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   Where’s 'Democracy Now'?


Where’s ‘Democracy Now’?

by Scott Loughrey

On November 26, the radio program “Democracy Now” did an excellent job of examining the new Homeland Security Act and finding things very wrong with it.
  • It will gut the Freedom of Information act.
  • It will allow the government to act as a shield between harmful corporations and the public.
  • It has a provision which says that if a corporation voluntarily tells Homeland Security about something that has gone wrong, like an accident that harms people, while making a simple statement that Homeland Security should not release information to aid "terrorism," then the new Department is not going to allow the public to find out about the situation through Freedom of Information requests.
  • The Department will also prevent people from using this information in lawsuits against the companies which have volunteered information to it.
  • The new act also pays huge favors to the pharmaceutical industry and to other major campaign contributors of the Republican party.
  • It will also allow Tom Ridge to rewrite the rules associated with collective bargaining, employee reviews and termination.
It's a pity that we can't pick up a mainstream newspaper in this country and find commentary as valuable as what “Democracy Now” is serving up on this very important subject.
“Democracy Now” can be heard on the Washington DC station WPFW, 89.3 FM at 9 A.M. “Democracy Now” is also available as a tv show on the "freespeechtv" channel (9415) on dishnetwork.

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This story was published on December 4, 2002.
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