JHU Finds a Humanitarian?

by Scott Loughrey

George Bush received the 1997 Albert Schweitzer Gold Medal for Humanitarianism from Johns Hopkins University on October 9.

No doubt Bush's recent years in public life prompted JHU's accolade, including:

For these reasons and many more JHU has found it in their hearts to honor Bush as one of the great humanitarians of our time. JHU, you see, has bills to pay. Its leaders undoubtedly feel the more closely JHU relates to powerful interests the more likely it will receive the green.

What is the City Paper's excuse for not making a stink of this shameful award? Its four line account of the award was devoid of irony. The Sun's tiny mention of the award reported only that Bush was recognized for his role in re-unifying Germany(!). The Chronicle, learning of the award as it went to press last month, mentioned this atrocity sarcastically in its "Hit List" editorial, but did not give the story the space it deserved.

Certainly Hopkins' absurd award to Bush for "humanitarianism," sullying Schweitzer's memory, deserved far wider analysis and criticism by the local media.

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This story was published on November 5, 1997.