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   Letters responding to McDougall's "Open letter to America"


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I just read this article posted on your website, and I was amazed at how poignant and succinct it was. America is rotting, faster each day. Watching from the outside, here in Canada, it seems impossible that you that live there do not notice the great attack on your freedoms and lifestyle. It saddens me that I might say, move to China, Land of the Free, and in 10 years, that statement will be fully appropriate, as America sinks further into fascist tyranny, blissfully unaware that Big Brother will soon be watching.
       Thank you for posting such an excellent piece.

Yours Truly,
Jordan Shaw

thank u 4 printing the article

T. Milan

Dear Sirs or Madams,
       I am a Canadian. I am embarassed by this rambling conspiracy-theory laden letter.
       While Mr McDougall has some points, especially in regard to the extremely worrisome attacks on civil liberties in the U.S., as a result of September 11th, 2001 terrorist attrocities, and the increasingly facistic, and utterly pointless "War on Drugs". McDougall completely looses me with his attack on "greedy Americans".
       Last time that I checked, Canada produced more garbage per-capita than the U.S.. My government has sat on the fence for so long on Isreal, that Ottawa must have fench posts right up its collective backside. Toronto and Montreal are both significant generators of racist Isreali "settlers", just like New York City.
       Politically, Canada is a one-party state. The Liberal Party of Canada has dominated Canada for years. The current Prime Minister of Canada has reigned over an incredibly corrupt regime (look-up the "Auberge Grand-Mere", in Shawinagin, Quebec). The Prime Minister, has also used his influence to give his sexual offender son, Michel, opportunities unavailable to most law-obiding citizens. Now, the Prime Minister has announced that he is retiring, 18 damn months from now, even though the majority of the public would like to see him go, in our system, the Prime Minster can pretty much do what ever he (I would say he or she, we have had one female P.M., but she was an interruption, and Canada has the same misrable under-representation of women in political office as the U.S.) wants. In Canada, we do NOT vote for the P.M., directly, or indirectly, just for a member of parliament (similar to representative), who is expected to shut up, and do whatever the party tells him, his constituents be damned. Canada's Senate is a parking lot for old, clapped out bagmen and women, and unelectables, Canadians, by the way, cannot vote for a Senator, the Senate is appointed by the Prime Minister alone. Also Canada has the worst over representation of rural votes in the world, my vote, here in Toronto, Canada's largest city, counts for approximately 60% of a vote in say, rural Alberta.
       Lets not forget Quebec, a region of Canada that has been trying to leave Canada for decades.
       I love Canada dearly, don't get me wrong, and yes, the U.S. has problems, but, quite frankly, some Canadians like to pretend that Canada is pure, that is hogwash!
       I would suggest to Mr McDougall take a good, long look at Canada, before he go off on a rant about the United States.

Stephen Fanning
Toronto, ON, CANADA
p.s. Guess how the Apartheid regime in South Africa came up with the idea of homelands? They studied the Canadian Indian Reservation system.

I be likin' that McDougall feller.

Jim Monroe
Norwood New York

Mr. McDougall, Who are you and why do you have any athority to decide all of this?

Diane Fraughton

I just wanted to let you know that all us americans do not think like bush and many of us are screaming revolution here, bc the govt has gotten out of control along with big business and corrupt officials. Many of us do know how much of america believes anything slung at them by biased and shallow media conglomerates like cnn.
       We also notice how the media doesnt cover how corrupt much of our govt is and how wrong a lot of our policies and laws are.
       As an american i must say that i am sick and tired of the george bush's and totaltarian state that the us is becoming. Terrorism is not the biggest threat to freedom or the world.
       It is george bush and republicans and democrats.
       It blows my mind how everyone i speak with has no idea what the patriot act is or what it is about. Which is the biggest threat against the constitution since hitler.
       Yet everyone continues on with no care in the world.
       It literally makes me sick.
       In any case i am becoming very actively involved in tons of protests and gatherings to fight our once democratic govt.
       I and many others in this country are sick of being oppressed at the hand of money and power.

