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McDougall's “Open Letter to America from a Canadian” led to approximately 700 letters, for which this is the 3rd published batch.

See Batch#1, #2, #4
BATCH #3 OF LETTERS RECEIVED IN RESPONSE TO W.R. McDOUGALL'S "OPEN LETTER TO AMERICA FROM A CANADIAN." Please note that letterwriters' original spelling, grammar, and punctuation has been retained, as well as their thoughts. Overall, over 550 letters have been received to date. As time permits, the Chronicle will add additional batches of letters.
DEAR CANADIAN CITIZEN MC DOUGALL, who wrote each American with such vitriol:
       WE WOULD WRITE the very same letter to Oil man George Bush Sr. and his puppet son, and puppet Cheney and Colin Powell....Rampaging, pillaging. Bush Sr. is controlled by the Harrimans and Rockfellers. His father worked for Harriman. The oligarchs of the USA control all the oil companies and work hand in hand with the Brit oligarchs of oil, which is why Blair and Bush agree on 'getting Iraq' and will later go for the Sauds.
VIETNAM was such an oil war. Rocks knew then that the biggest deposit was right off Nam's shore.
       We are held hostage by those oligarchs who run presidents. I'd drive a hydrogen car if I could. ANYONE would. But those oligarchs are having such a good time selling oil, they won't give it to us. They are after money, huge money, so they can have 12 desserts off the tray at the Ritz, have their chauffeur wait outside, then drive their young mistresses to Versailles and rent the place for the night.
       EXTRAVAGANCES beyond what we can imagine are the gate prize for oligarchs with sufficient millions. And as that is true, their little taste buds simply ain't sated yet!
What can we do? We here below the border are held hostage as much as you! Don't be angry at us. We're like a big dumb cow held hostage by a tick on the back of our neck. WHAT can we do? You're up there, GET THE TICK OFF US! Don't allege we're part of the conspiracy! More than half voted for GORE. The Bushes had FLORIDA sewn up. (Imagine the conspiring that went on in that election!)

Anita Sands Hernandez

That letter that the person from Canada wrote, I totally agree with him/her! He/She is so true about how messed up this country is and how terrible our government really is! Great letter! I wish everyone had a copy of it.

Sara Cole,

Mr. McDougall:
It is not that Americans don't know all this. It is that we don't care. We are all so rich on this side of the border that if we started caring about what the government was doing, it would cut into our shopping and buying of ridiculous items just to spend money. I guess Canada is slowly adhering to bitterness, because your hockey teams are finding wealth in our country. Hockey used to be your national pasttime, but Canadian athletes are finding home in the great evil US. With so many Canadians living and wanting to live in the US, it appears that your comments have somewhat of a boomerang effect.
       Mr. McDougall, the truth is supposed to hurt, but somehow this article creates a laughter inside me similar to that of the Canadian comedian Martin Short--or should I just call him "Glick." His outfit is not only degrading to upscale Canada, but somewhere inside has to make you think every Canadian has his price. So what is your price, McDougall? Americans will dress you up like Barney, and have you entertain our children. Is it $100,000/year or $200,000/year? Surely the Chronicle's editor doesn't pay conspiracy writers like yourself more than that.
       America is both rich and powerful. Protecting an interest such as oil across the globe is not evil. It is necessary, much like a mother ensuring that food for her young will be there for weeks to come. Genetic engineering is far from ignorant or unproven as effective. It is efficient, which is more than I can say about this prolonged article. McDougall take a look at your country. It is a byproduct of America. Canadian cities mimic US cities. Canadian companies trade on US markets. In every facet of existence, Canadians imitate the US lifestyle. We protect and feed you, and like a 3-year- old child your people are inappreciative.
       So my challenge to McDougall is to create a constructive piece. Something about the fall and leaves falling. Something that makes your readers feel good inside.

Brian Howe

Thanks for having the courage to publish this letter.

Peter Kielland
a Canadian who agrees with the letter

The Canadian letter was great!!!!!! I love it!!!! And so true true true!!!!!!!

Best Regards,
Jeff Rainforth
Mr. Rainforth is a Reform Party candidate for US Congress, D-6, Ca.

Who in the world would want to place an ad and associate its business with this type of sh--?

I support the views of the writer One hundred percent but don't know where to start as to how to get a march on Washington going. I have suspected all of what was written here for many years, and especially the Bush family being in on the attack of America, and cannot understand the passivity of most Americans. It defies logic.
       What can we do and where do we start? I know I, for one ,do not want any more of my rights stolen from me. I had a good part of my retirement stolen and am living very meagerly as a result of this "war on terror" and would suggest to Mr. Bush, go fight this war yourself with your family and especially your Daddy. Get up there on the front lines!
       And these secret meetings etc. that Bush is holding--very wrong! We have a right to have public trials etc. Picking up these Arab people and jailing them and having secret trials is not even American. Nor is preemptive strikes on other nations, “just in case" they have weapons of mass destruction (or, for that matter, in no case do we make preemptive strikes). No doubt they do have such weapons, but if they were going to use them on us they would be annihilated before they hit our soil. Nor is reading our emails, but what can we do?
       This whole administration was pirated, and I will never understand why the Dems let them get away with it, unless they intimidated them too. I do believe they are that evil.
       Dear Lord! help us all and guide this nation back to sanity!

