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Jane Fonda Redux

The Sun refers to Jane Fonda’s visit to Hanoi as “infamous.”

“Infamous” was the U.S. war on Southeast Asia. “Infamous” was the secret U.S. bombing of Cambodia, the MyLai massacre, Operation Phoenix and countless other U.S. atrocities against Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia.

As for Sean Penn and other Hollywood celebrities displaying “arrogance,” what can be more arrogant than launching a unilateral, pre-emptive war on Iraq, whether the world approves or not, while flouting international law?

If I were a Hollywood star, would I be so “arrogant” as to go to Iraq, North Korea, or any “rogue state” to avoid war?

You bet!

Gerald B. Shargel

Reisterstown, MD

Cold ‘Comfort’

When I heard that the hospital ship The Comfort was being sent over to the Persian Gulf, anguish and anger overcame me. For months, war planes roar overhead behind cover of clouds, not mentioned in the news. Now the larger than life hospital ship is undeniable proof that this administration fully intends to wage war. Our boys and girls will be maimed and torn to pieces. Countless loved ones will have broken hearts back at home. In the act of brutally bombing Iraq beyond these ten years the US has already done so, with cancer causing uranium depleted war-heads. The people of Iraq, the children, the women, the elders, the brothers and sisters, folks just like us, will be desecrated by US weapons of mass destruction, beyond belief. The Iraqi people are not evil. War is evil.

Theresa Reuter

Baltimore, MD

Questions About WTC Collapse

I completely support his article "Unexplained Media Omissions and Silence: How Did those WTC Buildings Collapse?" and the questions he posed. It's good you publihed this. Someone needs to have the balls to tell the truth.


Colin Laws

Supports WTC Inquiry

I would like to offer my appreciation for the article on the WTT's. Those questions need to be answered. I am sure that Scott Loughrey will take some flack for the article, but I applaud his honesty and integrity.

Barry Oaks

Hilo, HI

We Need Term Limits

....With incumbent reelection at nearly 95%, there is a very limited popular "checks and balances" on what incumbents do and little incentive for them to "do the right thing". Barring a major scandal (a la Gary Condit), legislators could occupy the office until they decide to retire.

The founding fathers certainly did not intend to allow absolute power to corrupt absolutely {as stated by Thomas Jefferson} but they also knew that any social experiment always sows the seeds of it's own destruction.

Our political system has been corrupted by greed, and there is once again the need to amend the United States Constitution (as well as all State constitutions). Accordingly, legislators (from city council to congress) should be limited to two consecutive terms in office. This would actually promote greater democracy as it will insure more occupants of the elected office and a greater republic as they will not be loyal to any particular constiuency (over a long period of time). We may actually see the re-emergence of two distinct political parties.

The perspective now is that it does'nt really matter which party is in power. Hence the resulting voter apathy. The Democrats and Republicans are like two competing law firms.

Some would argue that a cadre of professional politicians is the best choice for a republican government, but in a capitalist society only the statesmen (“philosopher kings”) could be entrusted with that much responsibility.

Sadly, the statesmen are kept out of office by the self-perpetuating politicians. Term limits would be a start towards reclaiming the values this country was founded on.

Joe Bialek

Cleveland, Ohio

A Lesson In U.S. Propaganda

It takes a brave bunch of people to tell the truth. This country and its exceptionally wonderful people have been taken for a ride for too long.

Thanks for telling the truth.

Sincere Best Wishes,

Imran Ahmed

Lawrence, NJ

Thanks for WTC Story

Thanx to Scott Loughrey--


[name withheld]

Defending Constitution Now Illegal

..."that I will support and defend the Constitution and laws of the United States of America against all enemies, foreign and domestic;.....

So goes a section of the "Oath of Allegiance" all immigrants must recite when becoming U.S. citizens.

The FBI and the Maricopa County (Phoenix, AZ) Sheriff's office have blatantly and openly declared, and I quote, that "defenders of [the] US Constitution against [the] federal government and the UN" are now to be considered as suspect 'domestic terrorists'.

