Remington Group Opts Out of Greater Homewood Community Corp.

March 14, 2004    

To: Michael Beer
President, Greater Homewood Community Corporation
3503 North Charles Street
Baltimore, Maryland 21218

Dear Mr. Beer:

I am writing to you, the president of the Greater Homewood Community Corp. (GHCC), to inform you that the Remington Neighborhood Alliance has voted not to recognize claims that GHCC represents the Remington community and its interests.

In August of 2002 GHCC adopted new bylaws that renounced its historic tradition as a representative grassroots organization to instead become a closed, Board only, organization. It is our understanding that when the GHCC Board of Directors adopted these bylaws, they also chose to disband the Council of Presidents and eliminate membership to anyone but GHCC's own Board of Directors. These actions have resulted in transforming a venerable umbrella organization into a closed foundation of selected members. We reject that such an organization can claim to represent the broad base of communities in the area.

Furthermore, we understand that in August of 2002, GHCC endorsed a new Strategic Plan that shifted GHCC's primary mission in the communities it claims to represent to one of economic development. I believe that this Strategic Plan also calls for GHCC to spin off its adult literacy and Jones Falls Valley Watershed programs to facilitate this organizational shift of focus.

As we learn of the actions of the Hampden Community Council, and other community groups, we are pleased to see that we are not alone in choosing to recognize and work with accountable, open, representative organizations.

While the Remington Neighborhood Alliance rejects the notion that GHCC acts as a community voice in the area, we wish GHCC much continued success with its laudable work in promoting adult literacy and helping area school children since these are noble works that are too large for area community groups to tackle effectively.


S. Ward Eisinger
President, Remington Neighborhood Alliance, Inc.

CC: Hampden Community Council

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This story was published on March 29, 2004.