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07.11 7,000+ Colleges and Universities Declare Climate Emergency and Unveil Three-Point Plan to Combat It [Fox News and Betsy DeVos never talk about this stuff so it must be Bull Shit, right?]


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Health Care & Environment

07.16 US aid cuts to UN agency will hurt vulnerable women and children, critics say

07.16 Trump abortion restrictions in effect for taxpayer-funded clinics

07.15 The response to DRC’s Ebola crisis isn’t working. Here’s what we need to do

07.15 Extinction Rebellion protests block traffic in five UK cities [Non-corporate human animals make their annoying bleating sounds...]

07.14 A Glacier the Size of Florida Is Becoming Unstable. It Has Dire Implications for Global Sea Levels [The willfully ignorant needn't read more, Trump]

07.13 'Climate Despair' Is Making People Give Up on Life [Willfully ignorant governments—having fired many of their best scientists—have made themselves too stupid to despair]

07.13 Trump administration to approve pesticide that may harm bees [The worst government money can buy!]

07.12 These solar panels don’t just generate power—they produce drinking water

07.12 David Attenborough: polluting planet may become as reviled as slavery [1:34 video]

07.10 Plastic Has A Big Carbon Footprint — But That Isn't The Whole Story [Fixing our world begins by educating your consciousness with the best truth from trustworthy news sources—so you'll then insist truly bad things will get fixed. But if instead you are educated by untrustworthy news sources—then your consciousness could be warped to where you are hating and fighting with your best friends. Clue: untrustworthy news sources never seriously report news about the world's most critical emergency—Global warming.]

07.10 Molly Scott Cato: ‘It’s the wealthy who are causing climate change’

07.09 Judge reinstates Madrid's low emissions zone [Yeh!]

07.07 How Solar Panels Work (And Why They're Taking Over the World) [Hope they leave space between panels for wild flowers to grow so birds and butterflies can flourish!]

07.05 Tree planting 'has mind-blowing potential' to tackle climate crisis

07.04 On reflection: how the 'albedo effect' is melting the Antarctic

07.04 US produces far more waste and recycles far less of it than other developed countries [As expected—and made worse by Trump—the U.S. is best at being the worst]07.03 Booming LNG industry could be as bad for climate as coal, experts warn

07.03 Deep-sea mining to turn oceans into ‘new industrial frontier’

07.03 Caravan of Americans battling diabetes heads to Canada for affordable insulin [3:36 video; Like Central Americans flee for their lives from criminal drug gangs, Americans flee for their lives for affordable pharmaceutical drugs]

07.02 American Medical Association sues North Dakota over abortion laws

07.02 'Committed' CO2 emissions jeopardize international climate goals, study finds

07.01 New Solar + Battery Price Crushes Fossil Fuels, Buries Nuclear

07.01 Freak summer hailstorm buries cars in Mexico's Guadalajara [0:50 video]

07.01 Climate Change is Devastating India With Heat Waves and Water Shortages [13:48 video]

06.30 American farmers can't afford this administration's climate apathy

06.30 The US military is a bigger polluter than more than 140 countries combined [Could a world-wide moratorium of military activity dramatically slow the climate crises?]

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Daily: FAIR Blog
The Daily Howler

US Politics, Policy & 'Culture'

07.16 Describing 'Future We Want to Live In' Scores of Groups Unveil New Blueprint for Reproductive Rights

07.16 'Do not take the bait': congresswomen denounce racist Trump attack [3:50 video]

07.16 Money Laundering Scandal Forces Puerto Rico’s Governor to Cut His Vacation Short — Just in Time for Another Scandal

07.16 Turnstile teaching [The problem is NOT the color of students skin, as our fake President reflexively thinks. The problem is the lax attitude and deficient funding by government to always do a much better job for a better future.]

07.15 Finding the Future in Radical Rural America

07.15 Sanders Accuses Biden of Parroting Pharma and Insurance Industry Script With Attacks on Medicare for All [Like Trump, Biden explains why he's unelectable every day.]

