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   Letters responding to McDougall's "Open letter to America"


BATCH #2 OF LETTERS RECEIVED IN RESPONSE TO W.R. McDOUGALL'S "OPEN LETTER TO AMERICA FROM A CANADIAN." Please note that letterwriters' original spelling, grammar, and punctuation has been retained, as well as their thoughts. Overall, over 550 letters have been received to date. As time permits, the Chronicle will add additional batches of letters.
I am surprised you printed such a venomous letter, no matter how accurate it may be, most Americans (and Media) even if they know what's right and wrong are too afraid to speak up, good work!
      I have watched, with dismay, as this country and her citizens abandon the values of my ancestors (and theirs?) who helped form this once honorable country. Perhaps our ancestor's efforts to form a free society were doomed from the start because the genocide of Native Americans was well under way by the 1720's (when my ancestors arrived.) I search for answers as to how so many seemingly honorable, and educated Americans buy-in to all the lies and deception (Gulf war,WallStreet,California's energy crisis,Venezuelan coup attempt,Anthrax, 9-11.)
      I recall what my parents told me about the McCarthy era: "We had the FBI ask us about neighbors, we learned to not ask questions of ANYONE, not in church, not anywhere, not of anyone!" I think most Americans of that era were too afraid to ask questions, and that fear has been bred into every educated American today, this may be what prevents us from questioning authority.
      But it's more than that isn't it?
      I offer up evidence of American wrong doings and I am accused of being un-American, and a Communist. My goddamn ancestors fought in the Revolutionary war in the Continental Army, I am a VOLUNTEER Vietnam Vet 1971-1975 and they accuse me of being un-American! No, it is more than fear of Authority. It is a total buy-in that says "I don't care what America does beyond her borders as long as I get my MTV, and Jet Ski, and Video Game, and diamonds, and chocolate, and bananas." This total buy-in is certainly going to cost American lives, if not souls (God forgive them all.)
      I owe it my ancestors to stick it out, to bring light to the truth.
      I want the world to know that there is more than one American who knows his hands are bloodied. We are here, we are marginalized, and ignored, but we are here, and we work to bring change to the once great and honorable America.

Ed Beaumont
      Gresham, Oregon

First of all I am not a murderer, neither am I a hypocrite nor a fool. What makes people and countries live together in harmony is respect. Your epistle shows only contempt. To quote a French Philosopher: "I will defend with my life your right to be wrong!". Am I right? Will you defend my right to be wrong?
      It is always very easy to accuse without bothering with facts. That the Unites States Government was in any way shape or form responsible for the attack on the World Trade Center is not only insulting but foolish! Please give me the slightest proof, facts, not accusations! Who killed Kennedy? The FBI and the CIA? Why? Was it the Mob? The Russians? The Vietnamese? The Canadians? May be an alien race came down with an UFO! We simply do not know and neither do you.
      That some earth friendly technology exist is true. Again please be specific. What are we talking about? Yes, clean burning fuel cells are here and so are electric cars. Please inform me what percentage of power is created by fuel cells in Canada or how many electric cars are in use in Toronto? How does Canada heat or cool its homes, drive to work, or wash the laundry? How does Canada make use of "Some Earth Friendly Technology"? I drive an American car which was built near Toronto. Was earth friendly technology used to create it? Why are so many gas stations in Canada? What do they sell? Where does the product come from?
      Do you know that it was England which created the modern problem with Palestine? The British, Canada's home land, created Trans Jordan and made Israel the twice promised land. Once to the Palestinian and once to the Jews! Have you ever heard of the Effendi Fawzi Kabir or the Mufti of Jerusalem? These people sold millions of useless acres of swamp to the Jews, which drained the swamp and made the land profitable! Now the Palestinians want it back. Who finances the people who send 12 year old girls into crowded restaurants to blow themselves up? Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Jordan? Certainly not Palestine, which has not enough money to buy itself out of a paper bag.
      Speaking of money. How much Canadian paper money do I have to use to buy a Canadian 20 Dollar gold piece or an ounce of Gold? Where does your paper money come from? What is backing the Canadian Paper money, the German, the Polish, the Japanese paper money, to name just a few? Interest rates? The US has the lowest interest rates in 40 years. This is a known fact!
      Yes, the United States has a drug problem. In my limited ways I work to have these, now illegal, substances made legal and spent the money saved on free drug rehabilitation centers. Can I go in a local drug store in Canada and buy some heroin? Is Heroin available on the black market in Canada? Drugs are an international problem, a world problem, not a local one. If you want to point a finger, point it to the Middle East which produces most of the illegal substances.
      I am not in favor of the Bushes. However, please give credit to George Bush I, who united the western world, including Canada, to fight the take over of Kuwait. Even Saudi Arabia welcomed unbelievers on their soil to fight Iraq. The leading Muslim country invited Unbelievers to fight other Muslims! This is a first since Muhammad created this religion. When Saddam Hussein could not have the precious oil field he simply put them to the torch, polluting the sea and the air for years to come. It was mainly American technology (Red Adair) which put the fire's out. Would you really like to have a man like Hussein controlling the energy source of the world?
      Yes, there are problems within our government and our economy. Show me one government or economy in the world which does not have any problems. Canada and the Unites States are both members of the Western World and as such, like it or not, brothers. Brothers have arguments and differences but are still brothers. Dialog brings understanding, understanding brings solution.
      Two questions: "Do Canadian watch television? What is the most popular program in Canada?"
      Two thousand years ago, Plato in the "Republic" already stated there is no perfect government, just an "Utopia." Yes, I strongly believe that the United Nations should have the only military, the rest of the countries just a police force.
      Utopia! I have lived under many governments, two totalitarian, a few free societies, had a glimpse into the Arab world and found good and bad in every one. To paraphrase Churchill, a man I do not like: "The Western Society is the worst society in the world, except every other one."
      Perhaps you should take the "splinter out of your eye before you condemn the tree in someone else's eye."

