Below are a few of the alternate sources of news reports. Each is a web site link to a non-mainstream media outlet."

Forced Migration Review

Academic Free Speech
AirAmerica (Al Franken)
All Africa
Alternative Information Center, The
Alternative Press Center, The
Alternative Radio
American Friends Service Committee
Amnesty International
Anthology Film Archives
Baltimore Chronicle & Sentinel
Black College View
Black Commentator
Black News
Black Press USA
Black Voices
British Broadcasting Company
Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives
Center for Public Integrity
Coalition for a Democratic Pacifica Radio - New York
Common Dreams
Cost of War
Daily Howler
Democratic Underground
Democracy Now!
Dissident Voice
Economic Policy Institute
Electronic Iraq (no current URL)
Fair Trade (Co-op America)
Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting (FAIR)
Free Speech TV
Friends Committee on National Legislation
Global Exchange
Global Issues
Global Vision International News Service
Greg Palast
Guardian, The
Guerrilla News
In These Times
Independent Media Center
Le Monde Diplomatique (English version)
Link Thing
Media Monitors
Middle East Research and Information Project, The
Moscow Times, The (English version)
Mother Jones
Nation, The
National Security Archive
New Internationalist
News Link
People-Link's New World Village
Progressive Magazine, The
Public Citizen
Rastafari Today
Reclaim the Media
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan (RAWA)
Smirking Chimp
Stay Free Magazine
Third World Majority (Counterculture is a Weapon)
Third World Traveler
Tom Paine: A Public Interest Journal
Truthout's Video-clips
United for Peace and Justice
Utne Reader
Video Activism
War Resisters League
Washington Report on Middle East Affairs
WBAI Radio
World Link TV
World News
Z Communications

(Originally compiled by Alice Cherbonnier, managing editor, Baltimore Chronicle, Roxanne Lawson and Barbara Larcom. Additional sources from the Independent Media Center, Sam Abrams, Paul Dezendorf, I. Nesoff, & Marshall Smith)