This accusation is printed in a brochure being widely distributed on the internet, allegedly published jointly by the aforementioned 'law enforcement' agencies.

But it doesn't stop there. Included in the list of suspects are: animal rights and anti-abortion groups, those claiming driving is a right not a privilege, anyone making 'numerous' references to the U.S. Constitution, anyone who doesn't indentify themselves, insurgents/rebels (would that include Dr. MLK, Jr., for whose birthday we have a national holiday?), or anyone whose political motivation doesn't tow the current party line (Marxist/Leninist philosophy specifically mentioned).

May I remind all Americans that the U.S. Constitution is "The SUPREME Law of the Land."

All this in the name of 'homeland security'. Is it the FBI or the Gestapo?

Wake up America and look what is happening to us.

“A time comes when silence is betrayal.” -- Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., April 4, 1967, one year to the day prior to his assassination.

Frank Gubasta

Fort Myers, FL

Suppose We Do Nothing About Iraq?

What if we should do nothing about Iraq? Is the existence of Iraq in perfect union with the others who border the country? If those countries do not care, or have no concern, or are in league with Hussein, what dangers would promulgate the possiblity of a World conflict in the coming years? Can we always buy our way out of conflict without losing our diplomatic power, and respect? If we do not lead in all aspects of how we believe, will what we believe bring our own demise?. Are we more concerned with our selfishness and wants, becoming blind to the needs of those less fortunate?

This current condition is directly responsive to Sept. 11th, which was a response to our support of Israel, and the preceeding action on Iraq.

We are buried in an attempt to correct past mistakes, some of which are not our own, but, as in WW2, once the pot begins to boil, inevitably we must become involved.

The pot is boiling; our choices are few if we want to remain respected in the World. It would behoove all of us to let our Congressmen know that we expect a leadership which will weigh, carefully, any decisions which may lead us into a pitfall which could topple our country, both economically and spiritually; and diminish our rights.

We all must voice, heavilly, our concerns about entering further into a chasm from which we cannot return.

Here in California, we are already feeling the pressure of poor management, and priviledged priority for special groups, while the needy poor, seniors, and workers are muzzled with un-employment, costly medicine and medical attention, increasing costs, and control by a one-party government.

This is not the way the Rights were intended, but with our slow slide into unprincipled social and economic activities, we, the Prolitariat, will suffer most, and eventually pay the bill for the entire fiasco.

Grant Clover

Yuba City, Ca.

"Yo soy un hombre sincero, de donde crece la palma, y antes de morirme quiero... echar mis versos del alma."

Let us take a moment to remember that 150 years ago, Jose Marti was born in La Habana, Cuba. Marti, the "Apostle of Liberty" who spread words of justice and independence throughout Latin America and is honored in every country of the world.

Men like Marti, Bolivar, San Martin, Hidalgo and so many others dedicated their lives for our right to be free. Sadly, too many times we forget them and their sacrifice.

It was Jose Marti who wrote "Guantanamera," probably the best-known song written in Latin America. He was a prolific writer and speaker who acted and lived in many countries of the Americas and in Spain. A poet and a revolutionary, always ready to combat despotism and ignorance. The poet was killed in combat, shot off his horse by the Spaniards, while fighting for the independence of his beloved Cuba.

I invite you to learn more about Jose Marti, visit his statue here in Baltimore on Broadway, and inspire your children and the children of your children to live with pride as Latin Americans. Marti died physically in Dos Rios, but his verses, teachings and spirit live on.

It is our mandate now to continue his sacrifice, fighting every day for a more just world where all men and women can live with dignity and peace.


Beltran Navarro

Baltimore, Md.

We’re Just Riding in the Back of the Bus

While I was on vacation, I talked to a man who was running a small roadside produce stand, trying to keep his family farm from going bankrupt. We were talking politics and he said, "Politicians are going to do what they are going to do and the rest of us are just riding along in the back of the bus."

He may be right. However, when said politicians are driving the bus-of-state off the edge of a cliff, it is US -- not them -- who go down in flames.