Captain Ralf Kraemer,

I'm an American who has taken the time to read news from around the world over the last year, and basically I agree with about every word this Canadian has said.
      Our founding fathers would be completely disgusted with where we are as a Nation right now. From the taxing, to the control of the people and loss of personal freedoms by the Government, to the imperialism that we put on the rest of the world. The founding fathers escaped all these when they fought for there freedom against England. Now they are all back and more.
      A slow movement of all plants and factories to "third world countries" where we can use nearly slave labor, and pollute someone else's environment. This leaves blue collar workers consistently fighting for fewer and fewer jobs.
      A defense where we spend more on defense then the next 15 countries in the world combined. A CIA where we spend more (before 9/11) than Germany does for it's entire defense budget.
      Where we spend all of the Social Security and Medicare surpluses instead of saving them for the next 50 years when the Baby Boomers are going to be drawing from these. Projections indicate at least 37% increase in Social Security and Medicare Taxes are going to be necessary in the next 15-20 years to pay for all the retiring baby-boomers.
      The Government is using very shaky accounting to cover up the real debt. Accounting that would make Enron look like a petty thief.
      A media that is driven by protecting it's advertising money, and it inside track to government connections, that it has lost ALL impartiality and strength to do real controversial reporting. The news now is more advertising for government policies and material things. A true news agency would not gain any of its revenue from advertising because it comprises its ability to be critical towards business, and the overall influence of business on the government is extremely powerful. The media has become afraid to be controversial, because they are afraid of loosing advertising dollars from sponsors or an angry public. They have forgotten that a true journalist is controversial.
      The war-mongering that we are doing reminds me very much of the empires of the past that imploded. Rome, Germany, and the former Soviet Union.
      In my opinion, we are about to implode. Because our Economy cannot continue to support our arrogance. Our arrogance towards other countries, our arrogance to our so-called "economic superiority", our arrogance towards the Earth, our arrogance against the whole world in our support of Israel's illegal occupation and oppression of Palestine (the real reason why the Arab world is angry with us).
      I could go on an on.....

Andrew Limburg

Are there really any Canadians who agree with even a small part of this nonsense? A lot of it applies equally to Canadians, of course. Then there's some stretching of technological feasibility. And everyone realizes that King George was appointed by the Supremely Republican Court, right? I sure as hell didn't vote for the idiot. What are the odds that the non-deciding state would be under the leadership of the Commander in Thief's brother? Maybe the system doesn't work.
      As for war on Iraq, I doubt that a majority of the west wing is in favor of that, let alone Congress or the American public. There would be protests to beat the '70s if that happened.