07.15 If there is an 'immigrant' who has failed to integrate in America, it's Donald Trump

07.15 Trump tells Ocasio-Cortez and other female progressives to 'go back' to 'original' countries

07.15 Trump Takes Pelosi's Side Against AOC and The Squad as Intraparty Fight Over Immigration Continues [Its about much more than immigration, its about the Corporate Dominance—by many of the same companies, even—over both major Political Parties. With too few exceptions, neither party has represented The Public since Nixon generously raised the minimum wage (Part D Medicare and ACA both became Frankenstein legislation due to excessive corporate price-fixing influence), and that has to change!]

07.14 Trump: People like Paul Ryan almost killed the Republican Party [Then it's too bad he didn't stay to finish the job!]

07.13 Trump's POS Labor Secretary, Acosta, Out. POS Number 2, Linked to Abramoff, to Fill Role [A willingness to perform criminal behavior seems the only competency required...]

Justice Matters

07.15 Australia 'deeply concerned' about China's treatment of Uighur people [What are the reasons, exactly, that justify harsh imprisonment of a million people?]

07.15 Zuma tells South Africa corruption inquiry he is victim of foreign plot [Unaccountable corrupt governments are so in fashion these days...]

07.14 Warren vows to probe U.S. crimes on immigrants if elected [Can you imagine living in a nation with a working Justice System? How far we've fallen!]

High Crimes
Economics & Corrupt Capitalism

07.15 China’s Economic Growth Hits 27-Year Low as Trade War Stings

International & Futurism

07.16 Trump’s race fantasy is clear: the US as home for whites fleeing Europe [1:09 video]

07.15 India’s Terrifying Water Crisis

07.15 Australia now has the highest minimum wage in the world [From 1960 to 2018 – the U.S. has fallen from 1st place to below the tenth place and off the chart]

07.14 Kasich: The chilling effect of British ambassador's leaked memos

07.14 'Just a matter of when': the $20bn plan to power Singapore with Australian solar

07.14 At least 24 Yellow Vests lost eyes in violent protests. Now they're more determined than ever [Protests of all kinds will continue until systemic inequality loses political dominance]

07.13 New Zealand Begins Gun Buyback Prompted by Mosque Attacks

07.13 After a Police Shooting, Ethiopian Israelis Seek a ‘Black Lives Matter’ Reckoning [Since so-called modern humans evolved there have been 10,000 generations of people. It is extremely far-fetched to think anyone is racially pure. SO ALL THIS HATE IS INCREDIBLY STUPID.]

07.13 After a Police Shooting, Ethiopian Israelis Seek a ‘Black Lives Matter’ Reckoning

07.13 Brazil’s President May Appoint Son, Friend to the Trumps, as Ambassador to U.S. [Friend of the Trumps, so we know they're all brain-dead except about near-term profits. They are clear-cutting the Amazon Rain Forest to feed-then-butcher millions of methane farting cows, over and over. Yep, that's there business plan. So therefore the rest of the world will hopefully plant billions of trees elsewhere to sequester CO2 to offset what the Bolsonaro family and investors are destroying. What's wrong with this picture?]

07.13 Trump’s Cruelty and Mexico’s Duty [Our president is immoral to his core and reacts to things like a child, not understanding that his actions are often crueler than they should be. And that cruelty will never completely be excused or forgotten—the people's hatred of Trump is growing, like the Texan's hatred when President General Santa Anna laid seige to the Alamo, which was Mexico's territory at the time...]

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  Only Unity Can Overcome All Obstacles
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SPEAKING OUT—Exploratory Argument # 1:

Only Unity Can Overcome All Obstacles

Grow up, America! Start reading small books with big words in them if you can tear your lardy butts away from the television!

by Publius*

We have the rich, the very rich, the super rich, and the über rich among us trying to have everything their own way and paying little, if any, taxes.

