Open Letter to the "Major Media" Cohorts of the "Chicken Hawk" White House Agenda

Dear Members of the Press:

Crimes Against Humanity and Crimes Against the Peace are about to be perpetrated by our illegitimate White House perps, who seem quite willing to risk making themselves international pariahs and war criminals --relentlessly hunted down like the Nazi War Criminal Adolf Eichmann for the rest of their lives. They and all those people and institutions (such as most of you in the media - you know who you are) who have been essentially silent in the face of this monstrous evil should be ashamed of yourselves.

Please stop salivating over the increased revenues and readership and viewership that always accompanies the mass slaughter and suffering of the innocents in war. Your silence in the presence of human slaughter will not be forgotten.

There might be some way to redeem your shameful behavior. Please do everything in your power to influence the Bush Administration to not pull the trigger on this useless, senseless and satanic war. You folks in the media will be among the ones who will be deservedly boycotted - with a vengeance - if the bombs start falling.

One cannot ethically pay for or support what one cannot do oneself. So if you cannot personally drop burning napalm on a young "enemy" child and watch that child suffer and die a slow and painful death, crying for its dead mother, then you must withdraw support for your nation's military and resist the evil that you once felt justified in paying taxes for or otherwise supporting. Since silence gives consent, failing to actively oppose the merciless killing of anybody (especially innocent children), and not doing anything to prevent it, condems the guilty bystander, whether businesses of individuals.

Gary G. Kohls, M.D.

Dr. Kohls is a member of Every Church A Peace Church (

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This story was published on March 12, 2003.