Tony Thomas

Mr. McDougall is clearly out of his mind. I can only wonder if such insanity, so unattached from anything like a fact, makes it easier or harder for him to live on this planet. I suggest he return to his own world.

Mark Amundsen

This letter has nothing new to offer the American people, that I haven't already read from other sorces in other countries.
      I will say [to Mr. McDougall] you should be glad you don't have to live here and put up with the things that you talked about. You are so fortunate that Canada has no liars in your political circles, who make treaties with our liars for your protection. You're lucky not to have McDonalds in your cities and that your cars do-not use oil or gas to run.I am also thinking it must be great to have your entire country run on solar energy to keep your polution problems at bay. Maybe someday you'll show us how all thats been done.
      It worries me in my country that there are people here that are taking my right to keep and bear arms away, they also are working daily to take away my rights to go fishing in public parks that as a taxpayer I helped pay for. I suppose the right thing to do would be a march on D.C. But I think I will put my trust in Jesus Christ and just follow his lead.
      Thanks for your concern about our failings and I pray you don't get caught up in the fallout.

Alan Kiral, Jr.

Mr. McDougall--
      I'm not going to do what my initial reaction to your letter to America was. I would love to bash you and tell you all the reasons why Canada sucks, but What would be the point? I think your country is beautiful, despite the social problems we Americans can see with it. I don't think your letter was entirely fair.
      I am of the first American generation in my family. My father being born in Germany and escaping during WWII to your country, who actually refused refuge. America took them in, and the rest, as they say is history. I love the country I live in.
      Everyone likes to talk about America in hushed tones and say berating things when our backs are turned, but can you name anyone doing better? The reason we have national security is because we can provide it. Last time I checked the Canadian army wasn't/isn't even close to being on the same level as many others, including America.
      American people have fought not only for Americans rights but look for a way to make it a greater good for many other people as well. Without us where would the Middle East be right now?
      America has done great things, one thing I can think of right now, is how we actually help countries we are at war with, with relief funds. During the times that we are living in I think it's in bad taste to write something so hurtful. Our whole way of life was virtually wiped out in one day. We are afraid. But we are strong.
      Say what you will about what you see our problems are, but if your country needed help who would be the first to step up to bat? Russia? China? Nope the good 'ol US of A.
      I hope that your intolerance for something you only think you know about fades with whatever anger you seem to be feeling.

Warm Regards from the States,
Logan Figenser

It was PERFECT........until it got to the part at the end where it said about Ralph Nader:
      "The most honest and conscientious political leader in the country."
      Uh, excuse me, but if that were the case then Mr. Nader would not have touted the line "No difference between Bush & Gore." That was a lie in 2000 and it is a lie today. And it cost Democrats over 90,000 votes in Florida. Mr. McDougall's own letter shows just how different they are. And it is because of the "President" we now have in office that the situation is as bad as it is.
      But thank you for printing this otherwise brutally honest and factual letter.


It appears that Mr. McDougall has been taking his medicine in the dark - again.
      Seething hate, frustration and obvious jealousy rampant in this letter are clear evidence of a deranged, mal-adjusted mind. Of-course the very best place on earth to receive effective treatment for Mr. McDougall's acute mental illness would be right here in the good ol' USA.

Mark D. Simmons,

Fuck you.

Doug Allen

I suppose you think you're brave and noble for running this letter.
      It's obviously the rantings of someone who is indoctrinated by the left, socialist teachings that abound at universities these days, passing for reasonable and logical thought and discourse.
      This is just a pathetic attempt for publicity, and it won't work the way you want.
      When more American's are killed during this war, you will be remembered for your moral blindness.