chris dooley

Dear Mr. McDougall:
       After reading your somewhat biased critique of America, I feel I must respond even though I don't think you are positioned to listen to arguments against your obviously well thought out position.
       Having visited Canada several times, on oil related business I might add, I do know that the vast majority of Canadians I have met do not seem to align themselves with your thinking. We consider the Canadian people to friends who pursue a common goal of freedom. My country, like every other country in the world, definitely has problems. Many of these problems may not even have a solution.
       Yes we are a strong military power, but if you study a small amount of history you should our power exists primarily for the defense of what term to be freedom. Within the last 100 years, particularly at the end of World Wars I and II, had this country truly been a war monger as you suggest we could easily have brought the rest of the world to its knees. Even today, if we truly were a rabid nation, we could not just threaten suffering we could bring on the world a holocaust you have problems envisioning. Natural resources would be no problem for us, we could seize what we wanted.
       Military conquest is not the aim this country. For that you should be thankful. Check an atlas and you will find Canada lies on our northern border. It is not fear of your military might that restrains us. On the contrary, your country is also protected by our military might. I guarantee you, any aggressive moves to take over your nation by a foreign power would be happily met by our troops on less than friendly terms.
       Are all our political leaders people of high esteem? Certainly not. But you see, we have a revolution every 2, 4, and 6 years. We call them elections. In this process we throw undesirables out of office, replacing them with who WE want to lead our country. Is this always fair? No. There is NO as a perfect government. We just think a constitutional republic is better than other forms.
       Regarding the War on Drugs. Again I refer you to history books. My country did not invent drugs, it seems to me they have been around long before Europeans began settled this part of world. Drugs are a world wide problem. You have no users in your country?
       Your ideas on economics are also slightly distorted. When you make comments regarding private banks issuing currency, I must assume you are making references to bank loans. Again, let's go back to history books. It seems to me that banking and money lending was out of its infancy well before 1776. Let's look at Africa like you suggest. You have no comment regarding the seizure of farm lands from multi-generation occupants? Seizure, I might add, and redistribution to those who have no idea how to achieve the same production as the previous owners. When those people begin starving due to no food production, fear not ... American and Canadian grain will be their request. Paid, I might add, by long term loans from wicked banks and money lenders.
       With respect to your comments regarding our President I can only say "we have no desire to have a benevolent (?) leader like Bin-Laden or SO. Hussein". This country has a native abhorrence to leaders who parade around in military garb, sneak around, and strike at civilians from under rocks.
       Also, Mr. McDougall, I might suggest if you are trying to learn of the world from television, you might try PBS rather than "Cops".
       There is more I could add, but I hear McDonald's dinner bell. I must rush to my armored Humm-Vee, firing my AR-15 in the air as I go. You see I must have my daily ration of Big Macs, dripping with pesticides and other genetic poisons. If only you could watch my mad dash to my 3 mpg gas-guzzler you might even take note of the sprig of mistletoe dangling from a belt loop on the back of my Levi's.

Have a nice day,
Robert Davis
An American in Texas

Was this marvelous rant actually published?? I hope so! WHat kind of response did you receive?

Tienne Beaulieu

Why would ANYONE want to publish such foul, vitriolic, vicious inaccuracies?

If ever there was a true piece symbolizing the hatred and unproven accusations by Liberals this was it! Much of what Mr. McDougall wrote was hearsay! As always much of the American public chooses to believe whatever the crooked biased media spews out. Most journalists today don't even care about the truth, they just want the fame fortune and publicity for their work and will do whatever they must to get it, including and especially using out right lies. Hmm I wonder what sort of transportation this man uses and what food he eats.

