Open Letter to America From a Californian

We here in California deserve Arnold. We deserve the woman groping, Enron connected, land developer-funded, violence-pushing actor for governor. Despite the truth that it was Enron stealing 9 billion dollars that caused our debt, we elect an Enron-connected Republican - It's laughable. We deserve what is to come.

Americans likewise deserve the corporate shills that stole the White House in 2000. Republicans stopped the vote count, and we just sat there staring at the tube as if it were someone else's democratic process being hijacked.

Therefore we deserve the multi-trillion dollar debt these oil-drenched, unelected usurpers have gleefully loaded on our backs. We deserve the worldwide disdain for their oil war. We deserve the "Patriot" Act. We deserve corrupt paperless Diebold touch screen voting machines which make further mockery of our vote.

Vigilance is the price of freedom, and we are no longer willing to pay. Our nation's vigilance and desire for truth has been systematically vaporized by the cunning of the corporate media giants-Republican-owned Fox, Republican-owned Clearchannel, and of course the man who is paid 1/3 billion dollars to keep us voting Republican, Rush Limbaugh. We deserve him too, because even with the bottomless depths of his hypocrisy now exposed, his followers will continue to listen and believe every lie that oozes from his drug-addled orifice. We don't search for the truth anymore, and even when it hits us in the face, we look the other way.

We deserve you Rush...We deserve you George...We deserve you Arnold.

David Singelyn
Warner Springs, Calif.

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This story was published on October 9, 2003.