100K Trash Cans for the City

by Mayor Martin O’Malley

Nothing like this has ever been done in any city in America.

I have some great news for you! The City of Baltimore is going to give out 100,000 trash cans. That’s right, 100,000 free trash cans, each one carrying the BELIEVE logo. As a City, we have teamed up with Reveal Baltimore, a public-private partnership, and Rubbermaid to make this initiative, which will begin in four of Baltimore’ s great neighborhoods, possible. Nothing like this has ever been done in any city in America.

Getting the trash cans to the right places is no small task. We’ve decided that the best way to ensure this initiative and these cans have an impact is to join with community organizations to make it work. We’re starting with the following four Baltimore communities (Oliver, Park Heights, Sandtown-Winchester, and Washington Village), all hit particularly hard with sanitation challenges.

We’ve selected the designated neighborhoods with the help of the CitiStat program, which allows us to map and analyze the sanitation conditions of specific neighborhoods.

Volunteers will help the Mayor’s Office of Neighborhoods distribute roughly 10,000 trash cans to people living in these four communities on March 8 and March 15. Afterward, we want to quickly roll out distribution in other communities. To do so, we are looking for community participation in tackling the most stubborn sanitation problems in our city. Building awareness for the program will take a great deal of communication and volunteerism. Here’s what you can do:

If you live in Oliver, Park Heights, Sandtown-Winchester, or Washington Village, keep your eye out for a BELIEVE trash can postcard, sent to your home address early this week. On March 8 and March 15 between 9 am and 3 pm, bring this postcard to the pickup location for your neighborhood (listed below) with proof of residence and you can receive a trash can.

Also let your neighbors know about this program and come over to the pickup location together. If you have any questions about the logistics of the distribution, call 311.

If you live outside these four neighborhoods, contact your community organization leadership. Let them know that your neighborhood would be a great candidate for some of the remaining 90,000 trash cans.

Check out how your neighborhood is doing at the CitiStat site.

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This story was published on March 5, 2003.