Bethanie Gordon

Dear Editor:
Thank you for having the courage to print the open letter from Mr. McDougall. In this time of "duck and cover" and blind patriotism, it is a rare moment indeed that gives a critical look at the disintegration of American democratic principles as they fast erode under this Administration and the corporate oligarchy that spawned it. We need MORE and MORE letters, opinions, editorials that help Americans see through the opaque veil of propaganda and realize that democracy is not something bequeathed to America, but a gift carefully created and refined by caring individuals and a national community and something to share, not squander.
       It is time to save America from itself. Thank you again for speaking truth to power and the people.

Jeanette Cool
San Francisco

Please keep printing these letters........but aren't you fearful?
       I believe that 911 awakened in American hearts a deep deep grieving for our ideals.......most of us are not desirous of retribution. Our shock is similar to that of a husband or wife becoming slowly and very painfully aware that their trusted mate of many years doesn't want them any more. It's difficult to get your feelings in place when someone has colored a moustache on the family picture. But all the good doesn't go away. It must be reorganized, rediscovered and recreated and that often takes a long time of rewakening.It's odd that I should read this today because yesterday I said to my son that I believed that the people of Iraq are responsible for their leader and they need to be left to his care until they decide they have had enough. Now I must look at myself and my people in the same way. We are just Iraqies on a larger scale. The world is so close now that all peoples are greatly effected when one country has unholy intentions and unfortunately Americal is the biggest bully. And yet we are all of the same planet so Canada why dont you do something!!!!

With praise for the freedom of the press well used
Sally T.

In reference to all of W.R. McDougall’s generalizations about America and it’s citizens... thank God he is in Canada and spared all of the wretched banality and excess that we so much welcome.


Dear Readers of Mr. McDougall's Criticism of America,
       Although only a Junior in high school, I do know my fair share of atrocities committed by my government, but this does not bother me to the extent that Mr. McDougall portrays them. Look back in history and look at all the world's superpowers and look at their governments, each of which had committed atrocities to keep its empire alive.
       For instance, look at the forefathers of most Canadians, the French. Not only do the French have very little self hygiene, but their former government, no in shambles and struggling to survive, had committed its fair share of atrocities. Look at your hero and patron, Napoleon. Before being stopped at Waterloo, Napoleon had ransacked the entire western part of Europe in an angered rage to expand France's borders.
       Continuing, let's take a look at the British Government, whose 50 years of undercover espionage, known as MI6, has finally been revealed to the public. But going back into it pathetic heritage, look at its ever-weakening government, who in the 1400-1700's had committed an unworldly amount of atrocities against its people and those around the globe. Their total lack of knowledge and respect for human life had grown so immense its monarchy would kill countless numbers of its own citizens just to gain power.
       These are not the only countries who have committed such atrocities, China, Japan, Russia, and every other superpower that has ever existed has done everything in its power to do what is right for the people and to continue the glory of their people. Although you may think that America is in shambles, you are, to say the least, mad, crazy, insane and jealous. Your weak and pathetic country whose only accomplishment is producing some of the worlds greatest hockey stars, is nothing compared to America, and in fact your country has had its fair share of follies itself.
       My friend Mr. McDougall you must realize you are wrong in many ways, although, if published, your article may awaken the Populous of the USA to see the things they may not have realized. Your implications that the US government has not conducted investigations into the 911 terrorist attacks and the Enron Scandal (along with all the other Corporations who have done similar wrongdoings)
        This goes for all of you cynical bastards in the world who have nothing better to do then to criticize your superiors. The United States of America, although in a slump after 911-01, will rebound and be stronger than ever.
        Oh and for the record, the United States has NEVER and I stress NEVER started a war, it has always been in self defense or in the defense of our allies. (even though Vietnam can be debated) If I am not mistaken your weak economy and pathetic military had the lowest number of troops in WW2 and yet you seem so proud to be Canadians. Such a weak people.
       Enough Said, there is no need to be verbose.