While Dubya has been at the wheel, both America's economy and America's foreign policy have sped out of control and are now careening headlong toward world depression and world war.

If he were dealing with this acute situation today, what would Martin Luther King, Jr. do? Or what would Rosa Parks do? Or what must we do?


Jane Stillwater

Berkeley, Ca.

I Saw It On a Map....

I saw a map today in a friend's recent National Geographic that showed the present-day situation of the Palestinians under the Israeli Occupation. I saw a field of yellow with islands of purple scattered throughout the area known as the West Bank, the Palestinian Homeland, and last I looked, still a sovereign state.

I'd immediately assumed these islands were the Israeli Settlers' enclaves, but upon focusing more clearly on the legend, I saw that they were instead what was left of the Palestinians' autonomy, in a sea of occupied territory!

The Israelis, our closest bedfellows in the Middle East, now brutally control the greater body of Palestine, isolating the remaining indigenous communities with road-blocks that keep children from their schools and people from their jobs, cutting off water and other supplies, burning their olive groves—in short, exercising the systemation extermination of an entire people of a particular racial and ethnic backgound, who have lived here for thousands of years!

Doesn't this sound all too familiar, especially to Jews?

I fear that the Palestinian People will yet suffer the Israelis’ "Final Solution" under cover of the dark, dirty Oil War George Bush hopes to unleash in the area once known as the "Cradle of Civilization"— perhaps soon to be re-named the "Coffin of Civilization."

Bia Winter


The Missing Pages

I heard about the missing 8000 pages [of Hussein’s arms report] before Christmas, and have been wondering about them ever since. Naturally, my question has been the same as yours: Why aren't all the newspapers asking what was in these pages? Where is the media speculation? The in-depth reporting? The search for a "Deep Throat"?

I had guessed that the answer lay in the illegality and shame of the arms industry, and your reporting of the situation proved me right. I still cannot understand how all the information about the world arms industry has to come in bits and pieces, here and there.

Thank you for making the information about the arming of Iraq available to more people.

Jeanne Eirheim

Trondheim Norway

Why Can’t We See the Whole Report?

Re: the Missing 8,000 Pages: Hans Blix has complained that Iraq has not been forthcoming about its weapons programs...

Would the 'missing pages have contained information which Mr. Blix would need....?

Is there any chance the full report could be made available to the public...?

Thank you,

B. J. White

Response to a Letter Writer

May I please be permitted to respond to the letter from William Cimino in your January edition, as no doubt I will also be classified by him as an "illiterate, anti-American foreigner" with left wing views.

Apart from being a foreigner, I do not regard myself as any of these things, but he appears to hold your periodical in some contempt, giving readers a good insight in to where he comes from. He is no doubt a right-winger of the Wild Bill Hickock variety, who, like his President and the other Americans like them, have succeeded in dragging their country down to the pits in the eyes of millions of foreigners who now look on America with contempt and alarm after once holding her in the highest regard.

Amid all the clamour for war and "crash, bang wallop" in the mainstream American press, your paper, albeit small, finds its way into obscure places world-wide and to many foreigners it is the voice of sanity, honesty and reason in the plethora of lies, deceit and war-mongering propagated by Bush, the apologists for the terrorist State of Israel and those who fail to appreciate that most of America's current problems with regard to terrorism originate from the cruel, one-sided and blatantly anti-Palestinian bias of the American government.

Those, like me both in Britain and in Europe wonder why Bush is so eager to listen to the Israeli lobby above all else. Above the likelihood of war and the potential for deaths of both soldiers and civilians, above the safety and well-being of Americans on the streets of foreign countries where already, isolated assassinations have been carried out, above the potential for widespread terrorist outrages both in America and abroad and above the need for respect, regard and affection for America and it's people.

In effect, the determination of Bush to side with Israel to the exclusion of everything else has made America the target of hatred and contempt throughout the world and I would not wish to be an American on the streets of the Middle or Far-East in the months and years ahead if war comes about.

