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The Trifecta OP-ED article to which these letters refer.
We Live in Most Perilous Times
I live in Michigan. I found your web site by accident and I enjoyed reading much of your commentary. Glad someone is paying attention and trying to report what is really going on in America.
       We are living in the most perilous of times to our Liberty and Freedom-- not from terrorists, but from the license to steal our freedom by the Fascists who are now running our country, under the guise of fighting Terrorists.
       I fear our national news media--newspapers, news magazines, television--are in the hands of five corporations who are not reporting the truth,but rather homogenized stories.

Bill Harrington

Calls It Courage
I enjoyed Brad Carlton's article [on "Trifecta"] immensely and impressed that he has shown courage in standing up and speaking his mind.
       I will go one step further....Do you honestly believe that Bin Laden had enough clout to buy off the FAA? The FAA did their part and informed NORAD. Norad did nothing....yet regulations clearly state that Norad sends up fighter jets if an airliner is off course for 10 minutes. That is standard operating procedure unless given orders to stand down. Those orders can only come from three top people.
       While we are on this murky topic…whatever happened to the paper trail? Those mysterious stock options that made quite a few millions for Bin Laden?…Interesting don't you think?
       This so-called war on terrorism that our hard-earned tax dollars are funding? It's to fight the guerilla fighters who are sabotaging their very own pipeline.

Name Withheld
"A very concerned citizen in the hands of a bunch of mass murderers that are running this show."

What a beautiful Independence Day weekend. Seeing two full sections of supportive comments for your Trifecta story finally provided the joy that was missing this holiday.
       I am overjoyed that someone is finally taking this "joke" seriously. One of President Bush's Trifecta jokes was made at the Fisher for Governor fundraiser in Philadelphia, and I am very distressed that our own media have not mentioned this "joke." I'm hoping your bravery will encourage our own press to speak up. I salute Mr. Carlton as a living American patriot.

Thank you.
M. Williams

Moscow, PA

"True Journalism"

Cliff Rhodes
Ormond Beach, Fl

It's Up to Us to Fix This
Thank you, Baltimore Chronicle, for performing the constitutional duty of a free press and publishing Brad Carlton's "TRIFECTA" article. We as Americans are suffering tremendiously from the lack of honest journalism. I as a voting American Citizen can only hope that we can experience a "TRIFECTA" of our own and see "shrub" impeached for his insider trading and crimes against humanity, Dick Cheney forced to resign or impeached and Al Gore re-elected in 2004.
       It is up to "We The People" to see that these justices occur.

Kent Hunt

"Too Convenient"
Thank you for publishing the Trifecta article by Brad Carlton.
       I know it wasn't politically correct at the time (immediately post 9/11) to think that the Bush administration had anything to do with the tragedy of 9/11 even if it was just a cover-up of the facts and not "masterminding" the event, but I always felt that it was too convenient a happening to be a coincidence. Just when Bush needed an excuse to raid Social Security, something of such magnitude occurred and gave him carte blanche to do so in the eyes of the American people.
       The "trifecta" comment just adds icing on the cake of constant manipulation of our lives and finances that this administration keeps serving up. If articles like this are published more regularly, more citizens would perhaps realize that they need to make a change as soon as the next election year comes around.

Erika Arroyo
Islip, NY

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This story was published on August 7, 2002.