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   BATCH #4: Responses to the “Open Letter to America from a Canadian”

BATCH #4: Responses to the “Open Letter to America from a Canadian”

McDougall's “Open Letter to America from a Canadian” led to over 1,000 letters, of which this is the 4th published batch.

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EDITOR’S NOTE: As with other batches of responses published so far, we are submitting these to the public’s attention warts-and-all. Over 500 other letters remain to be published, and we receive additional ones daily, though the original essay was published three months ago. We caution readers that some of the “facts” cited in the letters that follow are sometimes skewed in wishful ways.

The letters...
Mr. McDougall's Open Letter to America is right on!!! I was born here and love what America and our flag represent, but most Americans are ignorant, conditioned sheep. They either know, are so conditioned or would rather live in their big houses, stuff their fat bodies, drive their "big" cars than fight for this country. I have tried to educate friends, family, etc. about the state of our nation, NWO [New World Order], corrupt pharmaceutical companies, our dumbing down educational system, chemtrails, etc., etc. and they think I am nuts! Yes, they will hang the flag on their cars, homes, etc. and send their son's and daughters to war, or more than likely be gung-ho for someone else to send their children because they don't give a damn if they are killed. I'm not stupid, I know they have not told us the truth about how many military men and women have died. We will lose our sovereignty and many more lives when they (The Elite) bomb US cities. Your article is sad but oh so true!! By the way, you know it will never be printed in the Washington Post.

Cathy Templeton

Although I agreed with many points in Mr. McDougall's letter, I was disappointed to note that, in general, he sat firmly astride the fence. Come on Mr. McDougall, tell us what you really think!

Leo Fewtrell

Please forgive my over-the-top countryman. We are experiencing a bit of a crisis of national identity in Canada, and those with a few facts and a penchant for generalization often like to turn to negative definition, i.e. Canada is "the good North American country." Furthermore, it is not shameful to have difficulty with complex and long-established international conflicts, or with the excesses of one's way of life or ideology. It is human. It is shameful to fail to recognize these things, and to stop working to change them.

Chris Burt

We have a Hadeeth of the Prophet (Moh.pboh), that says; "The best jihad, is a word of truth to an unjust leader". You are a true mujahed in that sense. I hope the FBI will not connect you to Alqaida.

Best regards,
Zakaraia ben Yahia

This letter is in response to a letter written by a Mr. McDougall criticizing The United States. Mr McDougall, you have committed the cardinal sin that many Canadians make. You are actually under the impression that Americans actually give a rat's ass what Canadians think. Guess what, we don't. Being that a great deal of your "culture" is derived from France, I'm shocked that you haven't surrendered. Mr. McDougall, stick to what you know best, Ice Hockey and being a pussy.

Jeff Michaels

To whomever wrote this uninformed "emotionally dead" pathetic excuse for an essay:

You have no idea what we say, what we do, or what we mean. America is much less a country than a concept, and the people who live by and make up that concept. The concept is freedom, to live as we please, the concept of ourselves as well as others. We want everyone to be happy, and to do the best that they can. We help everyone in need, I'm sure you noticed. You just refused to see both sides of the argument. When our enemies attack us, we help them, give them food and medicine. When people are being oppressed, we aid them. We would go in and do it ourselves, but people like you (bitter and jealous) would accuse us of trying to bully everyone. America is the mediator in conflicts, when someone attacks or hurts another, we step in to parent them, and they need it. You focus on so many bad things about our country with obvious hyperbole. We are in no way that terrible, if our constitution was "in shambles" then why are we the most prosperous, most happy, and most envied/hated country in all of the world? We believe in the greatest good for the greatest number. Whether that be Americans or those in third world countries or in need of relief. That may take some time, but in the end we are better for it. If the American legal system was so inefficient or as horrible as you attempt to make it seem, why is it the longest lasting constitution in all the world? Because it works! In fact all of Europe could not compete with America and thus were forced to create a new unified economic system. We have more money than any other country, though we also easily donate the most. The American government may not, but the people of America (we call the Americans, because they are the one who make up America) donate more than any other country. Lastly, how can you call us so terrible when most of the world (INCLUDING CANADA, by the way we greatly appreciate that, thank you) is in constant support of us, emotionally backing us up, flying American flags, and why did CANADA hold a moment of silence in which cars on highways pulled over for three minutes to honor us after September 11th (again, thank you, it helped so much to know you were there and cared, thank you). Hundreds of countries honored the Americans after 9/11, many Canadians wrote letters on the bravery of Americans. You have no basis for any of your arguments. If you as well as all the other countries we keep an eye on would just grow up and stop hating those that have it better than you, perhaps you could achieve what only America has.

Austin Simonson
A damned proud American

P.S. This is only a small part of what I would like to say regarding your envious ranting (or essay, whatever). I did not have time to finish as I have class in just a few minutes. If you would enjoy hearing the full argument, I would be more than happy to send it to you.

Your whole article is totally off base! Try telling the victim's families that we shouldn't as a country retaliate for the lives that were lost on September 11. You evidently didn't suffer because of Iraq's act of war on the United States! They (Iraq and all their co-conspirators) are the ones who started this aggression—not the government of the United States! If that were the case, we could have wiped them out in 1991 or any other time for that matter! If you don't approve of the way this country is going, why don't you leave and go be with your buddies in Iraq? You evidently have no concept of fighting for what is right and just! I believe that you are a coward in every sense of the word! Leave! We don't need your kind here-all you can do with your typewriter is cause trouble and unrest! Why don't you stick with writing about sports—or whatever?!

priscilla larson

At least I still have my guns. That's more than most Canucks can say. I'll kill any motherf---er who tries to take my guns, for any reason.

Don Thompson

I (a Canadian) read this letter with delight. I was not particularly interested with what W.R.M. had to say, nothing important or original there. The replies, however, would keep a psychiatrist busy for years!! In my limited view, the problem has and will always be that damn constitution of yours! A brilliant document for sure, so difficult and frustrating it is to live up to! I applaud you for trying and good luck in the future. As the writer and philosopher Dostoevsky always said, and I agree, "life is not about the battle between good and evil but rather the battle between pride and humility."

Richard Shanks

Bravo, Mr. McDougall! You totally understand the sickness that has engulfed most of America today. Through the thorough brainwashing from our all-terror, all-the-time TV networks and from an insipid corporatized education, we Americans have been so dumbed down as to not see the sinister, violent nature of our government and its potential to destroy the world. It's kind of disturbing when I am the only activist out in my area putting up anti-war, pro-justice posters in my community, including the colleges. The professors will not openly discuss who is really to blame for 9/11. Though some hard questions are being asked by a few Americans––skeptical Americans are putting up good material on the web regarding the implausibility of the official 9/11 line, as well as material on America's undemocratic, violent, imperial nature––for the most part people are not demanding answers or demonstrating their anger publicly. Though US demonstrations are getting bigger, they are nothing compared to the demonstrations in Europe, which easily gather hundreds of thousands of protestors. Perhaps this will change when body bags start coming back from Iraq, or maybe when LA or Chicago or Seattle get nuked (if they actually catch them red-handed), but we better do something fast or we are all going to be contaminated ground hamburger.

Camille A.

I hope at least with this article, America's eyes will be opened. As for Mr. McDougall––may thy pen keep flowing! Hear! Hear!

Aman Ashraff

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This story was published on November 9, 2002.
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