Shame on you.
Ilona Fegan

This is in response to the letter written by Mr. McDougall about the "fall" of America and it's supposed "blind eye" attitude of the American people. Despite the writer's belief , many Americans are all too well aware of the connection between our current President, Enron, and the corporate greed that has sent our country into economic turmoil (after all, "W" was certainly not elected unanimously, was he?). Yes, our eating habits certainly bear scrutiny-but then again, they are OUR eating habits and we will live(and die) with the consequences of these. If Mr. McDougall feels he has a viable alternative to our current energy usage that can be implemented by everyone in our country, then why has he not brougt this miracle to public attention and requested patents on it? The bottom line here is, this is America, and until and unless you are an American, BUTT OUT!


Fuck you! You French-Canadian pussy bitch . Take away our Air-Missile Defense away and watch your country full of pansy cowardly mounted fag turncoats turn to Communism when u get invaded. I and many others that i know live a great life here in the great U.S.of A. Millions try to come here from other countries for that reason. What do Canadians heat your houses with.What do your cars run on, for that matter where do your cars come from? What about medical tech,or tech in general. You would still be in stone ages if not for the USA!!! If you dont like our policies migrate your PUSSY ASS down here and run for President and change things ? Thats how we do things here PANSY BITCH!!!!!!!!! So sit back and enjoy the ride or SHUT THE FUCK UP and move to Iraq where your pathetic views might be welcome . Good luck you commie bitch!

Charles Heppenstall

I've just read your posted article "Open Letter to America from a Canadian" by W.R. McDougall. I wish I could contact him myself to let him know that there are many Americans like myself that couldn't agree with him more on at least ninety-eight percent of what he has said. I would like to commend him on his voice.

William Hines

McDougle really has a burr up his ass. He must have been ripped off by his broker, and is mad because he didn't get inside information. What a jerk. All complaining. His opening statement is a lie that he cannot substantiate.

Johnnie L. Conn

Hey, McDougall. Bite me. What did Canada ever do, anyway?

Rick Vaill

      First assume that all conspiracy theories you've ever heard are true without any proof. Then criticize America for it and tell each individual citizen that it's his fault (how could you?). That makes a lot of sense. Sounds like a writer desperate for attention from a country with a huge inferiority complex.
      It's not easy being the single parent of a world full of countries that act like children. But as the most powerful and respected country it is our cross to bear. Of course not everything is handled perfectly by the U.S., which is run by (surprise, surprise) humans. But the same can be said about Canada. The only difference is that Canada is not under global scrutiny because nothing happens there that anyone gives a damn about.

Christopher Martin

Mr. McDougall is my hero. He said it as is. It's like he read my feelings about America.
      I always ask myself why is it that in a free and democratic country citizens are used and abused to the point that they believe that they are free and above the world.
      Why don't they do not revolt against their criminal government. Why do they swallow any Jewish-media-controlled headline without questioning? Why is it they would rather work like slaves and pay taxes to help the IDF occupy Palestinian land, bulldoze houses with people alive in them, shooting at children ... ? Why is it taboo to citizen Jews? Why information related to Israelis involvement in crimes is classified?
      I don't understand why everybody is submitting to a foreign country that spy on them, interfere in their elections, instruct their leaders what actions to take?
      Why keeping silence while your government is abusing the world, whether spoiling the environment, stealing its resources, or bombarding its people and vetoing all resolutions that would help Palestinians victims of illegal occupation, and resolutions that would help protect the environment or abolish torture or investigate war crimes?
      I don't understand. America is run by a oil-arms-corporate gang of criminals guided by a private company that has never been audited and that is not part of the government: the Federal Reserve. America is a Free and Democratic Power??
       I don't understand, but I am also aware that there are free Americans out there who have integrity and who are working hard to make other American realize what the Truth is so they could free themselves.
      America must free itself from foreign control (Israel). Other countries' peace and freedom depend on it.
      To the Baltimorechronicle staff thank you for having the courage to publish such a tough letter.

Oumria Berkan

I just read your hilarious parody letter, and I can't imagine why the Washington Post didn't publish it. But then who knows, maybe the Post is also part of the secret government conspiracy to kill Americans and blame it all on terrorists? Think of all the extra newspapers they'll sell that way.
      Oh well, I guess I'll go eat another hamburger, and finish my TV show; the commercial break is almost over.
      Have a nice day.

