What are you people thinking? Do you want to kill even that little spark that's trying to stay alive in each fan?

Is it money? Most of you already make more money than God. While we fans on our meager salaries of fifteen, twenty or twenty-five thousand a year are paying your salaries--you want to go on strike because you ONLY make two, or four, or six million dollars a year?

When there are a lot of people out of work and the economy is at a very low ebb, it's hard for fans to fathom a strike by people who have been truly blessed by their Creator. Day in and day out you go to "work" -- "playing a game", doing something you love. A lot of us go to a job we really don't want to go to, but it's a job that pays the bills and puts food on the table. Then we must sacrifice to buy tickets to a baseball game to put our problems and worries away for a few hours--and you want to strike?

Do you not remember that the last strike turned away a lot of fans? Many of them have never returned. By striking again, YOU WILL HAVE EMPTY BALLPARKSI Apparently, not many of you really cares about the fans--that little guy who pays your salary... who cheers you on when you're out there struggling... who buys a t-shirt with your name on it... who puts everything else aside to go to a baseball game. All you really care about is YOU!....

Has any one of you given any thought to the thousands of people who will lose their jobs because you greedy people want more money, don't want to be tested for drugs, don't want a salary floor or a salary cap, don't want to even discuss revenue sharing? Yes, thousands of ordinary people working to put food on their tables, pay the rent etc. will lose their jobs. Do any of you care?

....Come on, people, give us a break. You're the bright spot in the lives of a lot of us--we have not been blessed as you have been. Give us our game! Don't take that away!!!

I almost feel sorry for all of you. You don't get it! You just don't get it!

A fan for 66 years,
Marianne Fink
Ms. Fink writes from Cleveland, OHIO

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This story was published on August 7, 2002.