Richard Hug Must Resign from State Board of Regents

Dear Governor Ehrlich,

The future of the University of Maryland system, one of the most pre-eminent higher education institutions in the country, depends upon the credibility and respect of its chief governing body--the Board of Regents.

For this reason it is essential that the University of Maryland system, the Board of Regents, and its members govern in a way that is beyond reproach.

Recent developments involving the activity of Richard E. Hug, your appointee to the Board, have made it impossible for him to reach these high standards of service.

Mr. Hug is allegedly involved in soliciting large amounts of money from the organized gambling industry in order to promote the legalization of slot machine gambling in the General Assembly. We believe that this represents a clear and distinct conflict of interest and an abuse of Mr. Hug's prestigious position.

During his tenure on the Board of Regents, Mr. Hug has been an advocate for draconian cuts in higher education and dramatic increases in student tuition. These actions have made it vastly more difficult to continue the excellence of our University system and for the member institutions to carry out their educational mission.

The mere perception that Mr. Hug's work on the Board of Regents is connected to his private fundraising activity with the organized gambling industry, creates irreparable damage to the University's reputation.

It is for these reasons that we regrettably call for Mr. Hug’s resignation.

Thank you for your prompt consideration.

Peter Franchot
Curt Anderson
Jim Hubbard
Anne Kaiser
Rich Madaleno
Ana Sol Gutierrez

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This story was published on February 6, 2004.