Your "psychotic and cynical" neighbor to the south,
Robert Shawver

I personally dont think u should print that letter to american if you do trust me u'll have way to much to deal with from the people of the united states.....if u people do print this i would like to reply to the bastard who wrote this please tell me if it is printed and tell me how to reply to it

Matt Shannon

the letter i read was indeed a sad one. not because of slander, or deceptive lies, but because of the truth it held.
       i feel the same way.
       this 'land of the free' is so far from the ideals our founding fathers had in mind. a few hundred years ago they dumped tea in the harbour to over through the government for far less than they do to us now.
       i am only twenty one, and usually dissmissed for my youth. i had hope once. hope for this nation, hope for's gone now. the general public can't fathem how the world must view us.
       as long as they have their martha stewart and tom cruise to give meaning to their lives.
       people don't know who their senators and congress men are, let alone vote for them. they have the true power it's not this political, media driven, figure head possition of president they tune in for. although i'm sure it doesn't matter, i supposed if voting really did anything it would be illegal.
       dissmissed for my youth?
       when do people stop caring? twenty five, thirty?
       just give in, pay your taxes, don't ask why, don't ask where they're going to. just go to work everyday and everything will be alright.
       dissmissed for my youth?
       i believe i am a minority f those who care at my age. and if people give in to the numbness as they inch closer to death, who is left to do anything. my generation of go getters, with their 'rock the vote' attitude, doing what ever mtv tells them to?
       will i live to see the fall of this great empire? how will we go down in history? it's all a matter of time. but what should i care? besides i think american idol is on.

Specialist C. Williams
United States Army

Response to Open letter to America.
       You are absolutely right, but it is much easier to criticize the leading economic nation and leave the possibilities of corruption in all other nations out of it...if it wasn't us, it would be another country doing the same thing....because we ALL operate under a mother culture that is based on fear and domination. It is much easier to point fingers and judge, than to work within the system to try to change it. The Green Party and other organizations like us take to the streets and work on things every day. But many of our non-profits and other organizations are corrupt or can do very little because the system they have to work within is corrupt. Unfortunately, I don't think it will get better until it gets much worse...but I appreciate your article and hope that brings many people to educate themselves outside of what the mass media spoon feeds them. I would look to places like, green party, and, for people that could use your help. It is very easy to criticize and much, much harder to develop a way to implement change.

Clare Fuchs

I agree with the writer's comments, except for the accusation that the 9/11 massacre was done with U.S. complicity and/or knowledge. However, I'm certain that the Bush II administration's green-light to Sharon's apartheid-and-atrocity policy pre-9/11 was deliberately intended to bait terrorists to attack U.S. interests somewhere in the world - perhaps even at home. However, the scope and scale of the 9/11 massacre was much greater than the Bush II strategists' expectations, therefore, both stunning them and giving them the leeway to attempt their anticipated totalitarian inroads. Finally, I think Bush II, himself, though culpable in a nefarious, brain-dead kind of fashion, is being manipulated by advisors who actually know what they're doing. Bush, the Spokespresident, is to blame, however, for allowing himself to be used by those with whom he agrees. That he is too ignorant to know the consequences of his advised actions is no excuse for leniency, but it is to be expected of someone as blatantly hypocritical though superstitious about the so-called free market and his concomitant, reality-suspending belief in a mythological god watching over the world, a "rapture" of the believers, and a "raised corpse" holy king returning 2000 years later to rule the planet any year now. Parallel to this is the fact that U.S. citizens are self-considered to be fundamentally one of the most religious populations in the world, closely akin to the collective unsophistication of some tribal, preindustrial societies. This goes a long way in explaining the apparent apathy and acquiescence of the the great American nation of sheep. In the end, nations that act like sheep become the reciprocal goat.

Larry Aaron
Austin, Texas

Letter from Canada? Are you sure it’s not from Saudi Arabia. Listen mentally challenged one,Saddam is going to give weapons of mass destruction to terrorists. These terrorists are going to murder Americans and since you share a border with us- possibly Canadians.

Terry B.

