Letter from Jay Brodie:

Clarification from Baltimore Development Corporation

Dear Editor:

Regrettably, the Winter 2002 article entitled "Report Criticizes City Efforts" did not give the Baltimore Development Corporation (BDC) an opportunity to respond to the September 2002 report by Good Jobs First which criticized Baltimore City's economic development efforts. Your readers should know that:

Salaries, health benefits, and job opportunities for City residents are all important elements that are factored into any request for financial assistance. All BDC projects undergo a thorough analysis. We recommend no assistance for companies or development projects that fail to meet a "but-for" test; that is, "but-for" the proposed financial assistance, the company will not remain in, expand within, or relocate to Baltimore City. We complete a cost/benefit analysis for all projects that fully identifies the City's investment and uses conservative assumptions to estimate number of jobs created, annual payroll and benefits, and other incremental taxes generated by the investment.

M. J. Brodie
President, Baltimore Development Corporation

EDITOR’S NOTE: The focus of the panel discussion and report was creating better-paying jobs for low-skilled workers. We appreciate the additional information provided by Mr. Brodie. See original story.

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This story was published on January 8, 2003.