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by Scott Loughrey
For several years now I have drifted over to the Nationals forum at, the website of the Baltimore Sun. Posting there is a form of protest. I think that editors and writers of the Sun read the forum.

I’ve had to use a variety of aliases in the last six months because the Sunspot “Talk Admin” is banning me whenever my identity is clear. They are rather swift to remove posts and users which are critical of the Bush regime.

As this is written I am again banned. The last thread I managed to start there concerned Byron York’s commentary in the National Review about how the Bush administration allowed the extended bin Laden family to fly out of the US in the days after 9/11/01. (National Review, 9/11/2002). This parallels a Guardian of London report that indicated that the Bush administration had thwarted an FBI investigation into some members of the bin Laden family even before 9/11/01. (Guardian of London, November 7, 2001).

After posting these links the Commissar Talk Admin at Sunspot (CATS) swiftly removed both my posting privileges and the thread containing these links. This is further reinforcement to my conclusion that editorially the Sun is moving so far and so fast to the right that it seeks to be the kind of newspaper one might read in a dictatorship.

Want to get the attention of the writers and editors at the Sun? Then have some fun and post progressive links and commentary on the Nationals forum at Tell the increasingly tyrannical Baltimore Sun what you think. I’ll see you there.

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This story was published on October 2, 2002.
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