Albeit, with the lap-dog Blair, Brits will be just as vulnerable, as the recent terrorist arrests in Spain, the British holiday playground shows. Echos of another Bali no doubt.

War with Iraq, Mr. Cimino—and I guess you will toe the right-wing line in this regard will not be about oil, about weapons of mass destruction or terrorism, it will be about Bush describing the criminal Sharon as a friend, the Chairman of the Palestinian Authority as a nonentity and someone to be disregarded and got rid of from Office and about the American governments determination to maintain Israel in a position of dominance and oppression in the Middle East. In the eyes of Bush and his pro-Israeli cabal, Iraq is a threat to this dominance and so, America intends to remove the perceived threat come what may and, if all the lies and treachery that the Bush administration can sink to will achieve this, so be it. Israel itself of course, will sit out on the sidelines having her dirty work done for her in order that other Middle East states, hopefully, will not gang up against her as being involved in it.

When the "illiterate, anti-American foreigners" Mr. Cimino look at and hear your President and Rumsfeld speak on the subject of war against Iraq, we wonder why such a great country could ever vote such inarticulate, undignified and unstatesmanlike "jokes" into office. Not only do they demean and bring America into disrepute throughout the world, they insult every foreigner who has even the barest smattering of "literacy," including the Palestinian peasant who sees his relations killed with American firearms, his home obliterated by Israeli missiles fired from American-made planes and his voice unheard by an uncaring America which supports Israeli terrorism.

Please do not wonder why there is now so much anti-Americanism, Mr. Cimino. Look no further than the White House.

Those like me welcome reading your paper. Please keep up the good work, because we know that not all Americans are of the Bush and pro-Israeli variety.

Michael Clift

London, England

Mikulski and Sarbanes Delight

I am delighted that Senator Mikulski voted in favor against an amendment that would have stopped the Bush administration from gutting one of our key clean air protections. Senator Edwards of North Carolina had offered an amendment that would have prevented thousands of illnesses and premature deaths across the nation by preserving a key Clean Air Act enforcement provision that requires the nation’s oldest and dirtiest power plants to meet modern clean air standards.

Unfortunately, the Edwards amendment did not pass. Senators Mikulski and Sarbanes, however, should be applauded for their votes to stop the Bush administration from giving these power plants a lifetime license to pollute.

At issue is one of the most significant attacks in the history of the Clean Air Act. The impact of the rule changes would be to increase pollution from as many as 17,000 industrial facilities across the nation, including 167 facilities here in Maryland. This increased pollution will exacerbe the smog and soot problems that trigger nearly 180,000 asthma attacks and cut short the lives of more than 1,000 Marylanders each year. Here in Maryland, 167 sources will be allowed to increase 29,000 tons of smog pollution.

The Edwards amendment was narrowly defeated, with just 50 votes against the amendment. In the coming months, Senator Mikulski and Senator Sarbanes will very likely have more opportunities to fight this rollback, and we urge them to continue to stand up for clean air.

Natasha Badagliacco

The writer is an associate with the Maryland Public Interest Research Group (MaryPIRG). For information, call 410-467-0439 or email to:

Truth on the Rocks

Here's where we are: The president stands in a warehouse in a state that he barely carried in the 2000 election, in front of large cardboard boxes of products with "made in the USA " labels on the boxes clearly visible, which we later find out were taped over the original made in China stamps; he rails against Iraq and says Iraq's generals will be "persecuted," when he meant " prosecuted (he apparently didn't notice his malapropism ); he dissed France and Germany, who, we understand, are considered "old European" countries in their thinking, because they don't agree that we need an immediate war in Iraq; he talks of "class warfare" rhetoric used by people opposing tax cuts for the rich, at an event where he touts the virtues of giving a tax break to a company owned by an individual that has annual sales of $25 million, which is his definition is "small business." He goes on to insult "so-called" arms inspectors. They must now fall into the same category as the "bureaucrats" in his own EPA that produced the report admitting that there was such a phenomena as global warming.