Daniel Wiener

Mr. McDougall's column was very interesting. Unfortunately, he doesn't know how to reach and audience outside of those who already agree with him.
      His diatribe is embelished with insults, such as America (aren't you america in canada too?) being sick, calling us hypocrites, murderers and fools. A reader who is interested, but not necessarily inclined to agree, will never get the meat of his opinions, and will simply turn the page.
      Mr. McDougall seems very emotional about a number of points. He would do better to attack each item separately, and perhaps research them.
      Now that I have passed the point of correcting form, I have serious problems with the substance of his letter. His comments about the slaughter of Palestinians was very unfounded. The Jenin "Massacre" has been thoroughly investigated by the UN and has been shown to be fiction.
      The last peace attempt brokered by President Clinton was extremely generous. The fact that Israel is giving back territory taken in war is a mystery. Mexico doesn't stand a chance at getting back the midwest from us. This says to me, that the Israeli's are far more humane than Mr. McDougall gives them credit for being. If anyone is responsible for the problems now, it's Yassar Arafat.
      He does make good points - the erosion of the constitution, the war on drugs, corruption of politicians etc. Individual liberties have eroded during the 20th century. Wrapping these ideas up in verbal poison as he does, he loses the people who need to hear them.
      What is the nonsense about Monsanto? Frankenstein technology in vegetation? The genetically engineered foods are feeding the planet. I don't see the backup for this claim about poisoning on his part.
      The central bank seems to be a beef with this guy. First he says politicians are corrupt, then he says put control of the money supply in their hands. No thanks to that suggestion. The central bank is doing just fine thank you very much.
      We do have our problems, just like every country in the world. Maybe the difference is we don't hide them, and keep working on fixes as we go.
      Mr. McDougall seems to have plenty of issues with the US. Why? He lives in Canada. If he wants to work on our problems, move here and start a politcal action committee. We take all types, as long as he doesn't apply for pilot training, he is welcome.
      We Americans may run out of fools one day. Send him on down.

Robert Hand

The open letter to America by W.R. McDougal was amazing, and I applaud you for running this editorial. I've lived in Minnesota my whole life and have been shocked by the average American's ignorance of world issues and our unwillingness to see our own faults. I feel that the solution to this embarassing ignorance is for American media to pick up editorials and articles from critical outside perspectives in order to enable Americans to see ourselves as we truly are. It would be great to have some kind of factual countermeasures to weigh against the constant propaganda we're fed by The (Eternal) War On Terrorism, Inc. - especially since the gradual merger between the Democratic and Republican parties. In direct response to Mr. McDougal, yes, this actually bothers quite a few of us.

Eli Stone
      Minneapolis, MN

       I take it that my letter will be printed by virtue of it being sent to you. You don't agree with editorial prerogative. Could it be that The Post didn't print it because there are no facts, merely unsubstantiated assertions? The author has every right to send in a letter accusing all Americans of being hypocrites, murderers and fools. And The Post has every right to not print it.

Christina Rohweder

To the Canadian who so recently reamed the entire U.S. nation:
      I'd just like to say a few words:
      The automobile
      The electric light
      Peanut Butter
      Voyager 1 and 2
      Man on the Moon
      The defeat of the Axis powers
      Trillions in foreign aid yet to be repaid to us

      That's just to name a few of the things the united states has contributed to the world. What has Canada contributed? Neither you nor your country have any room to lecture until you get off your high horse, get off your lazy butt and do something to justify your existance.
      As for your conspiracy theories, they are the ravings of a lunatic who's been watching too much T.V. You've only made yourself sound like an idiot.
      As for Israel, it would be hypocritical not to back Israel in defending themselves against their enemies. What would YOUR country do if suicide bombers blew up your children at least three times a week? Oh yeah... I forgot I was talking about Canada.

Brittany Greatbear hit the nail on the head....I am embarrassed to have George Bush as my president....he has destroyed this country.....the sheep have allowed him to do this....I did not vote for him....I am now afraid to come to of my favorite places to vacation....we were ugly americans we are the scum at the bottom of the barrel thanks to this raving idiot and his band of thieves.

Alice Nuffer

Hit the nail right on the head! The World Trade Centers, symbols of the old economy, now they are gone!.........Get ready for the new one , they are building the perfect beast!