Helen C.

“Read at your own risk.”
       I won't argue his points, since I know that McDougall was writing the truth.
       Nonetheless it's important to understand that being blunt in the United States causes many types of emotional stresses that the average citizen of this country couldn't possibly understand.....

K. Chrst

Bravo!, Mr. McDougall. I'm ashamed to say you are more aware than most of us here in America. I do believe the blinders are coming off, though. More and more of us are starting to wake up. I just hope it won't be too late.
       One serious threat that impedes us from screaming at the top of our collective lungs is, as you say, Big Brother. I'm pretty sure that if I had written a letter like yours, I probably would be thrown in jail and accused of being a terrorist! As our president-select says, "Your'e either with us or against us." I guess that's cowboy thinking, or the lack thereof.
       I heard something funny yesterday. Our media has taken on the responsibility of translating for the prez. lately. Translating what he says into English!! Ha! Ha! Instead of printing what he says, they print what they think he meant to say! Yes, things are truly a mess here. I and others, with the help of people like you, are doing our best to correct some of the situations that have been forced on us by a rich man who has managed to seize the White House as his own.
Thank you for taking the time to write to America.

Vicki Carmack

I just had to thank you for publishing the Mc Dougall letter. In the same vein I would like to think that there would be an effort to have our great humanitarian President examined to see if he is insane. With Bush in the White House, no one has the courage to say, "Stop this madness" and get him locked up and make the world a bit safer for all nations and all mankind. He has backed himself into a corner and, in order to "save face," and out of desperation, will strike out at anything, anywhere. God help us all.

George de Merle

Many Americans do understand that our freedoms are being eroded bit by bit with each succeeding president, senate, representatives etc. The more control Washington D.C. gets, the less We, the People have.
       With that acknowledgement, the fact remains, where else in the world would you want to live? Is there a nation whose government is idyllic with freedom and justice for all?
We try to clean up and change what we can, sometimes we can get the bad guys and gals out of office by voting them out and sometimes we have to wait until they can not be voted in again via term limits, but at least we can vote for the leaders. They are not appointed by someone bestowing favors for service to another being.
       McDougall needs to check his own back yard before looking at the dirt in the neighbor's yard.

Kathie Garland

Regarding Mr. McDougall's open letter, I do not see anything wrong in printing it. While the facts that he refers to may be debatable, I can certainly see the picture that he paints. Moreover, at a time when our rights and liberties are being put to a challenge, the more we discuss such matters, even with Mr. McDougall's sense of dissent, the better off we are.
       As Robert Frost puts it:
"Education is the ability to listen to almost anything without losing your temper or your self-confidence."
Our sense of patriotism and love for this country are far better supported in educating ourselves about many of the issues that Mr. McDougall touches upon. This is the only way to a change, a change for better.

Mohammad Ahmad

Just finished reading the McDougall letter. Will take some guts to publish it. But, I’m starting to think that no one reads nor cares anyway!

Jon Wilda

This person would make a good Romance novelist. Lots of flair but no specific details to back his ranting and raving.

Christopher Howard

As an American it is hard to read these words without feeling anger at the person who wrote these statements. This is my emotional response. At a more thoughtful and logical level of reasoning I find much of what was written to be somewhat true. I am not quite as deeply skeptical in my feelings towards my own country and fellow citizens as the writer is but I find it hard to argue his basic points. Perhaps he could have been a little less harsh in his language, but then again, this is the kind of slap in the face we should get and then say: "thanks, I needed that." Unfortunately we only see this in the movies. A more real response from Americans will probably be anger, resentment, and a need to get back at the individuals who express their true feelings towards America.
       I am not much of an optimist on the long-term strength of the USA. Like Rome, Egypt, Incas, British Empire, Spain, Dutch, etc., no civilization remains on top forever. More and more research, academic and private studies see a slow decay of the US over the next several decades and the coming of power by other countries especially in Asia such as China ,and yes, even Japan.
       We have as a society become too complacent with our situation in the world and take everything for granted. Unless our attitudes change towards the rest of the world our complacency will be our demise. It hurts me to know that so many people outside the US hold such negative feelings for our country, and yet it will come as a complete surprise to most Americans that these negative views are so widespread throughout the world including our own close allies.
       This response is mostly a lament. I have no simple answers to these problems. I am not a complete pessimist, but I am a realist and hope I can personally avoid the coming pitfalls of what lies ahead for the US. I hope ten years from now I can read this letter and laugh at what I wrote now, when things have changed for the better.

Dennis Stuart

You [Canadians] are a sad bunch of pathetic, second-rate, boobs. If I had my way we'd take your fucking country and send you to Iraq to hang out with your buddies. All the decent Canadians have already left your socialist stench hole.

