gents are fighting over in Afghanistan will be lifted soon after the departure of the Coalition forces. The melee that will ensue for capturing Kabul will be as bloody as the inside of a Kandahari pomegranate. This time around, after they have defeated the clay footed Johny Bravos of the Coalition forces, the only improvements that one can expect is that perhaps the limbs will be chopped a little closer to the hands and feet and the women will still be flogged but by an officially issued stick of defined measurements, not just any stick.

And of their being Martyrs for any cause, or there being something called ‘good Taliban’ among them as some jokers suggest, the less said, the better. Were it not for ordinary human decency, one would have wished these clowns to have the Taliban’s long blunt knives hover just above their jugulars. And after a drone took out the knife wielder, one would have then asked them whether that was a good Talib or a bad one or a martyr. After such incidences, such jesters are known to have developed an extra spring in their gaits while fleeing from places wherefrom the word Taliban is spoken.

So what is the truth?

The truth, perhaps, is far simpler. And that is that they are in fact nothing more than religiously inspired killers, ones who kill for the cause, fearless in business of death and ready to sacrifice themselves for that elusive, yet oft promised eternal glory. Religion is the golden shoe with which they have been beating everyone senseless thus far.

The Taliban are a group of people that reveres gods of death, murder and vengeance. Some do not trouble themselves with worshiping any thing beyond their own ability to cause mayhem and butchery. Their strength comes from surprise and from their complete disregard for the rules of honorable combat. They, by their nature, betray those whose trust they have gained, kill women and children on whims, and strike terror into the hearts of an average decent human being.

Raised from childhood in the arcane schools of murder, where they learn to use their stealthy knives to mortifying effect, they serve the will of their lords in whose pay they remain until death. In their pursuit of an indefinable Caliphate, they long to usurp governments and sovereigns. They cling to their strongholds in far corners, dispensing rough and ready justice in remote villages and distant valleys. Their targets are the government’s local agents, the armies sent out to wage wars against them, clergy that does not toe their line and supporters of all the aforementioned entities. For them killing is not just a business tool but also a construct with which to spread terror, perpetuate chaos and preach their dark gospel.

What must be borne in mind however is that while murder is a part of their existence and legend, it is not the reason of their being. They are the fanatical followers of a cult that believes that theirs is the only straight path to enlightenment and all other thoughts, faiths and sects are wrong and wicked. They fervently believe that their god will prevail over all others and those who do not welcome the ‘true’ faith will be punished, either by them now or by their deity in the hereafter. But as that time is yet to come, the Taliban will remain ready in the meanwhile to kill and die at the command of their Emir.

The Taliban combine deadly skills with an absolute belief in the holy nature of the carnage they inflict. As devout followers of a central Emir, they know their cause is correct and their actions are approved by their Emir. For this reason, recruitment is mostly done from illiterate, poverty ridden classes assuring them the ultimate pleasures of a promised heaven. Opportunities are also open to common rogues and thugs who wish to wash off their lifelong misdeeds with glorious martyrdom. Just like the assassins of the past, the recruits are encouraged to use hashish freely so they can occasionally enter paroxysms of joy by hallucinating glimpses of afterlife in paradise. The more hardened ones are urged to take opium to help them achieve warm feelings of contentment and wellbeing.

The real adventure for the Taliban is not the defense of their ideology, whatever that may be. On the contrary, they instantly transport into a heightened state of excitement when a real threat comes against those they serve. While they rarely pursue adventure for the sake of adventure, some Taliban are exceptions to the rule. They use the constant danger of adventuring life as a way to hone their killer instincts and associated skills.

The Taliban are masters of the art of terror. In this pursuit, their tools remain surprise and stealth, barbarity and cruelty, cunning and underhanded tactics. Along with other weapons, they carry these tools wrapped in a blood soaked pennant of faith. As a group, therefore, their absolute faithlessness and amorality makes them as dangerous as a pack of mad dogs. So fearsome is this combination of skills and tactics that they are now one of the most dreaded groups of criminals ever.

From foot soldiers to the higher ranks within the Taliban organization, the career path weaves through a pattern of a kind unimaginable by ordinary human beings. The higher the attributes of wiliness, hatred, abject brutality and ever-readiness for massacre, the greater are the chances of promotion. Specially gifted ones relish the particular cruelty of adding treachery and shock to routine slaughter they are sent out to commit. The more paranoid a killer, the higher he stands chances of rising in the Taliban’s rank hierarchy. Those who succeed in all these traits are ultimately chosen as the leaders. This can clear up why it took so much of time to find a successor to Baitullah. The potential candidate had to prove his credentials beyond doubt.

The pitiable foot soldiers of this organized guild, having been brainwashed into this madness through constant religious sermons since childhood, soon turn into zealots who kill at the pleasure of their leaders. Consequently, bound by divine spells, they turn into freaks who see no significance or method in their madness beyond the inherent pleasure of killing. The earlier this happens, the quicker they get into the race for leadership of their cadres.

The chief aim during training is to instill in the trainee the idea that though murdering in any way is useful and dreaded by the victim, it must also be done in a way that terrorizes the general populace. Through constant sermons, the recruit is convinced that the Talib is an executioner who kills out of a holy principle, that he kills not out of lust but for divine ideals. By the time the lines blur in his mind, his Emir has a slayer that is both professional and fanatic and is willing to kill for the cause of his Emir at a moment’s notice.

From the aforesaid, a few conclusions can safely be drawn;

  1. There are no good or bad Taliban. There are just Taliban and they understand only the language of force.
  2. There is no de-programming the zombies now. The only solution to the problem lies in rolling a military steam roller from end to end over the entire FATA and then taking immediate steps to drain the swamps of poverty and neglect that have accumulated over there for some decades now.

Perhaps no one has ever explained better than Voltaire the dangers inherent in extremist ideologies of any kind. He once said, “Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities”.

We all need to check our premises.

Copyright 2009 by Anwaar Hussain. The writer, a former officer of the Pakistan Air Force, is now based in the United Arab Emirates. This story was originally published in Truth Spring, Mr. Hussain's blog, and is republished in the Baltimore Chronicle with the author's permission. Mr. Hussain may be reached by email at

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This story was published on September 15, 2009.


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