The House of Moon Has Talented Owner

by Larry Krause
You might think the configuration of the planets brought Cheryl Fair to Hampden. This summer she opened The House of Moon, an astrology-oriented store, at 863 West 36th Street. A native Baltimorean, she spent her developing years in other cities, but returned to Baltimore in the mid-1980s, for she considered it home.
     While living in Denver and later in Los Angeles, Ms. Fair managed bands and designed and sewed clothes for musicians. Even today, she still manages two bands. She has also built a career as a photographer and filmmaker, and producer of films and music videos.
     “I became professional with my second roll of film, when a friend paid me to shoot a portrait shot of her,” she says. Her work in this medium is primarily black and white portrait photography. It has been published locally as well as nationally, from The Sunto High Performanceto the German publications New Lifeand Zillo.Some of her photos appear on album covers.
      Cheryl Fair won Honorable Mention at The United States Super 8 Film Festival, and has been show at various galleries and museums, such as The Corcoran in Washington D.C. and The Baltimore Museum of Art. Her experimental documentary “Sweatshop” was screened for standing-room-only audiences at Artscape, and has been broadcast on Maryland Public Television’s “Independent Eye” program. It was also aired on several cable television networks. Ms. Fair produces films and does commercial filmmaking.
      One projects she especially enjoyed was when she was able to get all the necessary permits to close down the Howard Street bridge so numerous bands to perform on it. This was in 1996.
      Her husband, George Hagegeorge, is a composer and music producer. His work includes remixing music for a variety of record labels and artists.
      With both husband and wife sharing similar interests, it is no wonder Ms. Fair describes their relationship as that of “two soul mates.” And this, indirectly, brings us back to astrology and The House of Moon.
      No, it wasn’t the configuration of the planets that caused Cheryl Fair to locate her business on 36th Street. Because Hagegeorge’s recording studio is located on Clipper Mill Road, she knew Hampden has been attracting a lot of new businesses, and hence a lot of new shoppers, to The Avenue. And it also helped that rents are reasonable, enabling a new business to get a start. The decision to locate in Hampden was an easy one.
      House of the Moon promotes itself as a store for “gifts and books, [to] enlighten and inspire.” Hence, Ms. Fair sells crystals, jewelry, gargoyles, candles, tarot and incense. She says business has been “brisk,” and has already determined that her customer base is composed not only of local people, but of many shoppers from nearby areas. A frequent comment she hears from customers is, “‘I’m glad there’s a store like this here in Hampden.’” But she does relate the story of someone who was not so pleased: “This man came into my shop was determined to believe that gargoyles are evil. When I explained to him they were designed by Christians to ward off evil, he just didn’t believe me and walked out all huffy and puffy.”
     Ms. Fair has an abiding interest in astrology, and this was a major reason for opening the store. She became interested in the field back in high school when she casually picked up a book on the subject. This book lead to her read hundreds of astrology books over the ensuing years. That knowledge became a profession; she has done over 300 astrology charts, and also does tarot readings.
     And just what is astrology? Ms. Fair explains, “Astrology looks at the planets and when one is born. The conjunction of the two determine your life. Your birth chart is your fate and what you are given to work with--it is your raw materials that make you, you. At the same time, people have free will to determine how you use your opportunities.”
      What does it take to be an astrologer? Ms. Fair answers: “an analytic mind and the ability to synthesize information without jumping to conclusions. It is the marriage of science and psychology.”
      But does one have to be psychic to be an astrologer? “Not at all,” she replies. “I think everybody is psychic, but most people just don’t pay attention to themselves.” What about having ESP or other supernatural experiences? “I think everyone experiences ESP--it happens to everyone. My ESP experiences are integrated into my personality so I don’t think much about it,” Ms. Fair said.
      If Ms. Fair’s accomplishments and talents are any guide to the future--notwithstanding the conjunction of the planets--her House of Moon will surely be a success.

The House of Moon: 863 W. 36th Street, phone 410-662-7433.

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This story was published on Sep. 2, 1998.