Thinking About BUBBA

by Fred Cederholm
Obama needed the oratory skills of Bill Clinton (no teleprompter needed), but was that an admission that BO is THAT desperate, that alienated, and that far gone from his power behind the bully pulpit?

I’ve been thinking about “Bubba.” Actually I’ve been thinking about the Presidency, Obama, Clinton, Congress, the tax cuts, the economy, housing, expenditures, and deliberate diversions. The Office of the President is the highest office in the land. The President leads the nation and directs the agenda. I have studied and read about the various presidents since the time I could read. My first book ever was a children’s biography of Abraham Lincoln. I was given my one grandpa’s collection of presidential books while still in grade school. I have continued to add to the collection over the years.

You see last week we all witnessed something I had NEVER known to happen. I can’t say for certain that any similar previous “event” never occurred, but I certainly am not aware of one. Friday, President Obama brought back a predecessor President to deal with the press on the looming issue of the tax cut renewal. When Bubba Clinton stepped up to the podium in the White House Press room (which symbolically was rehabbed over the former swimming pool of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson) there was that characteristic Bill Clinton smile indicting “He’s baaaaack!!!” I was more shocked than the White House Press Corps. I know that Obama has seriously dropped in the approval polls, and even his own party blames him for the recent election losses. Because of these factoids, they are withholding their support from his turnaround stance on the issue of renewing the tax cuts of President George W. Bush (and actually began by none other the Bill Clinton)! Poor Barry...

Obama was losing support for the renewal from members of his own party and many of the newly elected Repubes. He was going down. His answer to this latest rejection was to bring back Bill Clinton as the “closer” on the deal. Whether you approved of the Clinton Presidency or not... you have to admit that “Bubba” never let such things as extra marital “activities,” or an unsuccessful impeachment attempt take his focus off of his job as the President. When you look at his actual Presidency, “the slick one” took the Republican agenda, made it his own, and accomplished a great deal in his last five years. His approval rating is still rising in the polls ten years AFTER he left the office. While I don’t approve of how he handled his personal life, I have given the majority of his Presidency a big thumbs up!!! Bill Clinton is a “closer” and right now we as a nation need a leader and a “closer.” Obama needed the oratory skills of Bill Clinton (no teleprompter needed), but was that an admission that BO is THAT desperate, that alienated, and that far gone from his power behind the bully pulpit?

We are in deep doo doo right now on literally every front. And, I hate to say we are a far cry from the bottom, but we are clearly still headed downward with a long ways to go. Congress, as always, promises the sun, the moon, and the stars. They refused to end the profligate practice of earmarks (it is too useful in buying votes for re-election). They have been silent on the suicidal Quantitative Easing 2 (the QE2). Boehner gets all emotional on camera showing his humanity, but where does THAT get us?

The tempest in the teapot now is the tax cut renewal under consideration. Are the cuts really needed? I mean... we have roughly 22% of the public already unemployed, or underemployed. The tax cuts have been in effect for --- what --- ten years, and just how many jobs have they created in that time? Besides, how many actually pay taxes anyway, would you believe NOT EVEN HALF of those working. They may get saddled with state income taxes, but that is because their home states are in so much worse shape than even Uncle $ugar. These blanket tax cuts are a throw-away of money which is desperately needed by our Government. They are showing their true colors. They refuse to acknowledge the problems and won’t until China, Japan, the EURO zone, and the Arab OPEC’s pull the plug on their future lending to US/us and begin their own foreclosure proceedings on the United States of America.

In 2010, US housing values will drop $1.7 TRILLION (a 68% over 2009 and double the 2008 decline). Foreclosures continue to increase despite all the problems with clear title and standing. Student loans are the second largest category of debt (since last June) and problems in collection there are now snowballing. Congress refuses to deal with our debt and our deficits. We are in the process of approving and ADDITIONAL $3 BILLION in military cash aide to Israel PLUS an ADDITIONAL outright gift of $240 MILLION in munitions (make that, bullets and bombs). The wars in Afghanistan, Iraq (still, despite the fact that the troops have been relocated to nearby Kuwait) are costing TRILLIONS, and we are waving a warlike finger in the direction of Iran. Na, na, nana, na...Good grief!!!

We have been deliberately distracted by the Wikileaks brouhaha of late. When is it a crime to tell the public the truth? Given the way our government treats us like mushrooms, you would TH*NK that were the case. It isn’t, so... Assange has been arrested for the high crimes of two sexual whoopee’s with” innocent Swedish political activists (?). There are words to a song from the 1930’s which seems to sum up the current messes: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer... in the mean time... in between time... ain’t we got fun.” From my perspective, the answer is, in a word.... NO!!!

I’m Fred Cederholm and I’ve been thinking. You should be thinking, too.

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This story was published on December 13, 2010.