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   Open Letter: "Where is our FURY?"


“Where is our FURY?”

Dear America,
Why aren't you furious? We have just killed an estimated 5000 Iraqi civilians....WE JUST KILLED 5000 INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS, and RUINED the lives of many more! We will never know how many innocent soldiers we have killed.

America, I thought when the "war was over" that the killing would stop and that our children would come home. "Peace is at hand," but they still have not come home. Almost 200,000 troops are suffering in the newly occupied Middle East. This number is steadily rising. Is the war over?

America, why aren't you learning from the past? We have just CREATED many, many new terrorists by our military actions against innocents. The Middle Easterners are only acting in SELF DEFENSE when they kill Americans in the area! There were no Afghanis or Iraqis on those planes, America. Why have we just slaughtered them?

America, why aren't you disgusted by the actions of White House? They have sent HUNDREDS of our sons and daughters to their deaths already and have LIED to us about why it HAD TO HAPPEN!

America, why aren't you ASHAMED? George Bush and his co-workers just spent about $100,000,000,000 of OUR money in a 25-day WAR ORGY, while we at home are losing thousands and thousands of jobs, natiowide. One hundred billion dollars in 25 days!

The bulk of this expenditure, of course, benefits the weapons and oil industries. This figure does not take into account the $1,000,000 that we spent to have the President fly on a jet whose destination was an aircraft carrier, or the costs that the country has incurred since the "war was over." My sons drive 12-year-old cars with their college degrees in their pockets, the prospects for good wages only a dim possibility.

America, why aren't you frightened? The multitudes of police agencies in our country are raping the very same constitution that they all swore to uphold and for which so many have died. There are many, many people rotting innocently in jail since 9-11, unjustly incarcerated for doing NOTHING! IN PRISON FOR DOING NOTHING! In America?

America, why aren't you sickened? This is the home of the BRAVE? America, PLEASE COME HOME, wherever you are...WE NEED YOU HERE. And hurry—I miss you. I need you.

Peace to all.

With love from a veteran's grandson, a veteran's son, and a veteran himself, a common citizen,

Ward Reilly
Baton Rouge, La.

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This story was published on August 15, 2003.
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