What Does Md.'s Secretary of State Do?

       As we watch the election drama play out in Florida, the question arises: How does Maryland handle elections and election controversies, and what is the role of our own Secretary of State?

       In Maryland, as in Florida, the Secretary of State has responsibility for the certification of election results. The Secretary of State also sits on the Board of State Canvassers, certifies documents—birth certificates, school records, etcetera—to be sent to other countries, provides information to charities, and performs other duties.

       Also as in Florida, no rules in Maryland appear to prevent the Secretary of State from taking a high-level position in a partisan political campaign. The Secretary of State is appointed to the position by the Governor in Maryland but is elected in Florida.

       More information on the office of the Secretary of State is available on the web at

Laura Goren       


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This story was published on December 6, 2000.