Ramon Lugo III

Is McDougall really the idiot his letter makes him appear to be? Now that he's had his tantrum, he ought to be sent to his room for a few years.

Michael Hankamer

This Mr. McDougall needs to wake up to the REAL world!!!
       What a HATE master this Guy is!!!! This letter just shows his stupidity!!!
      Why is this Canadian person so much better off than someone in the US or another country ???? This is NOT planet Canada, this is planet EARTH!!! Mr. McDougall needs to broaden his vision!!!
      Events happening now, are on a WORLD WIDE BASIS, and not just in the US!!!
      I LOVE this country, and so do a lot of other people, citizens and non-citizens!!! No this country is not, nor its leaders, perfect but neither is any other country!!! I am very offended with this guy's narrow perception of what is happening with the WORLD!!!

      CNN had a baseball game from Canada on and it was $1.00 hotdog night . In the stands you could see the Canadians with up to 8 hotdogs apiece!!! (hotdogs are no better for you than drive through food Mr McDougall!!!)
      Also, I live in a state with a warm climate and we have thousands of Canadians here ever winter because they either can not pay their HUGE winter heating bills, (or prefer not too) while here, they are so CHEAP as to steal sugar packets and sweet n' low packets off the tables in the GREASY SPOON RESTAURANTS they all eat in!!! Have a nice day Mr. McDougall!!!


....Canadians and Europeans are fond of saying to Americans, ask yourselves why it is that the world is upset with you, look within yourselves for the answer, etc. But when they express themselves like this Canadian letter-writer did, I would say to them, ask yourselves why United States reacts with irritation at your comments and completely ignores your implicit suggestions of how to modify their behavior.

Daniel Welborn

Just send me a BigMac, and super size it.

Neal Johnson

It is good to see that there are fools, knaves and idiots everywhere on this planet. It is comforting to know that stupidity, rather than Reichs, will continue for thousands of years.
      God bless the idiots. For they cannot bless themselves.

Nat Rodinov

I agree with the content of the letter, absolutely! I have seen it coming for a long time, and as long as they continue to lead their capsular lives, which I can't see them easily changing, nothing will change. Attacks on them make them more capsular, and as you so brilliantly put it, if no-one attacks them, they will do something to provoke and warrant it.
      I am a feature writer, mostly southern african politics, and I've been witnessing, first hand, the connivings, underhandedness and their total lack of regard, for anyone but themselves. For me, it all started with the Rhodesian civil war, in the seventies, I was a soldier then, and after having done what I was ordered, I was so disgusted and repelled by the attitude of the fat cats, many american adivisors amoung them, that I had to try and let people know what had happened. They wern't interested, as I'm sure you can imagine, but I'm still resolute, and will never stop trying to expose them, even though I know, after twenty years, that I do little.
       Congratulations on your bold attempt at eye opening, however, I think it would be shocking to the masses, and probably wouldn't be very well recieved, because of the references to their "enemy" but I would, still, love to see it in mass published print.
       Peace and love to you.

Wayne Stratford

Like most paranoid delusional arguements, the mistake here is the belief in a great, dark conspiracy either managed by the Five Families, the Brotherhood, the Masons, or any other of those clandestine, "evil" organizations. No attention is paid to the very real possibility that perhaps these errors in judgement are occurring from the less directed measures of inepitude, bureaucracy, and general apathy. In all fairness to the U.S., perhaps you should consider the fact that 1) this is the first time in our history that we have been attack by an outside terrorist force within the continental United States on such a grand scale (nearly 2000 dead) and 2) we're still in shock as a result. So, thanks for being so understanding. Your overwhelming support is well met. Our leaders, be they competent or not, are stuggling with some situations that we, as a rather new country in the grand scheme of things, are just now trying to figure our way through to some kind of closure. One year seems a small amount of time and, while I can only speak for myself, we're still struggling.
       While I might not agree with all of the decisions my leaders make, nor might I see them in a wholly competent light, I believe they are doing the best job they can, all things considered. So... your support and perhaps constructivecritisism is highly sought. We can keep your derision and where you put it is your business.

Kurt Schultz

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