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   America: Wake Up!

Speaking Out:

America: Wake Up!

by William Hughes

As for Israel being “a democracy,” don’t believe it! It stands in violation of over 66 Resolutions of the United Nations, including Resolution 242, unanimously adopted on Nov. 22, 1967, which mandated that it vacate the Occupied Territories that belong to the Palestinians.

John Podhoretz is at it again! The Tel Aviv-friendly pundit crowed in his column (NY Post, 01/29/03), about the landslide victory of Ariel Sharon’s Likud gang in the recent Israeli election. This was bad enough, but there was more torture to come.

Podhoretz roared on, “Israel has been forced by historical circumstances to lead the way for America, especially when it comes to militant Islamic terror and the kinds of hard choices a democracy has to make in combatting it.”

This is where I wanted to throw up.

What a sad state we are in, when an Israeli shill like Podhoretz can prophesy that America will follow the “lead” of Zionist Israel.

For a translation to the politically challenged, this will mean that America will be deferring to the oppressive policies of Sharon, whose name will forever be linked to the deaths of the innocent at Deir Yassin; in Lebanon, as a result of Israel’s 1982 invasion; at Sabra and Shatila; and, finally, at Jenin.

The notion that America will be mimicking Sharon, a man who exists just one step ahead of the War Crimes prosecutors in Belgium’s Justice Ministry, fills me with outrage.

Now, I wonder: Was our Revolutionary War— and other battles, too—fought and won to bring us to this point of national humiliation? Where are our true patriots? God knows, there are only a handful in the complicit Congress or the Establishment-controlled media.

As for Israel being “a democracy,” don’t believe it! It stands in violation of over 66 Resolutions of the United Nations, including Resolution 242, unanimously adopted on Nov. 22, 1967, which mandated that it vacate the Occupied Territories that belong to the Palestinians.

But Podhoretz wasn’t finished yet. Without showing any mercy, he forecasted, “Israel may be leading the way politically as well.” He added, “Yesterday, the Israeli electorate delivered its verdict on its leaders in the first parliamentary election since the beginning of the suicide-bomb war launched by the Palestinians.” He further insisted, “The tough tactics [read: gross human rights violations] adopted by right-wing Premier Ariel Sharon to fight the terror war, were almost universally accepted.”

What universe does this guy live in? Star Trek’s?

Podhoretz, ranting on under a Jerusalem dateline, bragged how the Israeli electorate had “decimated the Left.” Looking into his crystal ball, he predicted the loser fate of the Labor Party in Israel will be the destiny, too, of the Democrats, unless they “glue themselves to George W. Bush’s side on matters of war and terror.”

What a frightening thought! The only thing that could have been worse is if Podhoretz had also announced that his beloved Sharon had been cloned.

Sometimes you can see yourself better through the eyes of others. Podhoretz may have unintentionall, done us a huge favor by holding up a mirror that reads: “America will follow Israel!” This could be a wake up call for those that love our country more than any dubious relationship with a so-called “ally” that viciously attacked the USS Liberty on June 8, 1967, murdering 34 of our finest sons (Ken Ringle, “Attack on the Liberty,” Washington Post, 02/01/03). If U.S. foreign policy patterns itself after Sharon’s, it will be a sure prescription for national suicide.

Thankfully, we can learn important lessons from our history, especially during the founding of this nation. By December 1776, General George Washington’s demoralized Continental Army had been pushed off Long Island and Manhattan, too, out of the state of New Jersey, across the Delaware River, and into Pennsylvania, by the seasoned military British forces under Lord William Howe. In a moment of deep despair, Washington, writing to his brother, had said: “The game is pretty near up.”

On the brink of defeat, the immortal Washington could have called it quits. Instead, putting his duty to his countrymen first, he courageously led his army to stunning victories over the British, at Trenton (12/25/1776) and Princeton (01/03/1777), that were hailed as a turning point in that eight-and-one-half-year conflict (see Richard M. Ketchum’s compelling The Winter Soldiers).

Americans today need to remember who they are, where they have come from, and that they live in a Republic that depends on their fully participating in it, in order to reach “the common good.” An attachment to Israel’s ideals is asking for endless, costly wars, including the phony one looming ahead with Iraq, and also for more terrorist attacks on this country. The people must demand that our national interest come first, instead of following Sharon’s lead into Armageddon. If they don’t do so, the game may, indeed, be “pretty near up.”

America: Wake Up!

© William Hughes 2003.

Hughes, an attorney and professional actor, is the author of Andrew Jackson vs. New World Order (Authors Choice Press) and Baltimore Iconoclast (Writer’s Showcase), which are available online. He can be reached at

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This story was published on February 10, 2003.
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