City to Celebrate 175th Anniversary of Railroading

The National Railway Historical Society, Washington, DC Chapter, Inc. and the Railway and Locomotive Historical Society, Inc. announce the events for Star Spangled Rails, their joint convention to be held in Baltimore in July 2003. The events will mark the celebration of the Baltimore and Ohio Railroad's 175th Anniversary as well as Independence Day.

In conjunction with the B&O Railroad Museum, convention-goers will have an opportunity to learn about the progress of the building and equipment restoration at the B&O Railroad Museum since the roof of the 1884 Baldwin Roundhouse collapsed on February 17 due to heavy snow. The B&O Railroad Museum had to cancel its own fete in honor of the 175th Anniversary of the B&O Railroad„its planned Fair of the Iron Horse has been cancelled.

Registration packages with full details are being mailed to preregistrants for priority ticket ordering. For those NRHS and R&LHS members not registered, the registration fee is $45. For a registration form, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to: Star Spangled Rails, P.O. Box 441668, Ft. Washington, MD 20749-1668.

Visit the Star Spangled Rails web site.

For more information regarding the B&O Railroad Museum and how to contribute to the roundhouse restoration, please see their web site at borail.org.)

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This story was published on April 4, 2003.