Everything, and I mean everything, is such a mess in this nation and around the world that one hardly knows where to begin. The Congress? The Courts? The Presidency? The People? In America, Congress votes, in the only truly bipartisan way thus far, to increase its salary. And then further lines its own pocket with lobbyists’ money while keeping its version of single-payer national healthcare strictly for itself. What will pass is reform of the health care industry. Not health care. A bonanza, really, to the corporations that serve us so ill.

The Supreme Court, not to be outdone, is thinking about rearguing the need for Political Action Campaign rules, which may end up sending a tsunami of unrestricted lobbyists' money to our politicians. You will recall that the rules governing PAC money were to make it at least seem, by the nickel and dime type of contributions, that the candidates’ ideas were persuading the public at large by their merit, not merely reflecting the deep pockets of the various interest groups. I mean to say we have the rich, the very rich, the super rich, and the über rich among us trying to have everything their own way and paying little, if any, taxes. Don’t you remember the Queen of Mean, Leona Helmsley, telling us the truth: “Only the little people pay taxes!”? Soon, it seems, even the fig leaf of PAC democracy which Americans practice will be gone.

And then there is the Presidency. Sigh. Obama. The first American president with a brain and a conscience in a very long time. Yet we are not allowed to enjoy this shocking historical moment of our first black president because of the hysteria of his angry, white male critics. If the man himself discovered the cure for cancer tomorrow his critics would retort that he had not done the same for Parkinson’s Disease.

Where else but America could the Nobel Peace Prize be considered a Badge of Shame and a deadly sin for Obama to have considered the world’s interest as a whole, first, to be one big human family and to suggest, even for a moment, that American interests might come a close second?

Gone, at least, is the swaggering, smirking, illiterate, dyslexic, apoplectic, hectoring, half-wit bully of the last eight years. What an eternity of idiocy! Whenever he took to the lectern I was reminded of a barking dog. As a public service we can only hope Bush returns to the bottle to drown his sorrows. And, if you think I’m too harsh, ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be glad to send him a bag of doughnuts and of copy of the National Enquirer so he can continue to inform and pal around with the slack-jawed, toothless rednecks that voted for him.

If, by comparison, Obama looked like a pulsating, Big Brained Alien coming into office, one wishes he had had the chutzpah to declare to Congress, “I come in peace! I am your friend!” and then whip out his ray gun and blast the Blue Dog Democrats into colorful skeletons, so to speak, as in the film, ‘Mars Attacks'! I mean, could he not have at least twisted a few arms in his own party to give us the single-payer health insurance that this nation so desperately needs? At the very worst, I should much rather have a bureaucracy deliver affordable health coverage at whatever inconvenience than be squeezed dry by rapacious, Republican-loving drug and insurance companies.

Dealing with the Republican Party, now full of extremists, is like negotiating with the Taliban about becoming Christian.

Does Obama not know that the Republican Party of Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, Lou Dobbs, Sean Hannity, Glen Beck, etc. would rather die than rediscover reason, bi-partisanship, national unity, or agree with anything a Democrat has to say? The party of, “No, We Can’t!” will sink us all with endless military adventurism and bankruptcy, our current reality, while allowing our infrastructure to rust to pieces and our people to languish on minimum wage. Dealing with the Republican Party, now full of extremists, is like negotiating with the Taliban about becoming Christian.

Nonetheless, I will hold Obama and the Democrats responsible for not being disciplined enough to get us the single-payer national health care we need and deserve. If they cannot, then they must give up their special privileges in this regard and be forced to use whatever health care the American people end up with. This is only fair for "public servants."

I will also hold Obama and the Democrats responsible for sending any surge of troops to Afghanistan and so continuing the long, sad history of failed ideas and foreign policies of the criminal ruling class that runs this country.

