Governor Does the Right Thing

We are greatly relieved that Gov. Bob Ehrlich let stand the state legislature's decision that CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield should not be sold to an out-of-state for-profit entity.

By following the will of the people as expressed by their elected representatives, Ehrlich has shown he is not necessarily going to kowtow to special interests. In this case, he would have been hard-pressed to buck the case for making a change.

Now if only Ehrlich would stop using the word "liberal" as if it were a cuss word. His fundraising literature makes him sound like a doctrinaire hard-nosed Republican wing-nut. "Liberal" is an honorable adjective meaning open, willing to change, progressive, and a host of other salutary traits. Tell you what, Guv'nor: we'll refrain from calling Republicans like you "wing-nuts" if you refrain from using devisive loaded language, and if you conduct yourself like the leader of ALL citizens of the State of Maryland.

Your decision on CareFirst Blue Cross/Blue Shield was a good sign. We want more evidence that this is a trend, not an aberration.

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This story was published on May 27, 2003.