Open Letter to The Economist Magazine

Dear Economist:

Your not-so-well-disguised pro-Israel image is in itself a glaring example of double standards. It relies on formalities, technicalities and legal minutiae to make the preposterous bottom-line assertion that there really is no “double standard,” as such, in the way that the UN and the "international community" treat Israel vs. the manner in which an Arab/Muslim or any other country is treated. Such clever sophistry aims to obscure the basic fact that when reality comes to ground, the violations of Israel represent a veritable mountain of evidence of war crimes and crimes against humanity and peace in brazen and dismissive defiance of all laws and norms of civilized behavior, whereas the international law violations of other countries, including the pariah-en-vogue Iraq, amount to a comparative molehill.

Saif M. Hussain

Mr. Hussain writes from Woodland Hills, CA.

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This story was published on November 9, 2002.