Have any of the neo-conservatives’ cockamamie American Manifest Destiny ideas panned out? Unregulated American-style capitalism. Yeah. That was a good one! NOT! Obsessing over Israel’s existence to the exclusion of our national interests, and getting embroiled in the never-ending squabbles of Middle Eastern tribal politics and land grabs, layered over with the most retrograde force on Earth: Islam. America is a patsy and money pump for these neocon parasites. This is obsessive-compulsive and stupid foreign policy.

Have we brought democracy to any of these benighted 7th Century societies yet? Please! Leave them alone and let them discover the Age of Enlightenment all by themselves in their own way and time.

Have we brought democracy to any of these benighted 7th Century societies yet? Please! Leave them alone and let them discover the Age of Enlightenment all by themselves in their own way and time. Then they can enjoy the Industrial Age and Adam Smith. Then we can be free to continue to explore space and leave the Neanderthals behind. Things we Americans do best.

However, ladies and gentlemen, an escalation by any other name is still an escalation, and it will be no more successful than in Vietnam. Indeed, my fear is that Afghanistan and Iraq will be to American history what the Teutoburg Forest was to ancient Rome.

And then there is the American electorate. If ever the common man truly desired to see the cause of much of his troubles, he need only look in the mirror. Joe Six-pack has been cosseted and coddled by his accidental and privileged place in world history since the end of World War II—thus the common American man’s brains have been addled for far too long by the Disney-esque excess of material wealth and power.

Even now, as their homes and government are stolen out from under them by the robber baron banking classes, their national psyche is tormented by a case of Terminal Adolescence. Grow up, America! Start reading small books with big words in them if you can tear your lardy butts away from the television!

How else explain why Americans would listen to the disciples of Karl Rove, one of the chief strategists of the Republican Party? Win at all costs; divide the country against itself so that if you couldn’t win 51 percent of the vote then the election could be easily thrown in our winner-takes-all system. Freeze the opposing political party out of government. Permanently. Republicans would rule forever. Gosh. Just like the Communist Party in China! Who knew?

Don’t believe me? Let’s recall, briefly, Karl Rove’s career of nastiness:

  1. When Bush was running his first race for governor of Texas, Rove spread the rumor that Ann Richards was a lesbian.
  2. And who in S.C. can forget the Rovian rumor that John McCain had an illegitimate black daughter? This led to Bush winning the Republican nomination over a war hero.
  3. Then there was the Swiftboating of John Kerry: so masterful it became a verb. The defeat of yet another war hero by a pack of lies.
  4. Dare I mention yet another smear? This time against a disabled war veteran and hero, describing ex-Senator Max Cleland as a sniveling defeatist. All this evil energy to make the way plain for a man who could easily be defined by the values and honor of the military of an earlier age as a drunken deserter because of his spotty National Guard record trying to avoid real combat.

Partisan smears of this sort are expressions of pure evil in a democratic process, and are as immoral as the mad mullahs we rail against.

Are we really just a fifth-rate people with a first-rate system of government left to us by our glorious ancestors?

Why should we the people continue to listen to these crap-mongers? Are we really just a fifth-rate people with a first-rate system of government left to us by our glorious ancestors? Can we not grow up as a nation? Can we not become less irresponsible?

I rest my case, Your Honor

Gaius Julius Publius

*The author uses the pseudonym "Publius," as did the original anonymous authors of the Federalist Papers (among them were Alexander Hamilton, James Madison and John Jay); these 85 articles, published between Oct. 1787 and Aug. 1788, were designed to explicate the philosophy and intent of the newly-minted U.S. Constitution. The series of articles began as a response to other articles (anonymously authored by "Cato" and "Brutus") being published at that time that opposed ratifying the Constitution. At that time, public figures often adopted Roman names as pseudonyms. Hamilton coined the pseudonym Publius, short for "Philo-Publius," meaning "Friend of the People." In the tradition of the original Publius, the Baltimore Chronicle invited the author of this essay to address the situation in which he feels the U.S. finds itself today.

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This story was published on October 26, 2009.


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