The US Constitution states that the Congress has the right to declare (or create/begin) war. Yet the public is hearing that George W. Bush intends to start a military "anti-terrorism" assault against Iraq, the magnitude of which can only be considered a war. Some argue that the War Powers Act arrogates such power to the Presidency. I do not believe it does, and urge you to show respect for our Constitution--and, by implication, our freedoms--by sponsoring a bill to either rescind or substantially modify the War Powers Act to prevent the Executive Branch from seizing control of war-making decisions. Further, I ask that you and your like-minded colleagues push for the adoption of a Senate Resolution stating that the Senate opposes this White House-instigated military assault/war on Iraq.

Beyond the serious moral and legal questions, I believe such a war would have horrible "unintended consequences," among them serious economic harm to our economy (at the least, increased fuel prices), increased hatred toward the US by millions of people who can be expected to try to retaliate in some way, and increased violence toward Israel.

The entire world, not just the US, is depending on you and your fellow Senators to curb this madness.

Larry Krause
Krause, a Baltimore resident, is publisher of the Baltimore Chronicle. He sent this letter to each member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

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This story was published on August 7, 2002.