A New Gallery: Perrelli Fine Art & Design

by Richard Santos
On Thursday, October 1 a new art gallery, Perrelli’s Fine Art & Design, opened at 338 North Charles Street.
      Occupying two floors and 2500 square feet of space, the gallery will showcase a mix of local and national artists. Owner and curator Frank Perrelli plans to use as much of the space as possible. The third floor, formerly a dance studio, is quite large, with windows on opposite walls bringing in lots of natural light.
      The gallery will illuminate Frank Perrelli’s philosophies on the importance of art to the community. He speaks of the need for viewer interaction with art. He is very interested in the “[person] on the street” who may not have much art background, but whose opinions about art are still important and valid. He wants his displays to communicate to viewers and evoke some kind of reaction.
     Mr. Perrelli knows his gallery’s various rooms can add versatility to his shows. A piece may look totally different to a viewer if it is placed in a different setting. “I’m open to the element of surprise,” he says. He intends to “mix ingredients” to create unexpected results for viewers.
      He also wants to create more of a “buzz” in the Charles/Mount Vernon area. He hopes to work with others interested in the arts to fill the the windows of vacant Charles Street buildings with artwork. Such projects, he believes, will improve the area that he calls “Baltimore’s Fifth Avenue.”

The gallery’s Wide Open Show will be open on weeknights, Saturday and Sunday afternoons. Appointments will be necessary to attend the show. For information contact Frank Perrelli at (410) 783-9244

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This story was published on Oct. 7, 1998.