Letters re: Carlyle Group Story in Oct. Issue

  • Wake Up Time
    I am just an average citizen from Los Angeles and I came upon information on the internet that at first looked purely like a paranoid conspiracy theorist's dream rather than reality, yet I believed every .... word. The article is by Jim Marrs and he has his own website.He wrote also on the Kennedy Coup d'Etat in a book, Crossfire.
           The military industrial complex and big oil have gone wild. They have been planning this "war" for months and now they have their reasons for building more weapons.
           These b------s are now waging a war on the American people! Just prior to this "attack," Bush was WAY DOWN in the polls and he had just stolen $9 billion from Social Security. The next day: BANG!!! The day after the attack, the FCC then tried to block monopolies on corporations owning more than one network.

           OUR GOV’T. IS FULL OF SH*T!!!!!
           EXPOSE THEM.

           Thank You.

    Peter Thoegersen

  • “Brave Souls”
    Thank you for your article [on the Carlyle Group, October Chronicle] by Alice Cherbonnier!!! You are brave souls, and true journalists. Congratulations—some of us in the U.S. still value our press freedoms, and question the lrgitimacy of being led by war profiteers in a time of war. Thank you so very much.

    Carole Hall

  • “No one is above the law”
    I first heard mention of the Carlyle Group and George Bush Sr.’s involvement in the Group last week on the Ray Taliafero program, KGO radio, San Francisco, California. Bottom line: I feel that it is an outrage that the Senior Bush is involved to such an extent that he may have directly or indirectly helped to finance the terrorist attacks that just occured in New York. Judicial Watch is asking GW Bush to tell his father to resign or withdraw from this group. This information needs to come out big time in the mainstream media on a daily basis until we get to the bottom of the whole seedy affair. We deserve updates regularly concerning this situation. Thank you for having the fortitude to publish your article. To paraphrase Judicial Watch, "because no one is above the law".

    Yvonne M. Hack, R.N.
    Ms. Hack writes from San Jose, CA.

  • All Roads Lead Back to Bushes
    Thank you for your story: “Republican-controlled Carlyle Group poses serious Ethical Questions for Bush Presidents,” [website title of same story called “Who Benefits?” in print edition of October Chronicle] by Alice Cherbonnier. It gives me some hope that some of media is not bought by the Bushes. Please continue to ask the questions the corporate owned media covers up, why all roads lead back to the bushes!

    Tedi Marville

  • What’s Really Important
    Great article [“Who Benefits?,” October Chronicle]! Whether terrorists bomb New York, or Anthrax shuts down Nation's capitol, nothing is more important than guaranteeing the security, secrecy, profits, and insider connections of the Carlyle Group!

    Lawrence Brokan
    This writer hails from Boca Raton, FL.

  • Amazed at the Silence
    I have been following the information about the Carlyle Group for some time now and I am amazed that this is not just hushed but buried by most of the press. I do my part by downloading every article I read and giving it out to people. You have to keep talking about it [Oct. Chronicle], you have to keep drawing attention to this group, it is of vital importance to every American and puts us, and particularly the man who is leading us, into a vague war in a compromised position. I don't pretend to understand why most of the media ignores the situation, the possible reason why is extremely frightening for all of us.
           Please join us in this endeavor.

    Sally McDonald

  • Balls?
    Thank you for having the balls to report this. Knowledge IS power.

    David Muzzatti
    Our correspondent writes from Ann Arbor, Michigan.

  • Bravery?
    Excellent piece on Bush's interest in profiting from war [Oct. Chronicle]. Such conflicts of interest are akin to high treason. Thank you for being one of the brave papers willing to criticize in this dangerous time of self censorship.

    B. Erkan

  • Thanks for the Story
    So pleased to see Alice Cherbonnier's Carlyle Group coverage [Oct. Chronicle]. It is easy, understandable reading. Please keep at this story. That it's kept so under wraps is incredible.

    Pam Clifford

  • Carlyle Group Holdings
    ...The Carlyle Group’s investments are drawn to defense and aerospace firms. United Defense Industries, Inc. manufactures the Bradley Fighting Vehicle and the US Army’s Crusader artillery system (howitzers). United Defense operates joint ventures in Saudia Arabia and Turkey.
           Another defense contractor, Federal Data Corporation, provides information hardware and software technology to more than 20 government agencies including NASA, IRS, and the Defense and State departments. Federal Data contracts have included maintaining the FAA’s air traffic control software and for building instruments for the International Space Shuttle. The Carlyle Group owns 79% of Federal Data which continues to expand through acquisitions. Federal Data’s Logicon division is a Northrop-Grumman company. One of the new Joint Chiefs of Staff is a former Grumman executive.
           Federal Data provides services across the entire health, life sciences and biomedical spectrum. One subsidiary of Federal Data is R.O.W. Sciences, Inc., a provider of biotechnology research, which specializes in transgenics.
           Diversification outside of healthcare and defense, The Carlyle Group, also, owns the Dr. Pepper/Seven Up bottling companies (which now has a joint venture with Cadbury Schweppes of London); and, United States Marine Repair (non-nuclear ship repair).

    Ken Morgan
    Mr. Morgan, an independent researcher, writes from Scottsdale, AZ.

The Chronicle has learned that the Carlyle Group joined the Tribune Company in purchasing a $30 million minority stake in VarsityBooks.com, an online textbook discounter. The Tribune Company publishes The Sun. Why would Carlyle want to influence history and what we read?        —Ed.

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This story was published on November 7, 2001.