I don't know how much longer we can allow this clueless wonder to drag this country into the abyss....

J. Russell Tyldesley

Catonsville, Md.

A Question of Credibility

Sure, Saddam is a terrible tyrant who should be removed from Earth. But the messenger of this notion, the impatient cheerleader for war in Iraq, has stumbled on his story so often, his practiced cadence is not credible.

Wasn't he going to "get" Osama bin Laden, "dead or alive", to avenge 9-11? Then why has Bush targeted Saddam? And if the target should be countries that gave support to Osama, why doesn't Bush target Saudi Arabia, where 15 of the 19 hijackers came from?

Then he told us it's because Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Bush says he "knows" where Saddam's WMDs are, although the UN inspectors haven't found any. Then why doesn't he just do what the Israelis did in 1983 and take out the bad stuff? No war, no fanfare, just bomb the bomb factories.

And if it's Bush's concern about WMDs in the hands of "evil" dictators, why is he timid with North Korea, which DOES have nukes, and bellicose with Iraq which DOESN'T?

And if it's human rights abuses that anger Bush, why didn't his people support Clinton's interdiction of genocide in Bosnia? Remember the Republican doctrine of no military action without "clear objectives" and an "exit strategy?" Those people are now running our government, and they have no doctrine for Iraq.

And since the only motivation left is Bush's oil buddies' desire to take Iraq's oil, why doesn't Bush just come out and say so? Sure, global imperialism is ugly. Verily, every nation in history that tried it has been reduced to dust and tears. But at least the messenger would be credible.

Bruce Joffe

Piedmont, Ca.

Litigation’s the Main Problem

The biggest threat to our way of life is not journalism with all its awful liberal save-the-world faults, but litigation run amuck, causing billions of unnecessary expense and protective activity as well as intimidating stultifying political correctness. When one in two hundred Americans are lawyers, that is too many by much more than half.

Oriz Johnson

Cincinnati, Ohio

”How Very Sad....

How very sad that the mainstream media is content to lie down in the lawn and hum while our President and his cabinet of corporate oil and weapons executives lead us down a path of violence, with no foreseeable end. The huge profits from this endless "war on terror" will, by strange coincidence go to these same weapons and oil industries. The rest of us will pay with the lives of our sons and daughters overseas, and with the sacrifice of our own personal freedoms and security in our backyards.

Bullies must often look over their shoulders to see if someone they have hurt in the past is sneaking up with a baseball bat. Do we expect the families, and nations friendly to the tens of thousands of innocents we will be killing unjustly to politely say "thank you?" To try (emphasis on "try") to forestall terrorist retaliation to our aggressions, we will be asked to live in a world of increasingly onerous restrictions, and Orwellian surveillance... not the free America that veterans died for in the first place. Not the America where we treat others fairly, and get the same in return.

Saddam has not attacked us. Saddam has attacked no country, therefore our attack is unprovoked, immoral, and unprecedented in modern America. Saddam is not Osama, and the rest of the world sees our shift of focus, and looks with narrowed eyes upon our country, as it devolves into a nation of conquest, and falls to the corruption of corporate rule within our government, to the very highest levels.

If the media, in their once-honored role as the eyes and ears of the American people, continue to see no evil and hear no evil in the corporate takeover of our government, and in this government's forceful taking of a sovereign nation for it's resources, then they, the media, deserve the wounded America that their disregard for honesty in reporting will bring about. An America in which media's role willl be reduced to the function of Pravda in the USSR of old. As for myself, a proud citizen of the land of the free and the home of the brave, I stand tall and say loudly "NOT IN MY NAME."

David Singelyn

Praise for the Chron

I would like to subscribe to the hard copy of your excellent factual news paper (I am necrotically sick of right wing, anti-worker, fascist, corporate media cartel propaganda). How do I do so? It is important that people get your factual news. I would never have believed that the US would become a fascist corporate dictatorship, but it has happened. Maybe I missed it.

Belinda J. Pawling

For those who wish to subscribe, please use the PayPal feature on the front page of the online edition.


