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06.14 The Trump administration is waging a quiet war on education


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06.19 Engineers boost output of solar desalination system by 50% [Trump fires scientist. It would be far better to enable their good work.]

06.19 Can planting billions of trees save the planet?

06.19 Vermont adopts the most comprehensive plastics ban in U.S.

06.19 We’ll Never Solve Immigration If We Don’t Solve Climate Change [Why is our President so willfully stupid?]

06.19 Scientists shocked by Arctic permafrost thawing 70 years sooner than predicted

06.18 Photograph lays bare reality of melting Greenland sea ice ice sheet

06.18 Because 'This Is a Public Health Crisis,' Pennsylvania Gov. Urged to Investigate Link Between Fracking and Childhood Cancers

06.18 The Worst Patients in the World [Is THIS the dumbest thing we can do? Then let's do it!]

06.18 Navy Contaminates Local Groundwater and Sewer System in Maryland [Is THIS the dumbest thing we can do? Then let's do it!]

06.18 Trump's order to trim science advisory panels sparks outrage [Is THIS the dumbest thing we can do? Then let's do it!]

06.18 Call to arms: how can Australia avoid a slow and painful decline?

06.18 Soaring Temperatures Speed Up Spring Thaw on Greenland’s Ice Sheet

06.17 Hopes for climate progress falter with coal still king across Asia [Governments must subsidize very rapid installation of renewable energy to displace all fossil energy—aka DEATH ENERGY—power plants that must be made illegal ASAP]

06.17 Oil companies double down on plastics as public outcry grows [Obscene!]

06.17 Ocasio-Cortez: "We’re Going to Fight to Repeal the Hyde Amendment"

06.15 'The Changes Are Really Accelerating': Alaska at Record Warm While Greenland Sees Major Ice Melt

06.15 So much plastic is being made that "recycling has no impact" [Non-recyclable plastic must be made illegal to manufacture, use]

06.15 Climate crisis: aviation industry hears clamour for electric planes

06.15 We must transform our lives and values to save this burning planet [Increased ice melt in polar latitudes has been disguising reality in the middle latitudes. This effect will soon be replaced by record heat as ice volume and seasonal melting increasingly declines.]

06.15 This all-male council in Texas just voted to ban abortion [1:59 video; Bad assumptions foment ignorant actions...]

06.14 The Trans Mountain pipeline is a disaster – but Trudeau can make it right

06.14 The Pentagon emits more greenhouse gases than Portugal, study finds

06.14 Climate crisis: Alaska is melting and it’s likely to accelerate global heating

06.13 Chemical companies at centre of Guardian's Cancer Town series face state legal action [7:56 video]

06.12 'This is not a "what if" story': Tokyo braces for the earthquake of a century

06.12 Plant Species Have Been Disappearing 500 Times Faster Than Normal, Thanks to Humans

06.12 Atmospheric carbon levels are leaping. We can't afford more years like this

06.12 Politics as Usual and Planetary Destruction

06.12 Most 'meat' in 2040 will not come from dead animals, says report

News Media Matters

06.15 China's Expanding Media Dominance in Africa

Daily: FAIR Blog
The Daily Howler

US Politics, Policy & 'Culture'

06.19 America has never gone this long without hiking the federal minimum wage [The poor would spend every penny and help the economy and decrease health costs. Only dummies don't understand the costly effects of penury.]

06.19 When migrants arrived in droves, this poor New Mexico city opened its arms [A good example for us all: This is the way we must respond to human suffering]

06.18 It's A Horrible Idea To Privatize The Tennessee Valley Authority And Other Public Energy Assets [Is THIS the dumbest thing we can do? Then let's do it!]

06.18 The secret to Elizabeth Warren's surge? Ideas

06.18 Tobacco's 'Special Friend': What Internal Documents Say About Mitch McConnell [His immorality is in complete control]

06.17 Climate change leadership would create a new 'American century' [We must incentivize the strategic good, again, before it's too late.]

