Major Regional Conference Set for Sunday, April 30

by Alex Roehrs
       ANYONE who lives in the Baltimore region is familiar with the past, present and future problems we face as a community.
       These problems, which transcend the borders of the city and also impact surrounding counties, are set to be reviewed and addressed at a free conference called “The Regional Connection: Making Regional Decisions Work for Your Community.”
       The event, to be held on Sunday, April 30 at the Church of the Redeemer, 5603 North Charles Street, will bring together hundreds of citizens representing communities, businesses, congregations, and environmental groups. From 2 to 5 p.m., they will hear from a broad variety of speakers from across the metropolitan area, view exhibits, and even be entertained.
       Issues to be covered include traffic congestion, race disparities, uncontrolled growth, overburdened public services, economic disparities, loss of open space, inaccessible jobs, inadequately prepared workers, school decline, drugs, crime, and air and water pollution.
       This event, hosted by the Citizens Planning and Housing Association’s Campaign for Regional Solutions, is designed to promote public awareness while also calling for community partnership in regional decisions.
       Primary goals of the organizers are creating ways to revitalize urban areas and slow the outward spiral away from the metropolitan areas. Task forces comprised of interested citizens will be formed at the conference, and will deal with the various issues under discussion. These task forces will then meet until the end of this year, seeking to find solutions to the problems under discussion.

Co-sponsors include such organizations as the Archdiocese of Baltimore, Greater Baltimore Committee, Chesapeake Bay Foundation, Maryland Association of Nonprofit Organizations, Baltimore Homeowners Coalition, Baltimore Jewish Council, Baltimore Urban League, Valleys Planning Council, Baltimore Regional Partnership, Baltimore Neighborhoods, Inc., Center for Poverty Solutions, Greater Homewood Community Corporation, the Charles Village Civic Association.
       Major funders of CPHA’s Campaign for Regional Solutions include: The Abell Foundation, Louis and Henrietta Blaustein Foundation, Morris Goldseker Foundation, Open Society Institute - Baltimore.
       For more information about The Regional Connection please call 410-539-1369 x225 or visit www.evergreen.loyola.edu/~hperry/CPHA/ Region/index.html

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This story was published on April 5, 2000.