Daisy Carter

By far one of the most point-blank and accurate (in my opinion) artcles in a long time! Now send me all that you have.

Lyle Brown

When I read McDougal's observations of my America, of the here and now, as it is currently manifesting itself as a nation, I was at first angry and indignant. I then realized that my anger was based on his criticism of a Nation I had always accepted as my country, right or wrong.
       Upon further considerations of his disillusionment with my country, I realized he was playing the devil's advocate and perhaps doing me and my fellow countrymen a great big favor. Sure, as a nation, we were all tragically impacted by the events of 9/11/01, and pulled together as Americans always do in times of great need for unity. However, much of what our Canadian devil's advocate (seeing only one side...the negative) had to say does strike a sensitive nerve with many of us Americans, and rightfully so.
There has been a dumbing down of America for a long time now, and perhaps we have reached that time in our destiny when our elected officials (representatives of both the House and Senate) truly believe that now is the time when YOU CAN FOOL ALL OF THE PEOPLE, ALL OF THE TIME.
       Some of us are acutely aware of the sad fact that our congressional and senatorial elections are won or lost by the money poured into the coffers of their campaigns by the Israeli (and other) lobbyists. They must vote with the Bush war team or lose their current seat in government. The Bush cabinet are all Oil men in one way or another, so they all agree that Iraq must be taken. Israel has just announced that if attacked in an eventual Iraq-American war it will not hesitate to respond. Perhaps it will pre-empt (a favorite new approach to conflict introduced by our Bush team) and strike first with any of its arsenal of weapons of mass destruction......and get Iraq and its Oil before we clean up in the area. Has our Canadian observer pondered that one?
       Americans must wake up and take back our Republic and replace the current leadership with real men of honor, if we have any left.


Sharp words, but not very far from the truth. Sounds like another angry Bear. Sell ’em short and prosper; got Gold?


The letter "from a Canadian to an American" was not penned by your typical Canuck. He/She is one sick puppy! Please don't assume it was written by me or any other right-thinking Canadian. Just thought I'd let you know.

All the best,
Larry Melanson

As an American, I assure you that greed and power are forces which shape policy and slowly seep into decision making--take precedance over social issues and ruin many innocent people. I'm ashamed at what has happened to America. I now understand how A. Hitler was able to lead an entire nation down a wicked path: propaganda. Our little dictator on his thorone in Washington is going too far. We are losing more freedoms by the minute. We are racking up billions of dollars of debt at a time when we MUST do something about the Social Security Crisis. What will old folks do in 20-40 years? How will we care for them? We all have blinders on--tunnel vision sponsored by CNN to bring us the blow-by-blow coverage of the distruction of Baghdad and about a half million innocent civilians.
       I agree with Mr. McDougall's comments. Soon this country will be doomed by short-sightedness. Let Saddam pound sand! If he tries to attack us we will turn his sand to glass. What Iraq threat??? What are the sheeple scared of?
       Let it be known the next attack on USA soil will end in a big red fireball. But don’t start beating our chests and adopting a sucker punch attitude that we will strike first--Just because we’re bigger than they are and we can.
       Wait till China gets on her feet! Try that with her and we would get a pretty black eye.


I would like to say it is very interesting and rather crude what you have stated in your article. I believe there is a social plan for all the deeds, and God willing, it will reach a point where real justice and progress succeeds.

Blanca A. Salinas

I can assure all Americans that most Canadians support most of the US positions. I doubt the writer’s name was McDougall, or that his roots are from Canada. That was a letter from "McDougall to America" —eh?

Clyde Shaw

The BC&S is really hurting for something to print!!


I can only say one thing and that can’t even honor all that you have written, but I'll attempt to say it with great admiration to you. Thank you for saying what has long been needed to say.

W. Mabon



This article rang true; that is why it is so popular. Truth carries strength and wisdom......
       Power and economic attainment bestowed upon nations does not last forever. Rome finally fell after a long rule; Egypt, Spain and the Mayan populations also had their turns at being number one throughout history. The United States, I hate to say, it will also lose its turn in time, and another nation will rise and take its place. History has a matter of repeating itself, and it is just a matter of time before the US finally "joins the rest of the world." This is good, in that it won't be such a "target" anymore for fanatics, but bad in that the people will have lost their pride.
       So what? who really cares? Being number 2 or 5 is not all that bad, and not all empires that that shrunk have had it bad. Great Britain is a perfect example. China has had a successfull communism structure for thousands of years, and yet demoracy has only been functioning for a few hundred years. Democracy is really an experiment, a system unorganized, lacking any real fundamental structure. If history continues along the same path, I think that either China, Japan or the member nations of the Euro Dollar will be the next economic power. And maybe China, Japan or Europe will take on a more democratic structure, due to the power of the Internet and the new information age. And as these new nations emerge, they will use that knowlege to attain economic wealth.
       All empires started with a free democratic structure and slowly became casualties of their own resistence to their doctrines.

Frank Smith

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This story was published on October 2, 2002.
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