Bottom Floor Concert Series Moves to Patterson Arts Center

The Series also plans a name change to reflect its new, handicapped-accessible location.
The Bottom Floor Concert Series, held monthly at St. John's United Methodist Church of Hamilton, has enjoyed quick success in its first two seasons. The brainchild of local musician, Jasaga, as a way to bring more quality original music to Baltimore, giving musicians a new venue to share their talents, while simultaneously raising money for and awareness about a number of local charities, the series has flourished with the help of a wonderful group of volunteer musicians and music-lovers.

While it has enjoyed the generous patronage of Rev. Howard Nash and St. John's of Hamilton, for a number of reasons, it has become clear that the series might need a new home—and a new identity.

With the opening of the new Patterson Arts Center, the Creative Alliance is bringing renewed energy to southeast Baltimore, creating an arts community that includes both the visual and performing arts in a variety of forms. The Patterson Arts Center seems a natural home for the music series, which will change its name (as yet undecided!) to reflect its new location and identity.

The center is fully handicapped-accessible and includes a cafe and bar and huge art gallery, as well as a state-of-the-art theater for both live performance and film. Upstairs will house spacious art studios for Creative Alliance artists-in-residence.

The best of "The Bottom Floor" will be incorporated in the new series. We will still strive to provide quality, original local, regional and national music in a variety of genres, as well as benefitting charities throughout Baltimore in a pleasing community atmosphere.

The music series begins September 6 with the incredible all-girl funk/blues/folk band, Zeala.

To be notified of the upcoming schedule, or to get involved as a volunteer, send email to info@joannejuskusmusic.com.

Joanne Juskus is a local performer of note.

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This story was published on July 12, 2003.