First of all, congratulations for being one of the few mainstream media organizations to have the courage to present some of the evidence that raises serious doubts about 9-11 (expect a visit from Ashcroft's TIPS stormtroopers in the near future).

Your article on the collapse of the WTC towers is good, but avoided drawing the obvious conclusion: that the Bush administration was complicit in events. If demolition charges were placed, they were not placed by the terrorists. If they had been, there would have been no need to hijack those planes. A phone call to CBS announcing that Al Qaeda were going to demolish the towers in 10 minutes would have been sufficient to achieve their objectives (they were willing to settle for a bomb planted in one of the towers before, so had no need of anything more spectacular).

See this webpage (as well as many other places) and you will see that on 9-11 (but not at any time previously) the USAF did not follow mandatory standard operating procedure of scrambling jet fighters for reconnaisance immediately a plane deviates from its set course and in other suspicious circumstances.....All this can be confirmed by going to the very comprehensive 9-11 timeline at, which painstakingly cross-references every item in the timeline to mainstream media reports which were used as the source for that item.

.....We can all look forward to being ground under the heels of World Emperor-for-life Dubya the First unless his crimes are exposed and he is impeached for them. I sincerely hope that your paper, and others like it, can expose the truth before it is all too late and any criticism of Dubya results in imprisonment without due process under the Patriot Act.

Brian de Ford


Thank you for your great report on the 1/18 Peace march!....Thanks for telling it like it was, unlike much of the rest of the media. I was there too, and tired as I was on Sunday after another night on the bus back to Maine, I had to pen a correction to my local papers.

Best regards,

Bia Winter

Ms. Winter is an ex-Baltimorian, and a 1968 graduate of the Md. Institute College of Art.

Truth on Venezuela

I wish to thank your Mr. Brad Carlton for his intelligently written and accurate condemnation of NPR's "All Things Considered" daily news broadcast, in which Gerry Haddon, a "news" anchor at NPR, parroted the opinions of "spin doctors" and "here-say experts" in describing the real scenario in Chavez' Venezuela. These falsehoods are likely to be his own by choice, rather than chance... which paints Mr. Haddon as a liar like all the other mainstream news hawks.....

Mr. Carlton's truthful reporting deserves public commendation. "Striking" workers in Venezuela are not emulating the sociological conditions depicted by the Marxist mainstream media. Quite the contrary... the Venezuelans demonstrating are doing so only because their employers have locked them out and they have no choice but to protest against the loss of their jobs.

A small mob of paid trouble-makers also marches the streets of Venezuela's principal city, Caracas. This is not the same group of workers that has been displaced by Venezuela's corporate plutocracy; this latter group, small by comparison, has been paid by the latter to disrupt President Chavez' administration by attempting to put forth the image that he is corrupt and should be removed from office. These goons have been around since long before the Chavez debacle.

It's the same old story of despotic aristocracy installing its own puppets. Americans should be familiar with such goings on by now... with the Rockefeller puppet, "Dubya" now appointed to the presidential throne by a decision made among five Supreme Court "justices" in flagrant violation of constitutional law, as Mr. Bush did not receive a majority of votes in the presidential election; Gore was the obvious winner. "Court rule" now prevails in the United States... and who controls the courts?

It is no coincidence that big oil interests—whose satraps, Bush/Cheney have illegally occupied the White House—are attempting to discredit a decent man in the person of Mr. Chavez. Chavez will, if he's able to resist power-ploys from the globalists, pave the way for better economic conditions in Venezuela by distributing profits from its local oil industry back into the Venezuelan economy. Let us all hope he is successful.

Mike Andrews


I have just discovered your web site and wish to congratulate you on publishing articles which I cannot find covered in the UK press. Good luck.

Yours faithfully,

Annie Heffernan

State of the Free Press

I have recently read two articles from your paper on the net. It is regrettable that your small paper is one of the few free press outlets in this supposed land of the free. Keep up the excellent work.

Phil Dietsch

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