Hampden Residents Say ‘Keep Firetruck’

       THampden activists are gathering signatures on petition Mayor O’Malley, asking him to retain the sole hook and ladder truck housed at the firehouse in the 3700 block of Roland Avenue.

        The Mayor recently announced that the truck would be removed as a cost-cutting measure. At the same time, an additional ambulance has been allocated to the Hampden fire station.

        Residents fear the response time for a firetruck from a station located farther away would result in more damage to property and danger to residents. The Mayor’s office maintains that “trial runs” to the Hampden community from other stations showed service would not be affected.

        The firetruck issue was on the agenda at a meeting of the Hampden Community Council at the Roosevelt Recreation Center on Monday, June 26, after this newspaper went to press. The petition, signed by over 5,000 residents of Hampden and Medfield, was to be presented to the Mayor at City Hall later in the week.

        For information about the petition effort, call Bruce Holtman at 889-8763.















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This story was published on June 28, 2000.