Mr McDougal sounds like a bitter, misinformed, hyper-sensitive jackass with nothing better to do that criticize.... if he thinks he could do better he should act on it instead of sitting on his fat ass in from t of his computer----

Judith Russell

On open letter to America.
       ROFL, This is hilarious. Probably the most brilliant satire I've read in a good long time. Thanks for bringing a laugh to my day.

John DeTombe

Mr. McDougall (whoever he is) can kiss my Royal American Butt. The Chronicle would be well advised not to print such ill-informed and mindless drivel.Mcdougal can keep his sorry, misguided, and contemptuous soul in Canada - which I am sure is proud to have such a fine citizen.

Shep young

What a diatribe on the social and democratic lethargy that is the current state of our union. The nation that was once proud and just. Now the nation that became jaded by the killing of the best leaders of our times (JFK, MLK, RFK, ...) now does not even bat an eye when our democracy is stolen from them, or when our government gives our tax-dollars to a nation that will repress by murder and force a far weaker and virtually unarmed native population.
       How do we begin to regain our country, our democracy, and our pride?
       I am at once comforted by the fact that I am not alone in my disillusionment with my country, and disheartened by the realization that so many Americans will never open their eyes up to what is happening to them and their children.

JP Donahue
Sacramento, California

Mr.. McDougall has brought to the table so many excellent points. America is the laughing stock of the world- if only there were something to laugh about.
       I am disgusted by my fellow Americans.
       I applaud your publication for having the balls to publish this brutally honest letter. It is time for America to wake the hell up. This is not a Democracy.
       I am embarrassed to be an American.

Val Donahue

Why bother? Why would a morally bankrupt, fat assed, polluting oppressor of the virtuous waste his time on what is obviously someone who is "slant-educated" in the 21st century and still doesn't get it? I've always been amazed at those who bitch the loudest (no matter how articulate and eloquent) yet won't lift a finger to solve what they believe to be a problem. Besides... I'm too worried about the impending baseball strike to find his ass and straighten him or her out.

:) Play Ball!
John F Backes

At first glance of this slanderous letter concerning America and the supposed glutton's whores who run it, carefree and carelessly I was extremely outraged and bothered. Then I realized that this letter came from a Non-American, an insignificant individual that has extreme ideas of a nation he does not reside in. An individual so consumed with America and its affairs that he feels the need to write poor and misguided information about for which he has no proof. An individual entombed in an episodic case of neurotic schizophrenia thinking that America is an evil force consumed with taking over the world with Israel leading the way, and all those who attempt to stop America will be castrated and erased from the planet. America is far more a Nation than this man will ever know. It is a nation that stands up and fights for what it believes in. It is a nation that has been called on by the world and its allies numerous times during times of war or peace for financial or any economic reasons.
       It would be all to easy to sit back and counter Mr. McDougall's accusations of what he sees as an unfit nation being led by liars and thieves, but upon further consideration I do not see it justifiable to be bothered with such an individual. An individual who obviously has no idea what America stands for, or all of those brave Men and Women who have lost their lives for this great nation. I will only say this, Mr. McDougall, the next time you dare to criticize a nation, take a good look at yours, I am sure you will be amazed by all the Tierney and corruption that runs ramped throughout your great Canadian Country.

Brian Gielbeda
Proud American
Willing to stand by and defend its honor at any cost!

Hello there,
       Just want to express my thanks for your courage to print want most of us already know.

Sincerely yours,
Laura Rios

Why does a man so obviously obsessed with our country and our way of life even waste his time with this drivel, if he is so dissapointed in our way of life? There are no facts to back up his statements. There are no mentions that Canada, one of the U.S's closes allies, would be in a finacial and political chaos without the mighty U.S. dollar and military backing to protect it.
       The article is extremely poorly written and biased material. This man is trying to get attention, plain and simple. I have seen better written pieces in high school newspapers.

Steve Bergman,
Bellingham, WA.

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This story was published on September 4, 2002.
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