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Re: Your question for May 2003 in Channel Guide Magazine, a project of Tribune Media Services ("Do you think that celebrities like Martin Sheen and Barbara Streisand who are outspoken on heated political topics are using their status to claim they represent all Americans?"):

One hardly knows how to begin to respond to such a loaded question. These two performers, and others, use their celebrity to gain a platform to express THEIR opinions. To my knowledge, there has never been any claim by the two mentioned, or by any other 'celebrities' of all political stripes who speak out on issues, that they 'claim to represent all Americans'. The fact that your news organization phrased this question in such a way ("all" is a red flag) signals a disturbing effort on your part to manipulate the public's response.

Alice Cherbonnier
Managing Editor,
Baltimore Chronicle

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This story was published on June 4, 2003.