06.17 Jon Stewart takes aim at McConnell in continued fight for 9/11 victim compensation fund [2:56 C-SPAN video]

06.17 Drug Cop Worth $400 Million After Bets on Brooklyn Real Estate [A better role-model than Trump or Kushner!]

06.15 Hard Times in the Imperial Valley

06.15 Ro Khanna Forces Beltway Bandit to Refund Millions From Price Gouging

06.15 White House physicist sought aid of rightwing thinktank to challenge climate science [When your President is a quack he naturally surrounds himself with sycophants]

Justice Matters

06.19 'Credible evidence' Saudi crown prince liable for Khashoggi killing – UN report

High Crimes

06.18 As promised, Trump slashes aid to Central America over migrants [Is THIS the cruelest thing we can do? Then let's do it!]

06.18 ‘The Saudis couldn’t do it without us’: the UK’s true role in Yemen’s deadly war [If you act psychopathic you are psychopathic; 3:40 Video: Where have all the flowers (and morals and young men) gone, long time passing, sung by Marlene Dietreich]

06.17 'Blatant Theft': Netanyahu Unveils Illegal Settlement Named 'Trump Heights' in Occupied Syrian Territory [Great deal: the U.S. gives Israel $Billions every year, and they name an illegal settlement—to be built on Palestinian land—after Trump]

Economics & Corrupt Capitalism

06.15 'Eye-Popping': Analysis Shows Top 1% Gained $21 Trillion in Wealth Since 1989 While Bottom Half Lost $900 Billion [More equality or bring back the guillotines!]

International & Futurism

06.19 Trump Enabled an ‘Act of Organized Crime’ in Guatemala [Trump and other mafia-dons cause refugees and migrants as much as global warming]

06.19 Ireland to ban new petrol and diesel vehicles from 2030

06.19 Madrid’s new rightwing council suspends low-emissions zone [“Stupid is as stupid does.” –Forrest Gump]

06.19 UK firms told they face 'deliberate disruption' to hit zero carbon goal

06.19 Donald Trump’s reckless Iran policy casts doubt on the US as global leader [America's reputation has plummeted more speedily since Trump's dubious election, with professionals willfully replaced with less competent appointees or left unfilled in many federal government agencies]

06.19 Women outperform men after Japan medical school stops rigging exam scores

06.19 UK climate plan unclear, says European commission

06.18 'If This Is True, They Are Even Bigger Lunatics Than We Realized': UN Officials Reportedly Believe Trump Planning 'Massive' Bombing Campaign in Iran [Never underestimate the stupidity of the Trump Administration]

06.18 The United States Should Welcome a Strong, United Latin America

06.18 Solidarity With Glenn Greenwald

06.18 Theresa May could yet give us the ultimate parting gift: a Brexit referendum

06.18 The Trump administration's dangerous fever dream about Iran

06.18 Iran will not wage war against any nation, says Hassan Rouhani [Economic sanctions are cruel punishment to innocent civilians causing hate for generations. We will reap what Trump sows.]

06.17 Saudi Arabia May Execute Teenager for His Protests — Including When He Was 10 [America's “best ally” is psychopathically insane]

06.17 Why Venezuela Is the Vietnam of Our Time [Powerful, clear writing!]

06.17 US Attacks Russia’s Power Grid; Trump Kept in Dark

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  Thinking About Fixes


Thinking About Fixes

I am finding that in 21st century America repair time is not measured by the clock, but by the calendar.

by Fred Cederholm
I look at developments in Washington, DC and my state capitol and I just roll my eyes and TH*NK how a complete system overhaul is needed.

I’ve been thinking about fixes. Actually I’ve been thinking about our country, my state, the economy, spring, my land phone line, a red plastic bag, electrical tape, and healthcare. Everywhere I look, something is broken, or a least it is not working as it should. I’ve been out of the nursing home since the first part of September and I am still maneuvering about with my four wheeled walker. Plus... I am really no closer to getting set on a daily dosage of Coumadin than I was six months ago. Bah humbug... I am actually feeling a bit better each week, but it is really looking like the recovery from my open heart surgery, the MRSA infection, and the re-do surgery will take at least a full year. The progress is slow even if I am a fairly patient but persistent person.

