To FCC Chairman Michael K. Powell

We were appalled at the FCC ruling that would further consolidate media ownership in the USA. Already we have an Oligarchy, with Right-wing Foreigners like Rupert Murdoch feeding us propaganda at every opportunity. NOT to mention the distortions and outright LIES we are being fed!. (Does that run in the family?)

What the US Media needs is a good slapping-down, and a reminder that the PUBLIC owns the airwaves, and the Media is supposed to do "Community Service" to compensate for the power it has been GIVEN.

How about furnishing DEBATES at election time instead of those sleazy Political Ads that they all get FAT on, and that should be BANNED altogether! And keep your filthy dictatorial hands off the INTERNET! (you want to REALLY see a storm of resistance? )

Bia Winter

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This story was published on June 4, 2003.