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   From Tapas to Halloween Hijinks, The Creative Alliance Shows There’s a Lotta Life in Highlandtown

From Tapas to Halloween Hijinks, The Creative Alliance Shows There’s a Lotta Life in Highlandtown

by Megan Hamilton, Program Director, The Creative Alliance

An art show based in science, a tapas benefit, an inaugural evening of queer performance, a frantic 48-hour video-making competition and a festive Lantern Parade are coming from the Creative Alliance in October. All events originate from 413 S. Conkling St. unless otherwise noted; call 410.276.1651 or visit Creative Alliance.

On view through Oct 26:
Three artists share a compulsion to pierce the layers of physical world. Bamford is an eclectically trained molecular biologist whose traditional tapestries lay bare the geological and physiological. Strauss diaphonous batik sculptures present shifting views of archeological digs and snapshots of the stars. Vernon-Russell subtly manipulates x-rays of damaged birds to create her graceful, poignant drawings.

Fri., Oct. 4: Tapas Y Temas
Delicious tapas, Hispanic music, dancing, a silent auction and the premiere of a local, Latino made video highlight this benefit for Centro Asistencial de San Miguel (St. Michael’s Outreach Center.) Have a great meal and learn all about Baltimore’s growing Latin community. $25 in advance. Call 410-732-2176 for tickets and info.

Fri., Oct. 11: Charm City Kitty Club’s Inaugural Night Of Outlandish Performance
An informal posse of lesbians has created a quarterly night of queer performance for lesbian, bisexual, transgendered, and gay people and all their allies.Today is National Coming Out Day, and what better way to celebrate! From New York, T. Cooper, of the infamous BackDoor Boys, kicks off a multimedia performance/reading from her new book Some of the Parts. Poet Linda Joy Burke performs her new one-woman piece, “And Then You Forget,” about the baggage of a middle-aged African-American lesbian. Belly dancing performance, too! Linda Smith plays girl groups of the 70's, 80's and 90's. 7pm Cocktail hour/Lounge, 8pm Showtime. $6, $4 mbrs.

Fri. Oct. 18: CAmm Slamm Starts!
On your mark! Get set! Shoot! Tonight register for the Slamm, a hi-speed 48-hour video production competition. The max length for shorts is 15 minutes. At least one member of your team must be a CAmm member. (You can join tonight!). Pick up the prop that must be included in your piece and start! Screen your piece in the Competition following on Oct. 20. Show your true grit--put your winning cast, crew and script together! Fame awaits. Info: 7pm Registration, 8pm Start!

Sun., Oct 20: CAmm Slamm Screening
See the results of Baltimore’s first 48-hour video production competition. All entries will be screened. The audience is the judge! Winners get fun prizes! The ever-so no-rested cast and crews will be there and the bar will be open! Mayhem! 7pm $5, $3 mbrs and cast and crew.

Sundays, Oct. 13, 20: Great Halloween Parade Lantern Workshops
Be a part of Baltimore’s most magical Halloween spectacle. Kids and grownups and artists of all ages are invited to make a personalized lantern to be carried in the Parade on October 26. Lit by a candle and made from colored paper and bamboo, these luminary lanterns are indeed works of art. Workshop participants will be trained to be part of a special Parade Brigade, and once the Parade’s over everyone can take their lanterns home! Best for kids over eight. Must be accompanied by adult. 1-5pm Free.

Sat., Oct. 26: Creative Alliance and Patterson Park present the GREAT HALLOWEEN LANTERN PARADE
Now in its third year, word is out that the Great Halloween Lantern Parade is among the most magical experiences you will ever encounter. Patterson Park is transformed as hundreds of costumed revelers parade through the trees with lanterns of all shapes and sizes, banners, noisemakers and a panoply of musicians. Come in costume to watch or be part of the parade! It all concludes on Pagoda Hill with a glowing, swirling, enchanting spectacle of lights and motion. Finale at Pagoda Hill: 7:30 pm. Free.

Sat., Oct. 26: Halloween Parade Post-Party!
After the Great Halloween Lantern Parade, join us back at the Creative Alliance for the spooky hill-billy shaman psychedelia of Radiant Pig and great dancing to DJ Alan Rutberg. Wear your costume! Have a beer and scare yourself! Post-parade. About 9pm. $6, $4 mbrs.

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This story was published on October 2, 2002.
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