You see I, like so many people, expect things fixed YESTERDAY. I am finding that in 21st century America repair time is not measured by the clock, but by the calendar. I look at developments in Washington, DC and my state capitol in Springfield, Illinois and I just roll my eyes and TH*NK how a complete system overhaul is needed. How did we get so far a field from the enlightened vision(s) of the founding fathers? Unemployment needs attention, banking needs attention, personal debt needs attention, commercial real estate needs attention, retirement funding needs attention... good grief I’d be hard pressed to come up with any topic/subject/specter of life right now that doesn’t need tweaking. Even when something is “fixed” I am beginning to question if it was “fixed” or rather “the fix is in.”

Spring is a time of rebirth, regeneration, and “greenness for all things” large and small. Last Summer I got my roof replaced on the house and garage, this time I hope to get the rest of my new windows installed, the red cedar siding replaced and the house painted. Hope does spring eternal...

It was a year ago that I began having problems with my land phone line in Creston. Static on the line came and went. When it rained I couldn’t even get a dial tone and was completely incommunicado. A couple of dry sunny days and I get my dial tone back, but it would take a few more “dry” days for the static to reach a crackling level which would allow my phone modem internet connection to function. I’d call Verizon and after what seemed like an eternity, I’d get a repair person to show up, and be “re-connected.” I went thru this three times in the month before my first surgery. The “final” visit I “temporarily” got a bright red plastic bag with yards of black electrical tape protecting my street connection from the elements. Then... I was out of commission (and out of the house for 11 weeks).

My repair person never came back to do the permanent repairs promised during my extended hospitalized absence. No complaining phone calls from me so everything must be working --- no service follow-up required... right? WRONG! I had been given a temporary cell phone by my one cousin’s family when I was in the Rochelle nursing home. I’ve kept it activated for emergencies --- that is, whenever it rains so the land line dries out. I’ve called Verizon and waded thru their automated voice mail repair call-in line to set up an appointment for the repairs. Frequently, there was so much static on the line that my voice responses, or number menu selections (punch 2 now) do not go thru.

A week ago on Monday, I learned that a repair person would be dispatched in ten days to my residence on Wednesday March 24th. I hope they show up. Twice I’ve gotten automated phone calls telling me that my problem was “fixed” remotely! I punched 2, then 7, then 4 (whatever) to assure them nothing had changed and my land line connection still DID NO WORK. Please call my cell phone #.

I hope they get my phone problems “fixed” this Wednesday as I am tired of driving to my church to connect my laptop computer to a “working” phone line to access my email. I am expecting more than a fresh red plastic garbage bag this time, or I, too, will join the exodus of my neighbors who function very nicely with a cell phone serviced by a different company than the one who handles our land lines. (I have only just recently learned that several of my neighbors have given up their land lines in favor of cell phone telecommunications connections. They had the same problem I did and got nowhere slowly.)

Over the weekend our upstanding public servants in Washington DC “fixed” our broken health care system. I’ve read most of the two bills proposed by the House of Representative, and then the US Senate. Health care is now ONE SEVENTH of our total economy so any remedy must be gargantuan. Their proposals are no “fix,” but rather “the fix is in” trust me. We should be seeing the red plastic garbage and black electrical tape popping up at hospitals and clinics all over the country in a matter of days... Ahem!!!

I’m Fred Cederholm and I’ve been thinking. You should be thinking, too.

Copyright 2009 Questions, Inc. All rights reserved. Fred Cederholm is a CPA/CFE, a forensic accountant, and writer. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois (B.A., M.A. and M.A.S.). He can be reached at

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This story was published on March 22, 2010.


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